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Best stories of getting caught

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Started by #510483 at 03,Dec,19 22:06
I know a lot of you must have stories, of getting caught jerking off, having sex, having someone you know find your naughty pics/vids. So, let's hear some stories, the more awkward and funny, the better!

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By wycowboy at 25,Dec,22 14:09 other posts of wycowboy 
When my wife and I were dating, still in high school, we were parked in a grassy park like area and getting busy when I heard a tap tap on my trucks window. I looked up and there was a cop looking in. I was close to cumming and nothing ever gets in the way of that so I kept on pumping.

My wife was trying to push me off of her but couldn't do it. I guess she liked being watched though because she came soon, hard, which made me explode. After recovering a bit I pulled out, leaking cum, and rolled down the window. The cop informed me that being in that park after 10pm was forbidden and all the while looking at my still hard cock and wifes 17 year old body on full display. I still jerk off to this memory, 42 years later.

By #652988 at 16,Oct,21 20:54
Me and my wife was fucking on the hood of the car and someone came looking for her dog and I never stopped pumping my wife while I talked to her about her dog and she was so imbarist

By PSerect at 29,Jun,21 06:41 other posts of PSerect 
I got a call from my ex bf one Saturday morning saying he and a couple of our mutual friends were coming out to the town I lived in and wanted to see if we could meet for drinks and catch up. I said why dont you guys come over here for a late lunch and Ill set us up on the patio for food and drinks. When they arrived I had the patio table set and my boyfriend was just finishing some side dishes for lunch. There was a total of eight of us, me and my bf, my ex, and 5 mutual friends many of which I had known for years. We started talking and passing the wine and vodka around for a while, then my bf came out with the rest of the food and we had a nice late lunch with the late summer sun making it feel warm and cozy. I had too much to drink and kept thinking about my ex and his big cock. When I thought no one was looking, I slipped under the table and headed for my exes crotch. His body jerked when I first touched him, but as soon a he realized it was me he relaxed and I started working his cock in my mouth and down my throat and having a pretty good time until I felt this cold peircing pain i my skull. I opened my eyes and there was my bf staring bullets in my head and all of my other friends faces peaking out from the draped tablecloth on the table. Apparently I was lost in what I was doing and was making a lot of noise. So much noise that my bf in the kitchen clearly heard....I WANTED TO DIE FROM EMBARASMENT! In the end it turned out ok, my bf started talking to me again about a week later, and now when im with my friends its a fun story to reminisce about, but when it happened....sooo bad

By #638356 at 15,Mar,21 20:16
I use to dress at park and hide it until realizing most guys wanted to suck cock I would go in restroom and cruise but yesterday I went to the park and a female pulled up beside me I was jerking in my fishnets she looked over a few times got out and went to her trunk as I see her peaking another truck pulls beside me a guy I have sucked off before he came to my window lets just say she saw me in action she was mixed around 21 looking

By Lvphose at 13,Mar,21 11:29 other posts of Lvphose 
I have a pantyhose/nylon fetish & decades ago I called a phone sex line of mistresses, nylons, pantyhose. I was on the being instructed to jerk off sitting up at the foot of my bed. Not expecting and didn’t notice until my gf at the time came home caught me and wasn’t happy about!
--------------------------------------- added after 15641 hours

My hall walked I but so horny I kept going!!

By #623135 at 11,Aug,20 19:20
is was under table of school the same time

By #574505 at 03,Aug,20 03:14
I got caught by my sister fucking her best friend.I had her legs over my shoulder.

By #622870 at 02,Aug,20 22:55
This one time I was living with my brothers family and her wifes mother.So I was living in a sitting room besides mothers in law room.I was naked stroking my erection on night when she came out of her room.I didnt stopped masturbating while she walked besides me.She went to the toilet and back.I was still stroking my hard cock while she was in a dark room.I felt her sitting on bed besides me.Her hand grabbed my cock and I said oh yeah babe.She started jerking me gently in a dark.I was moaning. The felt her lips on my cockhead and she spit on my dick. Got all wet and masturbated me faster.I was in heaven when her hand felt so good on my dick until I felt orgasm and came all over myself and her hand

