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Why do you cross dress

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Started by twisted1975 at 22,Sep,22 14:05  other posts of twisted1975
I cross dress in private and enjoy women's clothes outdoors. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to it. I know it started with my attraction to breasts and a long period of time with no relationships. I like women and feminine trans. I would say I'm straight (mostly) as I've never had a gay encounter. I do fantasize about sucking a shaved dick and balls on someone who is feminine or trans. Everything else about my life is very outwardly masculine. Whay attracts you to cross dressing or looking at people who do? If you do not cross dress, how do you feel about people who live the "double life" as I feel I do?

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By Apantyhoselovr at 06,Jan,24 21:29 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
i don't cd actually, i just wear pantyhose because they feel so sexy and feminine when sucking dick.

By Bicockwhore at 06,Jan,24 14:40 other posts of Bicockwhore 
I do it because I am a sissy little pig slut whore bondage faggot I love dressing in women clothes and let men use and abuse me

By #662360 at 19,Apr,23 18:04
I wear women’s panties because the thin soft cloth feels so good on my cock and because my sex kit looks so sexy in them. [deleted image]

By cd_jordan at 19,Apr,23 17:11 other posts of cd_jordan 
I think that for straight men like you and me, it's about to becoming the object of our sexual attraction.
By wearing women clothes, we are a more feminine ourselves, so we feel desired and hot.

By Kinkysub at 19,Apr,23 06:25 other posts of Kinkysub 
Love looking sexy as I get fucked by guys

By Lvphose at 07,Oct,22 12:36 other posts of Lvphose 
I have a huge nylon// fetish! For me it started when I was becoming sexually aware of my cock! I would be asked to dog sit for a friend when they went on vacation. One day going to let the dog out I went through my friends mom drawer and found a pair of her pantyhose. I first got naked and rubbed her pantyhose on my cock and man it felt good! The next time I’d put them on and rub my cock from the outside of my pantyhose encased cock! Well you have to imagine I came in her pantyhose and I’ve had a. Lyon/pantyhose fetish ever since!

By Hrnyboy90 at 07,Oct,22 12:30 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
I like to feel like a girl and have guys do as they please with me

By Lvphose at 23,Sep,22 01:19 other posts of Lvphose 
I don’t fully cross dress but have wore lingerie in heels a few times but I do like wearing pantyhose a lot!
By knewbi at 03,Oct,22 15:44 other posts of knewbi 
Same here. Love driving around with pantyhose that have the crotch cut out. Love jerking until it spitz... Pantyhose just look and feel so damned sexy!!
By Lvphose at 07,Oct,22 12:26 other posts of Lvphose 
Heck yes I agree!!!

By SluttySarah069 at 02,Oct,22 21:27 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love dressing occasionally and it gets me rock hard. I suppose that I'm just a kinky pervert.

My wife knows that I do but doesn't want to know -especially that I have been slutty in adult cinemas and male saunas when dressed.

By Moench at 01,Oct,22 21:50 other posts of Moench 
foe me starts with wearing my mothers panties,nylons and bra secretly. in my first marriage the same ,i wearing all stuff from my wife and she don't know it and would accepting this. after i meet my second wife ,i told her from beginning that i addict to women clothes .she told me thats no problem for her as long i am not cheating her. she let me wear what i like and bought some more dresses for me. if we have sex ,we wearing some time the same lingerie .now i feel very free to doing what i like and no more secret

By nadirau at 22,Sep,22 18:28 other posts of nadirau 
I spent a very long time trying to find the answer to this same question. I enjoy it as well (obviously) but spent years covered in shame and have purged twice now. Everyone is different but for me, I feel it was best summarised by another user’s experience and is all based around Having no intimate female energy in my life

Now with us being straight, we start out desperately seeking that connection with the feminine, so in our loneliness and out of desperation and necessity as we crave that feminine interaction, turn to a substitute, womens clothes. We begin by trying on a few items, it is a rush to feel all these fabrics and textures that a woman gets to experience daily, the cycle repeats and it escalates until we have quite the feminine wardrobe.
This is all well and good and satiates our desire for interaction with femininity and feminine energy.
I think there must have always been that curiosity i guess. not every guy who is in my position ends up doing this. But now, knowing the above, its much easier to live with, accept, control and even enjoy. it doesn't leave this room. it doesn't hurt anyone.
By twisted1975 at 22,Sep,22 19:04 other posts of twisted1975 
I think you are right, that is a great explanation and is very close to my history. I do have a collection of clothes and have also "purged" what I had a few times. I still like wearing lingerie and dresses and seem to be expanding into more wigs and more grooming that I did before. I do think that much of my hesitation has been "what if someone finds out".

It is interesting to me that while I do enjoy shemale (trans) porn, I only find myself looking at those who are very feminine, yet still have that curiosity to try. I'm not interested in receiving anal really, I'm intrigued by the idea of sucking someone who is feminine with male genitalia.

By tedgrn at 24,Sep,22 14:34 other posts of tedgrn 
You are right on many levels. I do enjoy feeling the feminine side of me come out during sex also

By SLUT! at 24,Sep,22 10:04 other posts of SLUT! 
Because it just feels great!
And the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

By willy11 at 22,Sep,22 23:39 other posts of willy11 
wycowboy, thank you for your service. I agree with you

By wycowboy at 22,Sep,22 15:13 other posts of wycowboy 
I don't cross dress and am not opposed to people who do. I live my life believing that if you enjoy it and it isn't illegal then go for it. I served in the Marine Corps to give you that right so do it.

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