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Jacking off to pictures of people you know.

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Started by BigDaddy132 at 06,Mar,23 14:51  other posts of BigDaddy132
I want to fuck my boss. She’s older and married. It’s never going to happen so all I can do is jack off to her pictures on Facebook with her big beautiful tits bulging out of her top. Same with my next door neighbor who is younger and thankfully likes to show off her body in bathing suits etc. I really hope to someday acquire a pair of her panties to cum in. I also have a friend who gas two daughters. They are both in their late 20’s and definitely have some great pics on their Facebook too. I have an email i set up where I save photos I find arousing and cum to them a lot. Am I the only one?

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By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 20:23 other posts of Lvphose 
I fantasize and jerk off thinking of people I know!

By #688512 at 10,Mar,23 10:22
I jack off to pictures of myself, so I guess that counts!!
By BigDaddy132 at 01,Apr,23 04:33 other posts of BigDaddy132 
I jack off to my own naked pics too.Something about seeing me hard and naked makes me..Well..Hard and naked

By CAT at 09,Mar,23 16:42 other posts of CAT 
You, boys, need to get out more. 🤣😈
By #691289 at 29,Mar,23 12:43
Good point

By #689552 at 29,Mar,23 10:26
Yes, I love to jack to photos of girls I actually know and see often. To be out and meeting a pretty woman, talking and joking with her then going home and cumming all over her photo is exciting to me. FB is a gold mine of jackoff material. Young women who are nice, sweet girls will nevertheless go onto FB and post pics of themselves less than fully dressed. I use them for my masturbation needs. I see that I am not alone. Documentation is on my site.

By #677384 at 08,Mar,23 23:19
I have done that with pics of a few that let me take them for that purpose hehe. I also wank to the many images of girls I have been with too. I also enjoy phone sex while trading live pics and camming too.

By knewbi at 08,Mar,23 16:01 other posts of knewbi 
I know what you mean. I have few neighbors that I'd love fucking. Unfortunately, it'll probably never happen. So, I find porn videos that remind me of them and jerk off to them. I also have an ex that I would enjoy fucking at least once more. Again, videos of some woman that reminds me of her has to do the job.

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