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Started by Rachel_G at 15,May,21 19:32  other posts of Rachel_G
Which hole would you like to cum ❤️

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New Comment

By Reinhold at 28,Sep,22 06:49 other posts of Reinhold 
wьrde dich gerne von hinten in deine fotze ficken und du kannst zwischen deine beine meine hoden packen und fest nach vorne ziehen

By uncut_guy_in_ca at 24,May,21 06:47 other posts of uncut_guy_in_ca 
Would love to fuck that sexy asshole, hopefully you would let me lick the cum out of it after I am done.

By Rachel_G at 22,May,21 17:03 other posts of Rachel_G 
[deleted image]
By #640435 at 23,May,21 00:52
I’ll have to com in your pussy then lick your ass

By #611286 at 23,May,21 00:17
yur pussy

By jo64 at 22,May,21 15:42 other posts of jo64 

By ty192702 at 21,May,21 05:23 other posts of ty192702 

By Bigdaddy402 at 19,May,21 15:51 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
Your pussy and I cum deep in you

By Digzass at 19,May,21 10:29 other posts of Digzass 
Id start with your beautiful lil pussy. Than take you analy as it be so wet from my load flowing from your pussy and into that tight nice juiced up ass.

By #629607 at 15,May,21 22:22
Whichever you would get most enjoyment from, as I would enjoy either
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 22:51 other posts of Rachel_G 
You are so sweet and card about me 🥰🥰🥰
By #629607 at 16,May,21 07:00
It's got to be enjoyable for you too, otherwise it's not as sexy or enjoyable, share each others pleasures, whichever hole you like

By #629607 at 19,May,21 09:05
Aaaaww, and you are sweet with me too and love looking at your pics and vids, all very sexy 😘😘😘

By erekoses at 19,May,21 05:55 other posts of erekoses 
Just simply answer all 3

By Oldgreyeyes at 19,May,21 02:49 other posts of Oldgreyeyes 
2 out of 3 ain’t bad, not much into anal

By 7uncutinchez at 18,May,21 06:10 other posts of 7uncutinchez 
Do I only get to pick one? Decisions, decisions...

By #640797 at 17,May,21 23:39
Your pussy. Several times.

By #543087 at 16,May,21 14:00
I’d alternate between both 😏
By Rachel_G at 17,May,21 03:19 other posts of Rachel_G 
Yes you may definitely alternate between the holes but which one to cum?
By #543087 at 17,May,21 15:13
In your tight ass 🤤
By Rachel_G at 17,May,21 22:30 other posts of Rachel_G 

By curious10 at 17,May,21 18:04 other posts of curious10 
I would tongue both then slowly slide it in and out so my penis would get seasoned with your delicious pussy juices then eventually explode deep in that perfect vagina of yours.

By hardthickcock at 17,May,21 15:55 other posts of hardthickcock 
id fill that pussy with load after load of my cum

By Drano60 at 17,May,21 07:33 other posts of Drano60 
Well as much as I want it all you know nobody here has got my dick as hard as thinking about your warm mouth. But I would eventually have to pull it away from those sweet lips so I could here you scream in ecstasy as I part those wonderful thighs, and slowly slide into that wet pussy but I won’t be able to go slow l, so standby!I am getting hard makings this up!!

By footluvr2010 at 17,May,21 07:06 other posts of footluvr2010 
Would love to slide into your pussy and eventually slide into your ass. I believe I would cum in your lovely ass

By WristThick at 17,May,21 06:38 other posts of WristThick 
Amazing looking asshole, but I never do the ass first. I would be very greedy with you. I definitely want both holes. So tight!!!

By Reduncut at 17,May,21 05:17 other posts of Reduncut 
I prefer ur super sexy cunt my dear

By Louis at 16,May,21 11:01 other posts of Louis 
May I sample both before I decide?😊
By Rachel_G at 17,May,21 03:20 other posts of Rachel_G 
Yes, you may feel them and decide on which one to cum

By Karmabeats at 16,May,21 19:12 other posts of Karmabeats 
Well I'm not satisfied until I have all 3 holes... Start with that delicious mouth, and 2nd get that pussy creaming, and then finish off with my tongue in the stink for proper moister, and finish off with a big blast direct in your asshole...
Grab you a hot wash cloth and give you a big kiss....
By Rachel_G at 17,May,21 03:19 other posts of Rachel_G 
You are the best ❤️❤️❤️

By veryshyguy at 16,May,21 16:04 other posts of veryshyguy 
Hmmm... a good question!! Whatever you prefer is fine with me!!!! I would rather you make the choice surely the one that gives you the most pleasure!!

