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The TOXIC life of undercoverangel aka AdrianAsia

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Started by BuckFizz at 29,Jun,23 01:23  other posts of BuckFizz
Well, like normal the TOXIC Behavior of undercoverangel aka AdrianAsia... Now, AdrianAsia was a member of this site that in a very short time showed great Toxic behavior, (very much like person Bipolar Disorder), and others if you or other members disagreed with AdrianAsia... where until AdrianAsia was deleted those members that disagreed or did not bow to AdrianAsia would be attacked by IT post rather Nasty posts and photos with the Toxic waste produced by IT.

Some time back AdrianAsaia TOXIC Bipolar Disorder behavior got the member DELETED...

However, AdrianAsia seems to of returned under the name of undercoverangel, and rest sure this CUNT is NO Angle... If fact undercoverangel seems to have the same TOXIC Bipolar Disorder behavior as AdrianAsia had... Things that match are if you disagree with IT, or do not Bow to IT, and even answer a post in the wrong way to what IT prefers will get this member ATTACKED, with TOXIC posts and photos with the Toxic waste produced by IT.

Members Do Not even have to post about undercoverangel, or make any other comment or communications towards THIS TOXIC MEMBER, but undercoverangel will make posts about that members and other members, again that Disagree with IT, Dont Bow to IT, and even Dont Answer a post that way IT wants, I have even see IT attack other members for Not replying to IT... and even going to the extent of ATTACKING others for chatting to other members IT ATTACKS... Like Myself, a Chat Room can be so claim and placid until this TOXIC PIECE OF SHIT comes into a Room... A Room that has over 15 other members chatting very quickly emptied due to the TOXIC behaviour of undercoverangel.

Sadly, many members Bow to the SITE SLUT, that also SELLS ITs nickers online (this undercoverslut has admitted ITs self in chat rooms), setting of the drug dogs at Customs in a Tripping State poor Dogs... and cant see ITs TOXIC behaviour.

However, the Site SLUT is a paid member, making the Sites Town Bike (SLUT), protected.

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By dgraff at 30,Jun,23 11:20 other posts of dgraff 
I heard from a reliable source that this year for shark week they are going to dress her up in a seal 🦭 costume and drag her around behind a boat around seal island to see if Great whites like tainted meat
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Yeah I had my bought with her to

By #679615 at 30,Jun,23 07:26
The whole thing nothing but a fucking joke anyway.

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