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Sucking: Cut or Uncut, preference

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Started by #157342 at 01,May,11 15:52
I like uncut cocks. The more foreskin the better.
Uncut guys cocks seem to be more sensitive and easier
to please. Just more dick to suck and play with.

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By #174339 at 23,Feb,17 09:31
I like both but I prefer uncut cock it's the best Of both worlds open or closed
By Sfax#17 at 15,Mar,24 17:38 other posts of Sfax#17 
I prefer circumcised cock. I find them more attractive. as well,circumcised cocks are more sensitive. And you can give more pleasure to your partner. And they taste better.

By knewbi at 11,Mar,24 18:48 other posts of knewbi 
I prefer a cut cock but enjoy and uncut almost as much. I never turn a hard cock of any kind down...

By TonythetigeR at 10,Mar,24 09:25 other posts of TonythetigeR 
I'm uncut and have never sucked a uncut dick it's definitely a fantasy/bucket list

By Sfax#17 at 13,Feb,24 05:10 other posts of Sfax#17 
I don't like uncut cocks. I think they are ugly. I prefer an circumcised penis.

By cumonme1 at 16,Mar,19 11:20 other posts of cumonme1 
No preference except very big and thick any color

By bikev at 14,Mar,19 08:12 other posts of bikev 
Either. They both taste good to me.

By #565685 at 14,Mar,19 02:30
I absolutely love sucking cut cock

By RealTitsLover at 05,Apr,17 04:06 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I wouldn't call more skin more dick... The skin is just what covers it. Saying that's like saying people with bigger coats are bigger people.

I'm circumcised, and the thought of being more sensitive than I already am is not good at all...

Ignore the rest of this if you're a guy who isn't into girls... It's often very greatly affected by where a person lives. Close to 98% of American (and Canadian, I believe) guys are circumcised. It's very rare to come across an uncut cock there, and according to polls, nearly every American who actually prefers uncut are guys.
By #511804 at 19,Apr,17 01:11
That is changing now in some areas of the country. Heartland seems to stay mostly circumscribed with a variation of how the skin was cut.

By #532987 at 19,Apr,17 01:03
No offense to any one here. I am circumcised. My wife and I were in the alternative life style of swinging for two years. We enjoyed both cut and uncut as I am into dick licking and ball creme swallowing big time. I just wanted to swallow as much squirt as possible. However her enjoyment was ,derived from watching and taking photos. From an astetic view the cut dick is more photogenic in her view. Also she found giving oral to a dick not circumcised was unpleasant.

By #343933 at 04,Apr,17 20:19
[deleted image]
A long foreskin has the advantage that you can therefore masturbating prima. Because you were, always has a vulva available.
The frenulum prepuce remove (frenulectomy) I can only recommend. The advantages are:

1. The foreskin can continue pushing back, thereby achieving a greater stroke during masturbation possible and the foreskin is more flexible.
2. The penis looks better because the foreskin almost unwrinkled pull back.
3. The penis is much easier to keep clean.
4. In the absence of the foreskin frenulum is always where you want them i.e. it does not slide back on itself over the glans (glans).

I have the frenulum with three interventions completely removed itself.
With the result, I am very satisfied.
With a long foreskin can well masturbating.
Before sex can then retract the foreskin and it remains there because the frenulum foreskin does not close again.

By #511804 at 18,Dec,16 15:59
I like either or, as long as well groomed...
By #174339 at 23,Feb,17 09:30
I agree hygiene is very important

By #220845 at 28,Dec,16 19:22
I like cut the best

By #363802 at 25,Dec,16 22:25
I LOVE uncut cock!! I've sucked plenty of cut cocks but never any uncut cocks!! I'd love to find a nice BIG uncut cock and be taught how to give it the ultimate pleasure, so I can add to my cock sucking skills! I'm always looking for ways to improve what I LOVE doing more than anything!
By #525094 at 28,Dec,16 15:45
Uncut feel better inside you. The forskin is awesome it helps it slide in and out better

By #43515 at 25,Dec,16 21:39
My preference is Shaved and Cut. Love a Nice cock head in my mouth
By dura2000 at 27,Dec,16 15:36 other posts of dura2000 
I'm your man.

By #519672 at 19,Dec,16 01:45
take a cruise of Europe skin galore. US cuts the most

By #518816 at 18,Dec,16 17:38
I'm cut and my dick almost TOO sensitive!

[deleted image]
By #519672 at 19,Dec,16 01:43

By cumjohn at 18,Dec,16 15:09 other posts of cumjohn 
I have sucked only uncut cocks, because i havent been with anybody with cimrcumcised cock. But i believe sucking cut cocks would not be bad at all.