By Steve at 16,May,21 12:26 other posts of Steve 

By #639638 at 16,May,21 11:48
That tight little ass! Mmmmmmm!

By #640446 at 16,May,21 09:01
Your asshole, it looks so tight, it would feel really good.

By #566701 at 16,May,21 08:48

By nford at 16,May,21 08:10 other posts of nford 
i would love ot cum in your nice hot pussy

By Rudolf69 at 16,May,21 08:08 other posts of Rudolf69 
first your delicious pussy

By metro1000 at 16,May,21 06:25 other posts of metro1000 
I will be licking your pussy first and getting my face wet with your great fluids ... then i will be swapping holes but for sure will finish in your pussy... then I will lick it out of you and clean you up ...

By 2pierced at 16,May,21 05:01 other posts of 2pierced 
Looks like you have your pussy primed and ready, I'd pick pussy and delicious to eat after.

By #640827 at 16,May,21 04:50
In you ass

By Godlover at 16,May,21 04:44 other posts of Godlover 
Love it !! very sexy ass ans asshole

By #640485 at 16,May,21 04:34
Mind kйt lyuk csodбlatos!!!!

By Habibk at 16,May,21 02:55 other posts of Habibk 
I want lick first them want to cum both holes

By johnny at 16,May,21 00:57 other posts of johnny 
Love to lick

By Barry at 15,May,21 22:54 other posts of Barry 
I want to stretch and fill your wet pussy

By MYCOCK66 at 15,May,21 22:17 other posts of MYCOCK66 
Both holes
By loves2suck at 15,May,21 22:20 other posts of loves2suck 

By #640449 at 15,May,21 19:48
I would love to fill your pussy 1st.
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 20:21 other posts of Rachel_G 
Am I expecting more loads in the other holes 🤤
By #640449 at 15,May,21 20:52
i believe I could serve both your holes twice if I go nice and slowly each time and seeing how hot your body is
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 22:14 other posts of Rachel_G 
I will definitely moan out loud and can't wait to taste your fresh cum

By Kiloskillet0 at 15,May,21 21:46 other posts of Kiloskillet0 
I would love to just join in on what’s happening in the video and cream pie that wonderful hot box pussy! What an honor to get behind the queen!

By Whoreslave69 at 15,May,21 21:32 other posts of Whoreslave69 
Yeah !! Get his cock into your cunt and I'll FUUUUUUUUUCKK FUUUUUUUUUCKK FUUUUUUUUUCKK your ass !! I just know you like DP !!

By Jammyboy87 at 15,May,21 21:29 other posts of Jammyboy87 
My favourite unloading bay is definitely the pussy. So the garden of love for me

By Whoreslave69 at 15,May,21 21:29 other posts of Whoreslave69 
In your juicy hot cunt first getting your whore juice fucked into my cock for lube to FUUUUUUUUUCKK FUUUUUUUUUCKK FUUUUUUUUUCKK your ass , your tight asshole so friggin' tight around my cock driving me craaaaaazy as I BUGGER BUUUUUUUGGER BUUUUUUUGGER BUUUUUUUGGER your ass like never before !!

By nekekal at 15,May,21 21:18 other posts of nekekal 
Abhh. Choices choices choices.

My cock has never been able to get into very many assholes, and I have never found them very exciting. Cunts have always been fantastically good, tight, and exciting.

But I do enjoy a good cocksucking. So I don't really care, either in your hot tight cunt, or in your warm wet mouth will be fine for my cum.

By #570308 at 15,May,21 20:49
Definitely your pussy,,,,,

By #566745 at 15,May,21 20:40
I want to try them all, i'm greedy like that

By Hrnyguy at 15,May,21 20:27 other posts of Hrnyguy 
I will try them all.. in the order you prefer.

By steve500 at 15,May,21 19:57 other posts of steve500 
all 3
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 20:20 other posts of Rachel_G 
You are smart

By Peke3047 at 15,May,21 20:05 other posts of Peke3047 
Pussy I would never get it to fit your ass!
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 20:20 other posts of Rachel_G 
Now you're talking 😜

By Dong69 at 15,May,21 20:03 other posts of Dong69 
Both your sexy Asshole and tight cunt hole babe!!!

By Uncutdi at 15,May,21 19:59 other posts of Uncutdi 
In your pussy and ass hole cum in both

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