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How To Spoil A Mans' Penis (A BOLD PROCLAMATION)

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Started by SonOfSodom at 26,Oct,22 03:36  other posts of SonOfSodom
As a strict Bottom boy I think that the Penises of other Men are mighty, hypnotizing, & therefore BEAUTIFUL. I will boldly proclaim that I am the best LOVER that you have NEVER had yet ALWAYS wanted. I keep my ass very clean & nicely TIGHT. I very RARELY play with any toys. I like staying nice & TIGHT for the REAL THING.
I like to give sexual satisfaction to other Men. I don't care about race or age.
The first thing that I do to the Penis of a Lover is to lick his Balls gently while gripping his hardening shaft with one hand & milking his Penis to full erection. Once that is accomplished then I proceed to take only his by now swollen purple Cockhead between my Lips & my Lips only. I will then create some BEAUTIFUL back & forth Oral suction until he shows the usual signs of his Orgasm.
He'll start breathing faster, the HEAD of his PENIS will begin to throb & leak between my lips and at that point I apply my tongue with purpose. With his swollen Cock-head still between my Lips I start flicking my tongue firmly all over the Head of his precious Penis, especially in & out of his dick-hole itself.
He has an Orgasm in my Mouth and all that I can suddenly taste is Semen.
I also know how to LOVE a Man's Hard Cock with my ASS.
Being submissive to Cock as I am I would assume whichever position that I was preferred in. Once I feel the Penis begin to anally fuck me I instantly work with my Lover. My only requests are to fuck my hungry ASS very slowly yet balls-deeply. I will then take over by fully relaxing my Ass once the Penis is pushing Balls-deep INTO my Ass but I will then TIGHTEN UP as the Penis is thrusting out...
I once made an Older Man GROWL as he experienced a powerful Orgasm inside of my ASS once under the above-mentioned treatment courtesy of my Anal cooperation.
I'll never forget how suddenly I felt that hot & wet sensation fill my Ass as he sexually claimed me. His Sperm was safe inside of me. I LOVE THE Penis.

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