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Started by satgeek at 02,Aug,21 22:17  other posts of satgeek
For those who want to share for us to lust after.

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By Dick60 at 22,Nov,21 05:46 other posts of Dick60 
I enjoy it both ways

By #632377 at 20,Aug,21 14:00
When I was younger, you could participate in Swinger parties (GF/Wife or not), "Blowbang parties" as I coined them too. Me 25 blowing my load all over a hot 45-50 year old MILF's face. Even got paid many times too for them.

The "page" and "Craigs" is where I would find these opportunities. Anyone know where we can find these again?

By knewbi at 09,Aug,21 18:01 other posts of knewbi 
Wife and I were swingers for years. Still do a little but have slowed down over the years. There is very little that we haven't done.

By Canaus01 at 09,Aug,21 14:42 other posts of Canaus01 
I’m a swinger, my Gf and I attend clubs and private parties in the GTA area, Toronto Canada. Let me know if you’d like to come along.

By Lvphose at 09,Aug,21 13:40 other posts of Lvphose 
I’ve always wanted to go to a swingers event but sadly never had opportunity. So a gf of mine indulged me in my hose fetish and our sexual play included verbal dirty talk, setting scenarios like in this vid my gf says about a friend of mine you’d like to bang me with him wouldn’t you. I want you to come from behind I won’t know if it’s you or him. I pound her good and you can hear her audible pleasure!

By submissivemartyn at 04,Aug,21 07:22 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My first MFm experience
My ex wife(who was also my Mistress)and I used to cam our B.D.S.M sessions on a bdsm dating site.We met and became friends with a local guy(a Master) on there and would cam and chat with him.One evening,after being locked up for two weeks,She told me She wanted to invite said Master to our house.I was in no state of mind to disagree.When He arrived I was ordered by my Mistress to strip.Although He had seen me naked on cam I found it humiliating to be stood there naked (except for my cock cage and collar)in person.He then proceded to intermately'inspect' me.Then I was tied face down by my wrists and ankles bent over a table.The Master then had sex with my Mistress with Her humiliating me by saying things like 'He's much bigger than you'(he was about 7.5 to 8ins to my 5ins)and 'He can last a lot longer than you' etc.When they had both had their orgasms my Mistress came over to me and shoved her dripping pussy in my face and ordered me to lick it clean.Once done She put her strap-on on and started to fuck me in the arse(She had used this before as well as dildos and butt plugs).The Master then shoved His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it and get it hard again.As She watched me sucking His cock my wife thought it funny and started laughing and calling me a 'sissy faggot'.Once I had got it hard He told my Mistress that He wanted to fuck my arse,so they swapped places and He gave my arse a good fucking.They kept swapping places until he came in my arse.I was then released,cock cage removed and told to masturbate over the table whilst they watched.So I stood there cum dripping out of my arse masturbating(both laughing and making humiliating remarks at me) and when I had shot my load over the table,They ordered me to lick it all up.
Having His cock in my arse felt completely different to having the strap-on,dildos and butt pugs in there.It was warm and not cold like them for a start and seemed to move in and out differently,it was a great sensation.
We did it several more times with other Masters and She even once invited a Mistress over and also a Mistress and her male submissive.

By thickswingercock at 03,Aug,21 06:37 other posts of thickswingercock 
to many to tell lol. many are well documented but im going to say well over 30

By Vp100 at 03,Aug,21 05:54 other posts of Vp100 
Not sure if this classifies for mmf even though the other guy was there.
A guy in a local group on kik messaged me saying his wife really liked my nudes and after conversing with him for a while he told me he had a 3 inch penis and occasionally likes watching her suck a bigger guy and asked if I'd be interested so long story short I ended up going around there one night and she gave me an amazing blowjob while her husband sat on the bed watching, she swallowed too then afterwards they both thanked me which I found funny, we did it another time too but they split up not long after that.

By BlowMyBagpipe at 03,Aug,21 05:34 other posts of BlowMyBagpipe 
I’m poly have been for a while, only with women. Don’t currently have a primary and prefer it that way for now. Allows me to have multiple positive sexual experiences without any jealousy.

By spermkiss at 02,Aug,21 23:13 other posts of spermkiss 
I've probably told this story here on SYD before, but for new comers here it is again.

When I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for more than ten years, I had an affair with a woman. She knew I was gay and was totally cool with it. And it was always an open relationship. As I was fond of saying at the time and ever since, she's fucking other men and so am I.

In any event, she and I had a lot of MMF three ways. One guy was interesting in that he was not very sexually experienced. Not a virgin, but almost. He was not crazy about having me in bed with him, but he really wanted the lady. If he had to accept me being there to get her, he could do that.

Once we got started, he got really turned on by watching me fuck her. His comment was that it was like watching porn except it was live, right in front of him. And he was also turned on by having me watch him. His innocence really came to the fore when we got to oral sex. He had never had his cock sucked, but he was fine with having the lady suck it. Pretty quickly he warmed up to having me suck it. When it came to going down on the lady, he was OK with watching me do it, but was really reluctant to do it himself. I chided him by saying that I was as gay as pink ink and I could eat pussy, so get down there and start lapping. He did.

Now comes the really interesting part. At some point the lady became hungry and went out to the kitchen for a snack. As soon as she was out of the room he went wild. He French kissed and sucked cock like a champ. And yes, he took me to climax and swallowed.

The next morning he told me that since he had never been with a man before and might not have another opportunity, he wanted the full experience while he could. My kinda guy.

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