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By cumcouplessa at 09,Jun,24 06:26
Hubby here. Without doubt, the best sex we ever had was both during and after our first mmf 3'some. We got home early hours of the morning after spending the evening with this guy. We were both SO incredibly turned on by the whole experience that we made love like newlyweds until well after the sun came up, and we simply couldn't fuck anymore. We slept for hours and fucked again soon as we were both awake. For some reason, we just couldn't get enough of each other. My cock was sore for days. So was my mouth 🤣

By cumcouplessa at 04,Jun,24 03:44
Hubby here. Having a guy join us in bed was and has always been at the top of my list. Our first mmf experience was by far the best ever. Sadly, we're getting on in age now and it realy isn't easy to find compatible playmates where we live, so it's been quite some time since we had any fun like that. We did have some amazing times in the past though.

By cumcouplessa at 27,May,24 03:14
Hubby here. For me, this is without ANY doubt, my favourite part of any mmf 3'some and when he's done and pulls out, I get my tongue as far as it will go inside her 😍😍

By cumcouplessa at 05,May,24 05:18
We'd be happy to take care of that virginity issue for you

By cumcouplessa at 01,May,24 03:14
Hubby here. Sadly, it certainly is not easy finding a cock to suck . Apart from the odd little suck here and there during 3'somes over the last few years I haven't had the pleasure of having a cock to myself in a very long time. Would love to find a guy local that I could satisfy on a regular basis. Some days it's all I think about.

By cumcouplessa at 17,Apr,24 03:14
The "right guy", will respect the fact that we are having a "3 some", and welcome my involvement. He should therefore be somewhat "bi" and the 3 of us all enjoy each other. We're not there to "make love", we're there to "fuck".

By cumcouplessa at 15,Apr,24 03:48
Hubby here. Myself and wifey have had our fair share of mmf 3'somes. There's nothing better than sloppy seconds. Her pussy is always so soft, swolen and wet after a good fuck. You won't believe it's the same pussy. As long as you find the right guy to share this moment with, and you should try keep yourself involved. Maybe let her suck you whilst he's fucking her, and play with her tits etc. I like to be extremely involved, even guide his cock into her. My favourite is to 69 with her (her on top), whilst the guy fucks her doggy style. I can lick her clit as well as his shaft as he slides in and out of her.

By cumcouplessa at 04,Mar,24 03:18
Hubby here. I do enjoy looking at pussy, but nothing beats watching a nice hard cock cumming. Cum video's are awesome

By cumcouplessa at 10,Feb,24 03:55
Wifey here. I certainly don't prefer dick that is "too" small, however, big dicks sometimes hurt my cervix and therefore a smaller dick can be more enjoyable and fun to ride without having to be overly carefull. I guess it's all about finding the "perfect" fit for one's pussy

By cumcouplessa at 10,Feb,24 03:46
Our love for mmf 3'somes brought us here. Hoping to find suitable sex partners? No luck as yet, but we realy enjoy browsing and looking at all the sexy cock pics. The cum video's are an added bonus.

By cumcouplessa at 03,Feb,24 05:13
It's all about the "imagination". It's pretty exciting to stare at a nice hard cock and imagine what it would feel like deep inside you.

By cumcouplessa at 01,Feb,24 23:46
I wouldn't hesitate. And you wouldn't be sorry, that I guarantee 😀

By cumcouplessa at 01,Feb,24 03:14
Hubby here. I honestly don't think a day goes by without me thinking about sucking a nice hard cock. I love sucking cock, love the taste of cum

By cumcouplessa at 01,Feb,24 02:48
Hubby here. I absolutelly LOVE eating wifeys pussy when it's full of cum. Only problem I have is I can't if it's my own 🙈. Has to be someone else's? I love cum, but for some reason can't bring myself to eat my own. The taste of her juices mixed with another guys cum drives me wild. Would be fun to find a friend we could trust to be clean, and enjoy raw sex. Condoms kinda spoil things a bit.

By cumcouplessa at 01,Feb,24 02:33
Hubby here. Swapping is fun, but I honestly do prefer a mmf 3'some with a nice guy. It's fun to focus on giving wifey lots of pleasure and getting her to cum multiple times, and it's so easy when you have the right guy helping you and you's all work together. It's awesome making him hard and guiding his cock into her waiting pussy, playing with her clit and hearing her moan as she rides his shaft whilst sucking my cock. Exciting when we swap positions and I can see her going to town on his cock, begging him to cum in her mouth, after which she always kisses me and gives me a taste. As long as the guy knows how to play, can be a lot of fun.