By overeight at 05,Jan,20 05:09 other posts of overeight 
I worked once out of town for a few months. This young lady who worked with me and I volunteered to go. So after a couple of weeks we found a little house to rent together. Well she was absolutely beautiful,very attractive girl. We were a little apart in age but within ten years. She was very intelligent and practical as well. Well one night we were watching tv together and she put it on movie channel soft porn. Well we had become comfortable enough that I only wore a t-shirt and boxers that night. It had been awhile since I had had any type of sex and hadn't rung one out in awhile. So needless to say I got quite turned on watching the show. Do turned on I got an erection and it was so prominent that it popped out the opening of my boxers. I didn't know if she saw it or not so I tried to cross my leg up on my knee to try and hide it. And pulled the boxers back over it. We watched the whole show and sat there until it went off. She got up to go get something to drink and she got to the kitchen door and stopped and looked dead at my crotch and smiled and then walked on. So I looked down and my head had popped out of my shorts so I'm sure she saw it. Plus I was very erect it was obvious I wad excited. So I said I'm going to go ahead to bed. She walked to the door and said ho ahead. She leaned on the door watching me. So I got up and walked across the living room. Having an erection she chuckled and said oh that movie get you going? I said well you know its been awhile. So she shut everything off and went to her bedroom. Once I knew she was in her room I never closed my door but her light went off and I was there still excited. Thinking that I was sure she saw at less the head of my cock I had to just get off it excited me to know she saw me. So I pulled down my covers and just started stroking thinking about her seeing me and thinking how grew it would be to be with her. I got so hard and was do excited I just stroked slow and steady to enjoy it as long as possible. I get right near the point nearly about to explode and out the corner of my eye I saw a movement just outside my door. So I turned my head and looked and saw her foot outside my door. But I was rich there about to cum so I kept on and then blew my load out and once it was gone I jumped up quick and walked out my door. There she was watching me but as I walked out she opened her eyes her hand in her panties playing with herself watching me. She quickly pulled her hand from her pants and there I am naked her standing in the hall in nothing but panties and a shirt cum dripping from my cock still pretty hard. I looked her in the eyes and said looks like I'm not the only one who enjoyed the movie. And I kissed her on the cheek. And walked to the bathroom to clean myself off. I did just that and walked back out the bathroom to go back to my room she was still in the hall waiting for me. I walked out and she said no your not the only one who enjoyed it. She kissed me on the cheek and walked in her room. We never did have sex but I certainly did want to be with her. I still wonder to this day if I had grabbed her and kissed her and slid my hand in her panties if she would have given in to my advances and sometimes wish I had. But I can honestly back knowing that I did really treat her with respect and that she felt completely safe and I did not violate her space or offend her. She was very beautiful and smart and I wonder sometimes where she is and how she is. But haven't run into her. If I ever do maybe ill ask her what she would have done had I tried that night.
By leopoldij at 13,Jan,20 02:31 other posts of leopoldij 
That's a sad story. She would have enjoyed having sex but you didn't offer. What a tragedy.
By overeight at 13,Jan,20 03:04 other posts of overeight 
No I did offer it many time before that night. It was a odd time I think in her life. She acted as if she wanted it but at the same time she wad withdrawn. I wasn't going to push it. It needed a mutual agreement not me pushing or begging. Just one of lifes oddball friendships. She might have if I pushed it but then she might have resented it so I let it just be.
By leopoldij at 13,Jan,20 07:15 other posts of leopoldij 
I see... Typical of many women. They deny they really want it. But I guess you did the right thing then.

By #516354 at 10,Jan,20 11:21
I had had a few gay 'experiences' before I met my now ex wife and never told her.We got into B.D.S.M with me ending up as the submissive.One day after she had gone to bed and feeling 'fustrated' as I had not had sex with her for a while but had been made to 'please' her I decided to masturbate to some videos.As I was watching a gay video,jeans and pants down round my ankles,my wife walked into the room.After having a 'go' at me, with a lot of swearing,she decided I needed punishing and put me over her knees and gave me a good spanking and made me sleep on the couch.After a few days when we were doing a B.D.S.M scene and I was tied face down on the bed and she introduced me to my first anal experience: /blogs/33793.html
Several months later this happened:

By #608156 at 07,Jan,20 22:46
I can’t be for sure, but a few years ago, i was sitting in the couch. Everyone had already gone to bed for the night. It was pretty late. I had my phone and was watching some videos on I ended up with my shorts around my feet jerking my meat. After a few minutes, my oldest son walked down the hallway out to where I was. I quickly covered up. But he never said anything and I think he was sleepwalking.

By #598551 at 31,Dec,19 01:41
Best was my dad catching me for the first time. I remember the first time was when I was fappin at the computer. It was late and I knew he'd gone to bed. As most guys do, my ears were trained on the hallway to make sure I wouldn't get caught. On that night I was going at it when I heard his bedroom door open down the hall. Normally I would quickly straighten myself up, pull my underwear back up, and shift tabs incase he came in to check on me. But I felt like it was time I was finally "caught". If he walked in then oh well. I kept beating off and even licked my palm to make a bit more noise. My ears were focused on the hall and I heard a creak which normally meant he was going down the hall toward the office. It was happening. I was gonna get caught. I had just a couple seconds to change my mind.

I was only wearing a pair of boxer-briefs which were pulled down around my thighs. I quickly lifted my ass and grabbed the waistband and sent them to my ankles so I couldn't back out. The second my ass touched the chair and I was back to beating off I heard the squeak of the floorboard at the computer room door. I looked over and my dad was there standing in the door. I just said "fuck" and quickly reached down for my underwear. My dad just said "sorry man was just comin in to check on ya". He was trying to avert his eyes. I reached down and stood up as I pulled up my underwear. My cockhead got caught in my waistband and I was totally visible. I told him I was just about to head to bed. When he looked back at me he totally saw my dick sticking out. He just told me not to stay up too late and goodnight. Then he went to bed. He was pretty cool just trying to ignore my "embarrassing" situation.