By #279652 at 23,Apr,13 20:59
Who wanna suck my dick ? /jufs5jl82osdpic.html
By #292434 at 12,Dec,13 15:01
Nice clean mouthful
By #519672 at 16,Dec,16 20:17
good one too

By #500604 at 12,May,16 10:17
Anyone who likes to suck my uncut cock is welcome to speak his/her mind. [deleted image]
By cumcouplessa at 17,May,16 00:01 other posts of cumcouplessa 
We would LOVE to suck your cock.

By Valleydude at 17,May,16 03:51 other posts of Valleydude 
Yes please!

By #519672 at 16,Dec,16 20:17
real nice yup

By #519672 at 16,Dec,16 20:16
any cock is nice

By #190275 at 17,May,16 02:14
uncut and uncut

By MM_DD at 17,May,16 00:26 other posts of MM_DD 
Strongly prefer uncut, but ultimately it's all about the man it's attached to.

By tallon77 at 14,May,16 18:38 other posts of tallon77 
I've never had an uncut cock but would love to try one.

By #332336 at 12,Dec,13 20:36
A real cocksucker don't care, he is equally at home with either. I prefer cut but enjoy playing with the foreskin of an uncut dick. But have found some uncut guys to have a slightly rank smell under it. Big turnoff. My wife won't suck an uncut dick at all.

By skot at 11,Dec,13 18:43 other posts of skot 
I've never been up close to a cut cock but I do like sliding my tongue under a foreskin and playing with it with my lips.

By #329776 at 17,Apr,13 03:00
Would you suck my uncut cock? [deleted image]
By #358284 at 19,Apr,13 13:29
I'd Blow you!!

By skot at 11,Dec,13 18:42 other posts of skot 
Er.. Yep.

By #316057 at 11,Dec,13 11:58
Like to suck uncuts

By #1860 at 21,Jun,13 19:58
I enjoy uncut too being uncut myself [deleted image]
By #316057 at 11,Dec,13 11:42
Nice cock

By foreskinlover52 at 30,Sep,13 03:43 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I have sucked only uncut cocks..I just love a mans foreskin! NO cut cocks for me!

By #291694 at 17,Apr,13 03:12
Definitely cut so much smoother and clean. But I would not ever turn down an uncut..
By #219885 at 20,Apr,13 00:32
how about me
By #291694 at 21,Apr,13 01:54
Alex I would still love to suck you!
By #219885 at 06,Jun,13 00:29
thanks i still want to loose my vcard with a girl and no one will

By #378501 at 19,Apr,13 17:04
Uncut guy here

By jocstfr at 18,Feb,13 04:59 other posts of jocstfr 
Being cut and feeling incomplete without an intact penis, I am partial towards intact uncut cocks.
By skinb at 19,Apr,13 16:56 other posts of skinb 
same here

By #358284 at 19,Apr,13 13:28
I am a Cocksucker, Cut/Uncut doesn't matter!!

By hotcock33 at 16,Aug,11 10:56 other posts of hotcock33 
I think Id only suck cut, just my preference. Never say never, some uncut can look okay hard, but all that extra skin just doesnt appeal to me. Don't mean to offend anyone, just answering the question. To each their own right, some people LOVE uncut, just not for me I guess.
By #159413 at 18,Feb,13 04:38
you should see my pic and you know actually uncut is look better than a cut one,well just your preference,i would never suck a cut one,i think i like a natural one

By #213543 at 15,Feb,13 16:30
Having sucked hundreds of cocks, I can say that I've had every kind imanginable and love them all as long as I get a big load of cum to swallow. I do prefer shaved smooth cut though. And now ask me about all the different tastes of cum. I could go on for hours.

By Ray10754 at 16,Aug,11 10:37 other posts of Ray10754 
My prefered choice would have to be shaved smooth and cut,allthough would also suck a nice clean uncut.

By #80630 at 08,May,11 18:39
I'm uncut but my foreskin nvr covers tha head of my cock.....unless I'm stroking use to when I was little I guess I grew into it
By slipper at 09,May,11 05:50 other posts of slipper 
...or grew OUT of it!

By #10886 at 03,May,11 01:32
I am uncut! I would love to be sucked!!!

[deleted image]
By slipper at 08,May,11 21:25 other posts of slipper 
Me too!!! ...and, I LOVE to have my skin titillated and just generally played with for hours!!! It is SOOOOOO sensative.

By spermkiss at 06,May,11 16:11 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, as an American cocksucker I'm cut myself and most of the men I've sucked off have also been cut. I generally prefer a cut penis, but I can definately go either way. When an uncut guy has a large well shaped glans and the outline of his glans shows thru his foreskin that is super erotic. It is also really fine to slip the tip of my tongue inside an uncut guy's foreskin to tickle his glans and taste any man juice there.

By niginni at 06,May,11 15:43 other posts of niginni 
being in the uk mostly sucked uncut cocks and a couple of cut cocks, my frieds thick 6" cock tasts great

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