By cumcouplessa at 21,Jan,24 04:11
Hubby here. Cannot remember ever having sex with a woman and not eating her pussy 🤷‍♂️. Not sure I could even fuck, without eating first? Always been my starting point lol. I'm very oral. Love sucking cock, and love eating pussy 🙈

By cumcouplessa at 12,Jan,24 20:04
Wifey cannot get pregnant thankfully. She won't let just anyone fuck her raw, but with the right guy, she does like to have him cum in her. For me? Nothing on this planet compares to a nice, fresh and very wet creampie 🙏🙏🙏🙏. I absolutelly crave eating a hot load out of her swolen cum soaked pussy. If she's keen? I am MORE than happy to watch the guy dump a proper load inside her.

By cumcouplessa at 09,Jan,24 19:28
We both do. Just feels soooooooo good

By cumcouplessa at 09,Jan,24 19:21
Hubby here. DEFINATELLY swallow. Everytime 😍😍

By cumcouplessa at 08,Jan,24 03:48
Hubby here. We like to sleep in the nude, her back towards me. My left knee between her butt cheeks and her pussy usually suctions itself to my left knee cap 🤣. Always more fun though when there's a third person in the bed? 6 legs all intertwined

By cumcouplessa at 27,Dec,23 03:32
Hubby here. I do love cock, always have, but nothing beats the smell of pussy. My entire life, if I ever got the chance to sniff a lady's panties, I would definatelly take it. Friends sisters, friends mothers, friends wives, my own girlfriends, even to this day, if wifey leaves her panties around, I will most likely have my face buried in them. Unfortunatelly, she hardly ever wears panties anymore, so I don't get too many opportunities.

By cumcouplessa at 14,Dec,23 18:05
Hubby here. I absolutelly LOVE watching a guy masturbate and shoot his load. Always gets me rock hard. Cum video's are cool, but so much better in real life. Very very difficult to keep from grabbing the guy and shoving it in my mouth though 🤣🤣

By cumcouplessa at 13,Dec,23 02:54
Myself and hubby have the same taste. The ideal dick would be around 6 to 7 inches, hard with an upward curve, big and shiny smooth head, not TOO thick, attached to a bisexual guy that stays close by and likes to play with couples. Oh, and preferably has huge loads to offer 😀

By cumcouplessa at 21,Nov,23 03:07
Hubby here. For me, it was our 'second' 3 some. (First was a disaster). This time the guy was experienced, and went out of his way to include me in everything he did. I have never been as turned on or as hard as I was that night. Literally opened up a whole new chapter in our lives? He left at around midnight and wifey and I made love till the sun came up. Don't think we ever fucked so much in one night 🙈.

By cumcouplessa at 15,Nov,23 02:37
Hubby here. If I could, I most definatelly would. At least once a day 🤣👍

By cumcouplessa at 23,Oct,23 03:51
Hubby here. What would be the point of sucking a guys cock, if you going to spit his cum out? Kinda defeats the object 🤷‍♂️

By cumcouplessa at 23,Oct,23 03:43
Hubby here. My biggest turn on, is wifeys pussy after she's had a good session with another guy and her pussy is all wet, swolen and dripping with his cum. That's the only image I need to remember to get me going. Sadly, haven't experienced this for some time now, but memories last forever 😢

By cumcouplessa at 26,Sep,23 03:39
Hubby here. I honestly couldn't care? Long as someone is? I think that some women, as well as some men REALY enjoy sucking and are very good at it.

By cumcouplessa at 21,Aug,23 20:36
Hubby here. I honestly cannot think of anything better than eating wifeys pussy after a guy has dumped a load in her. I crave the taste of her, especially when her juices are mixed with cum. In addition to the taste, her cunt is always soft and swolen after, that coupled to the taste drives me crazy 🙈

By cumcouplessa at 21,Aug,23 20:29
Thanks so much for the advice. Much appreciated

By cumcouplessa at 28,Apr,23 04:00
Hubby here. Mine would be 69 with wifey, whilst a guy fucks her doggy style. I get to lick her clit whilst he pounds her hole AND it's fun to clean up any mess when he's done.

