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Body shape

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Started by #688177 at 13,Jun,23 08:07
Body shape, what's it mean to you?
The pressures we are put under to see things in an xx way by the press so they can sell you this and that to look like the a load of sheep, is just a sales pitch.
Don't buy into it.
I have never been one for following trends, as long as I'm clean and not to over weight I'm happy (I have bad knees).
Thats the key word here, happy, if your happy with your self then you are where you need to be, don't follow the sheep.
As to what I find attractive, well I have had gf's small & petite to (very) chubby & large, but it's the person who I find attractive.
For me, every shape has pro's & cons in my mind, never been a big tit man so smaller tit's are my preference.
But I like a full & firm bum (nice for spanking) so a woman who has shape.
AS for the pussy, well any thats shaven!, but I find a pussy on a woman who has "chubby" figure more to my liking!

In terms of sex, dose any of that really mater NO, having fun and enjoying each other is far more important to me.
Lets face it, I am what I am, so being your self is the only way to be truly happy.

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By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:19 other posts of boc 
I am athletic and I prefer a woman who is also.

By phart at 13,Jun,23 13:04 other posts of phart 
To each their own. But when a person let's themselves go, say when they become a drug addict ,and they do little to nothing to take care of themselves, that attitude will spread to their car's, homes ,everything. .Keeping company with a person that let's themselves go and accepting it only drags you down.
Shape is the immediate sign that a person is not eating well ,or to much, as with myself.

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