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Uncut vs cut how much better is it for guys with foreskin?

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Started by Jimjim at 09,Apr,22 03:48  other posts of Jimjim
How much better do you think sex/ masturbation is for guys who are uncut vs cut? It seems like that foreskin must provide great lubricant not to mention keeping the glands moist and sensitive

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By #667453 at 15,May,22 10:46
Sliding foreskin up and down over my cockhead feels so good 😇
By Jimjim at 11,Mar,24 00:17 other posts of Jimjim 
Omg I can only imagine

By nekekal at 02,May,22 06:10 other posts of nekekal 
I was circumcised at birth. Cut is all I know. But I cannot imagine that my cock head could be more sensitive. Nor would I want it to be. It has always been a bit too sensitive.

A lot of erect cocks with foreskin look like cut ones. The skin slides back and the head is exposed and my guess is that it stays like that while fucking.

When masturbating I know that my hand goes up over the rim of my cock so I get good stimulation. I don't know, maybe this is overblown.
By #671055 at 13,May,22 05:10
@nekekal Totally agree.
Hard (pardon the pun) to make an argument, either way, as you cannot experience it uncut, and then cut, well maybe some might?
I'm cut, didn't have a choice, but wouldn't change it, if I could!!
This BS about it being more 'sensitive' is nonsense! The bare, cut tip, is totally exposed, and totally more sensitive that having a skin over it.
Besides, in the US, western countries, most women expect circumcised guys, up to a certain age.
By nekekal at 13,May,22 20:06 other posts of nekekal 
I also would not change it. My cock looks nice, works perfectly, and has no problems. What could be better?
By #671055 at 20,May,22 04:01
I know, right? That big mushroom head just full of sensual nerves! Exposed, and just rubbing in your underwear with each step.
I think I understand why a lot of guys on this site wear women's panties, with the soft fabrics, and satin, and such.

By Jimjim at 13,May,22 23:19 other posts of Jimjim 
You don't think that the skin keeps the head even more sensitive? And when it's gliding back and forth that has to feel really good, right?
By #671055 at 20,May,22 03:59
I can only say from no-foreskin: The exposed tip is sensitive, and sliding in and out of her is just amazing. I think that a foreskin would get in the way, slipping back, and forth.
I can't really compare, as I have never had a foreskin, but I have never had any problems with incredible sensations!
Maybe an added fore-play bonus for cut guys, is when she teases you, and gets you hard, in public, a casual bump, or brush against that area can be incredibly erotic through your pants, as that sensitive tip, is there, rubbing against your underwear. Why do you think they make the white cotton ones with the 'ribs'?

By #671055 at 22,May,22 06:13
Like I said, I can't compare uncut, with cut!!! But I would never undo being circumcised!!
Having a foreskin, how can you know, and judge, how AMAZING it feels, being free??

By #463848 at 15,May,22 08:09
I have a short foreskin and mainly use it fully for masturbating. However, there is a special sensation which comes from just rubbing my bare glans with lube. This quickens a full erection (important at my age) and leads to a quicker orgasm (nice at my age).
As a boy and with my peers, I found that a sensitive glans was present in some whether they were cut or not.
By nekekal at 21,May,22 18:17 other posts of nekekal 
The head of my cock was always too sensitive. When i was young I would sometimes cum after about 3 strokes. I hated that. I actually sometimes used a condom to desensitize my cock so I could fuck longer.

I did get so that I could stay hard and fuck for as long as she would let me. I love to fuck and would love to do it for hours. I certainly don't need my cock head to be more sensitive.

It seems in porn that I have seen that for sucking, mostly the skin is retracted. I love to have my cock sucked so permanently retracted has not been a problem.

For me, there is no disadvantage to being circumcized.

By #463848 at 03,May,22 09:06
When I got to plating with other boys who were cut, they always wanted to play with mine to feel what it was like to move the skin up and down.
By Jimjim at 03,May,22 14:46 other posts of Jimjim 
Definitely! I remember messing around with my cousin when we were young and I was so fascinated with his penis. Mine was tiny and cut and his was long and uncut. If he started to get hard the head would get too swollen to hold the foreskin and it would pop right out.

By tecsan at 16,Apr,22 06:50 other posts of tecsan 

By #667478 at 15,Apr,22 22:37
I was cut at birth when I was born in Australia so have never known what a foreskin is like(but I would really like to find out for one day but that is not going to happen)
By Jimjim at 16,Apr,22 03:09 other posts of Jimjim 
I was cut too but had a cousin that was uncut and I was always very curious and jealous of his cock

By Horatio at 11,Apr,22 01:19 other posts of Horatio 
I could never imagine getting cut. Having a foreskin adds so much to the pleasure of masturbating/sex. The feeling of getting a hard on then slowly peeling my foreskin back, feeling it slide over a smooth shiny glans is amazing. Being able to wank it back and forth over the head, fully retracting it way back and rubbing the frenulum, oh yeah. Having someone suck you and putting their tounge between the head and forskin and rubbing it around and around is something else. Cumming and holding my foreskin shut and the cum fills it up, then leaks out, leaving the head all cum covered and slippery.
Pushing my cock into a pussy with the foreskin closed and feeling a the pussy gripping the skin and retracting it so the glans pusshes inside to that hot wet vagina, amazing! Loose foreskin sliding back and forth when in a nice asshole makes anal so great.
Yet to try frotting or anything like that but docking cock to cock with another foreskin looks hot and would feel amazing.
Foreskin uncut all the way.
By german_guy at 11,Apr,22 20:05 other posts of german_guy 
I sure do agree on u

By Jimjim at 15,Apr,22 20:52 other posts of Jimjim 
I know it has to feel amazing fucking with the skin gliding back and forth! I heard a woman once say after being fucked for the first time by an uncut guy that she could feel the difference!

By donkeyuncut at 09,Apr,22 11:47 other posts of donkeyuncut 
Hard to give a good answer. Anyone uncut doesn't know the other. Most who get cut late in life do so for tight or sore foreskin, so will say cut is better. Saying uncut feel more, in more sensitive is correct, however the cut cock still feels the best it has ever felt.(not a feeling cut ever experienced) Less lube and not drying out is probably on uncut favour. My knob dries out if my skins stays back overnight. Statistically more foreskins are in the world now and less are being cut on newborns
By Jimjim at 10,Apr,22 01:37 other posts of Jimjim 
I know guys who have been cut late in life for medical reasons do say it was a relief...I know my cousin who was never circumcised, he was always able to retract even when he was a kid but if his head gets too swollen he an get the skin back over it and it can get too sensitive but he has told me the sensation of the skin gliding back and forth at first us heavenly....always been jealous hearing him say that

By #662360 at 09,Apr,22 13:08
I’m cut and I have no problem masturbating or in sex. Only difference must be that I stroke my cock when I wank, or have it stroked when I’m hand jobbed, rather than tugging my foreskin. Even so it feels exquisite stroking and when I shoot my load I’m sure it feels as good as an uncut guy.

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