By LGA6969 at 30,Dec,19 23:55 other posts of LGA6969 
I was 16 and naked in my bedroom laying on my bed. I decided to jerk off into my mouth. Raised my legs over my head and started to beat my meat. I never locked my bedroom door and after awhile started getting really aroused and horny. Just as soon I was cumming all over my Dad walked into my bedroom . I was so shocked and mortified. He just laughed and walked out. I thought he would say something but he never did.

By #485312 at 30,Dec,19 01:53
/blogs/27488.html nearly got caught ... *Lix*

By #604639 at 29,Dec,19 07:45
I wouldn't like to get caught, it's a small town I'm in with only 2 cruising sites, one is very public, the other a beachside toilet block. it's the beach block that I go to and have done for many years now, only once did I encounter someone I knew, fortunately I was on my way out. I had been waiting, sitting quietly in the cubicle for some cock to suck. Funny that no one turned up except this guy that I knew. lucky or not, maybe a few minutes would have made for a different scenario.

By onthelose at 26,Dec,19 22:06 other posts of onthelose 
If you are an adult you have to know sex happens. So why in the hell is everyone so surprised that people have sex when they get caught. Isn't sex common to everyone or are only a few allowed to have sex?? I'm not saying you shouldn't be discrete, show some class, But if someone doesn't respect your privacy and sees you having sex , isn't that on them?

By #335044 at 07,Dec,19 17:48
i was dating a girl , her parents were deaf , she still was living with her parents . I was visiting one day and we hadn't seen each other for a week so we were both pretty horny . her parents were downstairs , so she looked out her door quick - closed it and we jumped into her bed , we left our clothes on , she unzipped my jeans and was sucking my prick - I had her shorts pulled to the side to give me access to her pussy. she climbed on top of me with her shorts pulled over and guided me in, she still had the blanket over her as well , I had my hands up her shirt feeling her boobs while she rode me , she leaned down and we were kissing as I drove into her , when her door suddenly swung open and her mother walks in - luckily the blanket was over us , but my cock was still firmly planted inside her. they began to do the sign language thing - while I just lay there thinking to myself , "excuse me - but my cock is in your daughter and we are trying to fuck " not sure what the sign language was saying but I am sure the smell of hot wet pussy was heavily in the air, she left in a few minutes and we had to quicken our pace and I blew my load inside her , got zipped up and we jumped into my car to kinda laugh about what had just happened.
By #510483 at 19,Dec,19 06:59
Damn, that's a pretty good one!
By #335044 at 26,Dec,19 07:12
yeah , not so much at the time , how I maintained my erection the whole time to be able to finish off is beyond my comprehension.

By stiffone4u at 21,Dec,19 02:55 other posts of stiffone4u 
I was staying at a friend's house who just got married that day along with his parents and a few other friends. I was going to sleep on the pullout couch in the living room and everyone else was upstairs. The maid of honer , who I just met the day before, was there with me and we were a bit drunk... I ended up fucking her and at one point I was behind her humping away and looked up to the top of the stairs and saw the groom's dad watching.. Needless to say, breakfast was a bit awkward.

By liketoedge at 18,Dec,19 16:55 other posts of liketoedge 
I've never been caught it the act but have had many, many close calls and I'm sure the probably suspected what I was doing. I alway have got a thrill out of doing it in odd, risky and semi public places

By #545468 at 09,Dec,19 04:08
A girl invited me over to her house to help her with algebra. After a whiile, she started watching soap operas. I was bored and went to the washroom, and when I got out, I saw an open door. Her brother was nude on his bed and jacking off. He was one hot guy. As I am gay and was horny, I asked if he needed help. He agreed and I sucked his gorgeous cock for a while. I got naked in the process. We start 69-ing. Girl came upstairs looking for me. She sure found me.

By SluttySarah069 at 08,Dec,19 23:54 other posts of SluttySarah069 
My wife found a load of pics of me dressed on the PC. When I take pics for this site and others now -I save them to a stick and make sure I delete them from the PC.
She knows I dress but doesn't want to know about it.

By #574505 at 03,Dec,19 23:08
My ***** caught me fucking one of her friend..
By #510483 at 04,Dec,19 11:50
I'll have to guess at the censored word, but either way that's pretty bad timing
By #574505 at 04,Dec,19 13:01
What to expect from a horny teenager...
By #510483 at 05,Dec,19 05:00
Hah, that's true.. I guess I'm lucky, I've been caught jerking off or even had pics/vids of me found, but never been caught mid-sex by anyone I know

By #583549 at 04,Dec,19 03:45
Do your parents ever come over to visit any more?
By #510483 at 04,Dec,19 11:49
No... but I already had enough experiences like that for one lifetime haha...

By #605334 at 03,Dec,19 22:33
My kids were all visiting with their wife was showing them pictures on our very large tv/laptop.
Up comes my nude self with a dildo in my ass...the more she panicked...the more fuck off naked pictures that popped up.
I can kind of laugh about it now.
By #510483 at 04,Dec,19 11:47
Oh wow, that is pretty brutal

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