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By dgraff at 26,Sep,22 10:36
Some young lady I know is getting ready to have a birthday this Thursday

By dgraff at 25,Sep,22 17:10
I think you are taking about 2 different games

By dgraff at 25,Sep,22 13:12
It happens a lot to members that play the game and won’t vote back instead of opting out or members that don’t log in often

By dgraff at 25,Sep,22 13:08
He’s on my friend list so I always vote for him

By dgraff at 25,Sep,22 09:38
That about sum’s it up I’m going to give him a vote to

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 20:54
How do you know your 1500 miles away from here

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 17:24
It would take Pennsylvania out of the swing state status

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 14:02
I haven’t heard any thing out of our democrats about a judge ruling mail in ballot’s to be unconstitutional in old joe Biden’s home state oh no the republicans know how the democrats cheated and are getting prepared

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 13:55
I can’t wait I might even hang out and shake hands and kiss baby’s

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 13:49
Republicans and democrats will never be able to work together until the democrats hate for republicans stop I truly think we are heading for a war between the 2 parties that’s why they don’t want us to have guns we all ready out number the democrats

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 13:37
Way to go skittles I couldn’t have said it better my self there out of control and we need to stop them I’m doing my part in Pennsylvania to get them out and get the republicans in we have record amount of people flocking in to register to vote mostly republicans and i know this first hand because i was in at the court house a couple times just talking to people and making sure they know how important it is that they vote

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 12:50

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 11:11
I agree

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 10:16
Nice 👍 I like the lane sharing law but it would not apply to me any way I stick to back roads to many crazy people on the highway

By dgraff at 23,Sep,22 00:17
I bet

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 17:39
Absolutely I’m looking forward to never having to do the roof again

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 17:37
Yeah at a price

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 15:40

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 15:04
It is

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 15:00
California needs a couple air plains full
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Suck on that Nancy Pelosi

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 14:50
I sent you some pictures

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 14:48
It’s not a tin roof it’s pre formed to the measurement of my roof steel and powder coated

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 14:38
There seems to be a little tension between Desantis and trump at the moment because trump spoke about sending the illegals to the vineyard and Desantis caught wind of it and carried out the plan and is getting all the credit for the plan

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 13:44
Well hell’s bell’s I received another 30 points in the ball game this morning that’s 2 weeks in a row

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 13:43
Yeah along with the rain

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 13:39
Yeah Charlie is weak like our josh Shapiro

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 12:28
Ok how about this we have Desantis who looks to be a shoe in for re-election

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 12:21

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 12:20
Yep all taking care of I’m only spending 15,000 on the house I have plenty left over but I’m not sure were to hid it so Biden can’t get his grubby old fingers on it perhaps my box spring

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 10:56
May I remind you that being a democrat is not nearly the same as being a democrat 20 years ago
I have in the past supported and donated to the republicans party under my franchise name I also have rallied our local rival motor cycle clubs together to make sure everyone vote’s for the party that keeps them free I’m currently in my spare time putting up yard flags for Doug Mastriano and OZ for Pennsylvania senator and governor i even spent a couple days hanging out at the local court house talking to people registering to vote making sure they know how important it is to pick the right party
You told me to stop bitching about it and do some things about it so I Am

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 10:35
I found a good way to keep joe Biden from over taxing my investment I pulled the plug on the investment and my 90 year old home is getting a new face lift complete with a new roof support beam and colonial style support posts a new seamless life time metal roof and a new chimney
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Fuck joe Biden

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 10:27
Good lord I will stick to my messy greasy shake and bake chicken

By dgraff at 22,Sep,22 09:30
Good point

By dgraff at 21,Sep,22 23:11
I have a question do democrats fly a flag on holidays and what is there flag a snake 🐍 with don’t tread on me under it
It’s been my experience that democrats are not very patriotic

By dgraff at 21,Sep,22 13:48
Well that’s a start

By dgraff at 20,Sep,22 12:12
She passed away in 1978 but i will always cherish and remember the times I got to spend with her

By dgraff at 20,Sep,22 10:44
You can’t tell me you still support joe Biden after the inflation of every thing and the stupid spending of our tax dollars thing we’re a lot better 2 years ago and stable just wait till you see what he has planned for your 401k and your retirement savings

By dgraff at 20,Sep,22 09:40
My grandma spoke very highly of the city of Chicago but she was born there in 1883 it was different times then no air port yet steam engines powered the trains and the automobile was just starting to come in to the picture as a young boy I used to love to sit and listen to her stories of city life way back then she lived to be 98

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 22:35
Yeah he wasn’t a retard like joe Biden

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 17:50
Just doing my civic duty

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 16:40
Joe Biden is not my president
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Fuck joe Biden

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 16:06
I’m just a simple man who likes what little freedom I have but slowly I have been watching it slip away and when I look at the big picture and the future the democrats have planed I know I have to do everything in my power to stop them

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 15:53
Honey your admitting you voted for Biden in the wrong place you are just another part of the problem you should start your own forum thread called the gospel of joe Biden were you and anal licker can brag him up every one in this thread think’s he suck’s
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Fuck joe Biden

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 15:12
love the video hate joe Biden
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Fuck joe Biden

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 13:59
Well Marcy and I are voting for doctor oz in November

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 12:15
Sweetheart being a democrat is not nearly the same as being a democrat 20 years ago have you even look into there future plans about the great reset program and how we can live with out money there a socialist party now days now anal licker will tell you how great socialist life is but that’s only because he never lived in the free world in the great reset program they want 1 leader for all the countries to me that is a dictatorship and none of this will happen in my life time or yours but do you want your grandchildren to have to live like that I mean think about it
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And think deeply

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 11:04
What happened to bye boy 25 anyone know he just disappeared over night

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 10:49
Doctor OZ saved many lives to but yet he’s called a fraud a sell out so what is your point
Doctor fugie was in big pharmacy’s pocket to

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 09:26
Monkey pox is even less believable than Covid was

By dgraff at 19,Sep,22 02:19
I don’t listen to the crazy ranting of anyone over 70 the democrats will bring it back in time for the next election