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By Welshbloke at 05,Sep,21 14:04
Love the idea of a bloke jerking off in front of me,, would also love a wank mate to watch porn with, chat, have a beer and bash one out- much harder to find that I thought.

By Welshbloke at 06,Mar,21 14:09
I also enjoy commando,, but depends on what I am wearing love it when wearing denim or shorts, but not dress trousers.

By Welshbloke at 06,Mar,21 14:05
uncut and it totally depends,, sometimes I pull back other times I enjoy seeing the stream shoot from my 4skin

By Welshbloke at 06,Mar,21 14:03
dad and 3 sons all intact,

By Welshbloke at 06,Mar,21 14:00
love to see another guy taking a piss,, but I have to start first or else I am just there with cock in hand and my bladder is as shy as fuck

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:43
when single I explored this,, met a couple in a pub where the husband was sub and wife was Dom. She wanted her husband to submit to a bloke,, he didnt want to. We started off in the pub her feeding him viagra and then he came home with me. The plan was for me to restrain the husband and bring him off- for him it was the ultimate in submission as another guy shouldnt make him cum. I had to take pics for his wife. It was great fun to be honest. Would love to do something like that again.

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:40
wouldnt mind giving a bloke a good spanking- would be ace in to in control,

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:32
back and forth,, need lube such as spit as dont make precum

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:32
have quite a lot of overhang when soft,,, piss slit peeps out when hard. As for pissing, sometimes I pull back but not always

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:29
pretty hairy, check out my pics,, also have hair grow a good way up my dick- need to trim that to stop it looking like a fecking Christmas tree

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:27
I met my friends wifes husband and we used to get together and watch porn/beat off together. This went on for 10 yrs the furthest we got was sucking each other,, was enough for me- never wanted anal. But loved a blokes hand around my cock- at least he knew the pressure needed to make me cum lol.

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:19
in the mirror,, sure,, and love watching my cock as it cums,

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:17
I dont get turned on as such but I love to see a guy take a piss,,, I do get horny seeing a bloke jerk himself off,