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Moaning bj

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Started by Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 18:09  other posts of Levig21
Whenever someone is moaning while giving me a blowjob, I don’t last as long. Something about it really turns me on. It also physically feels great.

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New Comment

By LGA6969 at 05,Nov,21 22:10 other posts of LGA6969 
I moan for the bone
By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 23:34 other posts of Levig21 
Hopefully loudly.
By LGA6969 at 07,Nov,21 12:40 other posts of LGA6969 
very loud
By Levig21 at 09,Nov,21 17:58 other posts of Levig21 

By greenii03 at 05,Nov,21 18:22 other posts of greenii03 
i love moaning in ecstasy while sucking cock!! just the thought of having a cock in my mouth drives me wild!
By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 18:24 other posts of Levig21 
Your moans are appreciated.
By greenii03 at 05,Nov,21 23:23 other posts of greenii03 
mmmm mmmmm mmmm oh yes mmmm mmmmmm mmmm!!
By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 23:32 other posts of Levig21 
Reading this gave me an erection.
By Showertogether at 07,Nov,21 21:58 other posts of Showertogether 

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