By cumcouplessa at 28,Apr,23 03:50
Hubby here. Nothing in this world turns me on more than watching wifey ride a nice hard cock. Specially if the guy is sexy as fuck and leaves me a nice creampie. Sadly, we haven't had a 3'some in a while now, but DAMB, we did have some realy sexy fun in the past.

By cumcouplessa at 26,Apr,23 03:37
Hubby here. I've always been rather quiet when I cum. Wifey on the other hand likes to inform everyone in our street that she's having a good time 🤣🤣. It's easy to tell the intensity of her orgasm simply by the noise she makes.

By cumcouplessa at 26,Apr,23 03:24
Hi. Is anyone else having problems logging in to syc or Syd? When we try login to either it takes us straight to "show it off", and tells us the other domains are no longer available. Has the site changed something?

By cumcouplessa at 19,Apr,23 03:11
Hubby here. I would have to say watching the wife orgasm. The way her toes curl up, her face contorts, and her entire body shudders and jerks. Especially if she's riding a nice hard cock.

By cumcouplessa at 15,Jan,23 04:11
I would have to say we both prefer smaller, but not TOO small. Nice sucking size, hard, and maybe an upward curve

By cumcouplessa at 01,Jan,23 12:17
Hubby here. VERY, VERY suckable 😍😍😍😍

By cumcouplessa at 21,Dec,22 03:59
Hubby here. I love cock! Love seeing cock, love sucking cock, love EVERYTHING about cock . Am totally addicted.

By cumcouplessa at 04,Dec,22 02:47
Hubby here. I am very far from straight, and when we are in a 3'some, I am not "giving" my wife to the guy to fuck! We both love cock, and we are simply sharing the guy and having fun. We both get enjoyment from him, and are even considerate to one another in taking turns with his cock. We had a very close friend with whom we had an awesome relationship for many years before he left the country and we "both" had a lot of fun with his cock. If we both enjoyed this, why would it be an issue???? We both enjoy this site, and both flirt on here. There is zero jealousy from either side.

By cumcouplessa at 20,Nov,22 16:34
Hubby here. There's something about wanking a close friend that is extremely satisfying. Unfortunately, every friend I ever experienced this with, it soon became a blowjob session. Not that I'm complaining, but feeling a cock ejaculated in your hand is amazing when it isn't yours. Sadly my craving to swallow cum always takes preference 🙈🙈🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa at 20,Nov,22 16:29
I used to jack off before sex. This somehow gave me more staying power. However, nowadays, if I tried that, wifey would likely be dissapointed. Age is a mother-fucker 🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa at 20,Nov,22 16:26
Hubby here. My only preference is that the guy is soft at first. I love to feel a cock "growing" in my mouth.

By cumcouplessa at 20,Nov,22 16:21
Hubby here. We live in an extremely "racist" country, where people of different skin colour don't generally get along. This has always dis-heartened me. Personally, I'm generally colour blind, and find people of ALL races sexy and hot. I do understand however that this country has a history. Something I was never involved with but now have to suffer the consequences 🙈🙈🙈🙈

By cumcouplessa at 27,Oct,22 04:08
Hubby here. I was of a similar age when I had a jack off buddy. We would go to the drive in cinema, and Jack off in my car. After some time we became suck buddy's, but never took it further than that. Unfortunately.

By cumcouplessa at 18,Oct,22 03:13
Hubby here. I'm bisexual, and there's two things that realy turn me on. Firstly, a nice, hard, up-curved cock. Secondly, a big, hot, curvy overweight chick, with a big butt. Something about the larger lady's that realy gets me hard.

By cumcouplessa at 11,Oct,22 02:57
Hubby here. Pity you're so far away? You have a realy sexy cock, such a lovely mushroom head, I'd love to be your jerk AND suck buddy

By cumcouplessa at 07,Oct,22 19:18
Exactly!! We could be BEST friends?

By cumcouplessa at 06,Oct,22 19:15
Hubby here. Best ever

By cumcouplessa at 06,Oct,22 19:09
Hubby here. What exactly is "bi curious"? If you like cock, then you like cock. PERIOD! If you like pussy too, then you are bi. End of story????

By cumcouplessa at 06,Oct,22 19:05
Hubby here. DUDE! You are FAR from straight! Go out there find a nice hard cock to wrap your lips around. Enjoy life 👍👍👍👍