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By boc at 21,May,24 18:48
Jews lived in Palestine prior to 1948:

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"Early in the second century A.D., the Emperor Hadrian prohibited the Jews from entering Jerusalem. From that period dates the dispersion of Jews throughout the world. Since then, until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, no Jewish Government has existed in Palestine. Although some Jews have always lived in Palestine, their numbers have fluctuated depending on the tolerance of the successive rulers."

By boc at 21,May,24 17:29
There are disparate examples of the philosophy of life that Jesus proposed. Yes, in many cases he was all about standing up for the underdog. And I would say it's a weird juxtaposition of what is considered the underdog. Many Christians love to identify with a sort of persecution complex. This is exactly why so many Christians identify with Trump. He sets himself up as the underdog, as illogical as that might be. Most folks don't investigate the dynamics comprehensively, nor do they have the critical thinking skills to object to his claims.

It took a while for the tide to change but in the 60s the undercurrent of what is considered the prevailing culture began to shift. It took a while for the momentum to reach what it did around the turn of the century, but somewhere along the line those that use to be marginalized by the prevailing culture moved into a position where they were setting policy. For the others, who subscribe to the glorification of anything atavistic, and are nostalgic for a time when the US seemed to be in an age of innocence, the 50s, this shift met with reenforced reticence and even outright violent opposition.

This recent shift in cultural priorities during the 21st century produced contempt, especially in rural areas, for this progressive current which became a prevailing cultural force in urban areas.

However, those who glorify atavism and those for whom nostalgia worsens their feelings of abandonment by the state are not confined to rural areas. It's just the tendency of people in such areas. Urban areas condition people towards regulation which manages the impact on nature. As well as increasing exposure to multiculturalism.

By boc at 21,May,24 16:25
There are a variety of reasons why religions (specifically theistic religions) have endured.

1.) Mainly because they offer fellowship.

2.) People prefer certainty over accuracy, even when certainty cannot be achieved.

3.) Our childhood experiences predispose us to uncritical approval of those we see as authoritative.

4.) Most people have neither the time nor the resources to research any claim to its most fundamental source as well as all the intersecting social phenomena.

There are more reasons than this, but these are the most common.

By boc at 21,May,24 16:16
Wealthy folks and companies that fund political parties fund both sides. They hedge their bets so no matter who is in office they can have their concerns addressed.

By boc at 21,May,24 16:13
This is what is said about him. I want to find reliable sources on Soros, not just some random know-nothing from the internet. Do you know where I can find information on Soros?

By boc at 21,May,24 16:11
Most non union conservatives are anti union. So if Jesus was a Maga conservative he most likely would not be in a union.

By boc at 21,May,24 16:03
Where do you get this information on Soros. I only hear things about him from the Maga crowd. Is there any way to verify such claims?

By boc at 06,May,24 13:07
Always up (about a 22 degree angle from my torso) and slightly to the left.

By boc at 06,May,24 12:57

By boc at 05,May,24 07:52
The look on her face and the low moaning noise she made.

By boc at 05,May,24 07:49
The fried zone has an exit ramp.

By boc at 05,May,24 07:47
I like that my girlfriend likes to smack it against her face and the thud sound it makes.

By boc at 04,May,24 23:23
Here is one I found:

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By boc at 02,May,24 12:21
When I see my big cock in a mirror it starts to grow because it swings and I start to imagine how heavy it feels as it gets bigger.

By boc at 29,Apr,24 21:40
In September I travelled to Kenya to be with a woman I met on FB.

By boc at 23,Apr,24 00:13
That we could learn to not let our negligence become malice.

By boc at 22,Apr,24 11:22
black women with big boobs

By boc at 08,Apr,24 09:57
Most people who know me already know I'm packing.

By boc at 06,Apr,24 14:59
Yes. I do. I get really hard from touching a woman's feet. I don't know what it is. Maybe because they are noticeably different than men's feet.

By boc at 06,Apr,24 14:56
No need to announce your departure. This is not an airport.

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By boc at 31,Mar,24 23:04
My flaccid cock.

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By boc at 21,Mar,24 23:25
Yep, that's another photo of my balls.

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By boc at 19,Mar,24 04:35
I love watching and hearing a woman have an orgasm, That gets me hard,

By boc at 19,Mar,24 01:18

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not yet.

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You can also download VLC player and it will play using that.

By boc at 07,Jan,24 06:16
I converted it to AVI if that helps. But this site is not letting me upload videos now.

By boc at 06,Jan,24 16:42
Do you like the video?

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By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:28
and their skin tends to be very smooth and virtually hairless.

By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:24
I like black women. My first black girlfriend was way back when I was 20. She was 22. And it's not just physical. I find black women to be playful in exactly the way I like it. Not all of course. But it certainly does seem to be part of black culture to have a good sense of humor. Also black women tend to be less put off by my large nose.

By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:19
I am athletic and I prefer a woman who is also.

By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:18

By boc at 14,Jun,23 16:07
Girl, she was a flute player in band. I am a sax player.

By boc at 23,Dec,22 02:54
c to d

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