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Started by #516354 at 07,Jul,20 10:14
Do you enjoy giving or receiving a good spanking?
My ex wife and I got into spanking when we watched a dvd about b.d.s.m.We used to rent dvds from a guy who came round in a van.One day the wrong dvd was in the case.Instead of the one we wanted we got a b.d.s.m one but out of curiosity watched it.Afterwards we decided to try some spanking as we were both turned on.She got over my knees and I started to spank her ass but she soon asked me to stop as she did not like it.So we swapped places and as soon as she started spanking my ass I got turned on and started to get a hard on.The more she spanked me the more I got turned on and soon shot my load all over her legs.After that day we would often use a spanking as fore play.

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By cadi at 11,Jul,21 17:12 other posts of cadi 
I do enjoy giving or receiving all kinds BDSM. Spanking or nipples torture will turn me on.
By #516354 at 12,Jul,21 06:28
I enjoy most things to do with bdsm except anything to do with my nipples as they are very very sensitive.

By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 04:59
One of the women I dated was totally in to spanking, and she had SERIOUS DADDY ISSUES!! She was spanked, and I think sexually abused, by her father.
She told me that I needed to spank her when she did something 'wrong' and at first, I thought it was just that fantasy play, when you first meet someone new, and have CRAZY SEX!!
She kept insisting I spank her, almost daily, and then adding things like telling me I had to tell her to strip, and kneel, and then get into positions.
Freaked me out, and I broke up with her. A little playful spanking play, is fine, if she likes that, to get horny, but when there is some big 'fantasy' thing, it gets CREEPY!!
By #516354 at 08,Jul,21 07:49
Some people are a bit over the top.My now ex wife and I experimented with other bdsm stuff as well as spanking and she became my Mistress.We tried bondage,cbt,humiliation and some other things but nothing over the top.
By #613564 at 09,Jul,21 05:04
Not into BDSM, but the one I mentioned made me think a bit.
Years later, I dated one that liked bare-bottom spankings, but playfully, and kind of just showing off, and feeling a little "warmth" to arouse her.
That was good, and I liked sharing that, with her, because it wasn't real pain, but just play, and for her arousal!
Never want to hurt anyone!
By #516354 at 09,Jul,21 07:17
I was the same,a bare bottom spanking turned me on.The more my ex wife/Mistress spanked me the more I got turned on.For me it was also the warm feeling on my ass as well as the sting.We often used spanking as forplay.

By Lvphose at 04,Jul,21 04:25 other posts of Lvphose 
I had a gf we would take turns being the dom or sub in our play of kink// Here you can see my ass checks are red she gave me a good spanking before she positioned me for this cock & balls cropping!
By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:02
I kind of like that video, seeing your balls swaying, and penis, only semi-hard, as she spanks your dick.

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:40 other posts of Welshbloke 
wouldnt mind giving a bloke a good spanking- would be ace in to in control,
By #516354 at 06,Feb,21 07:29
Shame you are so far away

By Bobby95 at 02,Dec,20 12:16 other posts of Bobby95 
I spanked myself once.... I kinda enjoyed it.
By #516354 at 04,Dec,20 08:26
Not as much 'fun' as someone else spanking you!!
By Bobby95 at 04,Dec,20 14:02 other posts of Bobby95 
Are you making me an offer?
By #516354 at 05,Dec,20 06:00
Shame you are so far away or I would!!
By Bobby95 at 05,Dec,20 13:55 other posts of Bobby95 
How would you do it?
By #516354 at 06,Dec,20 10:02
I would put you over my knees and start to by giving you a dozen hand spanks.Then I would get you you pull your trousers and underwear down and give you a dozen on each cheek.I would then get you to stand up and strip and touch your toes.Whilst you were in that position I would fetch my ex wife's favourite implement,the dreaded tennis table bat,and give you a dozen on each cheek.After that I would give you a good fucking!
By Bobby95 at 06,Dec,20 13:55 other posts of Bobby95 
Yes! I’ve been a very bad boy daddy...
By #516354 at 07,Dec,20 06:26
If only!!
By Bobby95 at 07,Dec,20 13:54 other posts of Bobby95 
You’re right, I’m too sweet to do anything wrong.
By #516354 at 09,Dec,20 07:45
By Bobby95 at 09,Dec,20 10:41 other posts of Bobby95 

By #448354 at 05,Dec,20 00:04
love to spanked

By LGA6969 at 04,Dec,20 21:51 other posts of LGA6969 
I like a good lickin once In awhile

By bil47 at 04,Dec,20 15:29 other posts of bil47 
I enjoy gay dom/sub, with me being on the receiving end of a bare-hand spanking, or non-extreme whipping with a belt or strap.

By #624761 at 28,Nov,20 09:17
I like being spanked, either over the knee or bent over the bed, first through my jeans, then they get pulled down and the spanking continues through my underpants. They then get slid down, exposing my glowing buttocks, and the spanking continues. I start so hard, then it goes soft and hard throughout. I leave the stinging glow left behind by a good spank, and I cum loads. Anyone want to come and spank my ass in York?
By #516354 at 30,Nov,20 06:17
Nice to hear someone else enjoys being spanked.
By #624761 at 02,Dec,20 10:30
Yeah, just wish I could find someone to tan my bad butt cheeks!
By #516354 at 03,Dec,20 07:26
Same here.Since my wife/Mistress left me have missed my spankings!!

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