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By dgraff at 20,Feb,24 00:28
I agree I don’t think he will do jail time but I’m really surprised the liberals haven’t made an attempt on his life he wouldn’t be the first president that was assassinated over being right and having good ideas I guess the liberals have no balls

By dgraff at 19,Feb,24 10:04
Hahaha I love it

By dgraff at 18,Feb,24 15:47
I like the weakest link
Some of the egg heads are so smart that they are stupid simple common sense question's that even i know they miss

By dgraff at 18,Feb,24 15:42
Well she is blonde 👱‍♀️

By dgraff at 15,Feb,24 00:38
Just imagine if there were no spicks no spicks no crime

By dgraff at 13,Feb,24 22:05
Your not i get Marcy potted plants that she can later plant in the yard but i also get her 1 long stem 🌹 because she likes to persevere it in wax paper and press it in a book she showed me one i got her 35 years ago and it still has its texture and color oh and a box of chocolates I’m such a romantic

By dgraff at 12,Feb,24 22:56
The remedy for that is to just stay home I love my home and have no desire to go anywhere far away

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 22:08
Unbelievable but then look at the mother she shouldn’t even have a pet yet a child

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 22:02
Yep that’s the one

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 18:37
Oh nice 👍

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 16:55
Nice trick but now days they are digital

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 15:01
OMG i remember that

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 14:53
Thanks for the info

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 11:26
It won’t that’s happening for sure

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 10:47
All most everything gives people cancer now days

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 10:45

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 10:43
My hot water is run through the oil furnace and presents another problem heating oil consumption

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 01:50
She certainly does but it’s funny I’m eating more and better than I was before yet I don’t gain weight

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 00:26
I like your answer the best

By dgraff at 11,Feb,24 00:01

By dgraff at 10,Feb,24 23:59
Oh shit maybe I better keep my mouth shut

By dgraff at 10,Feb,24 23:57
1 no I didn’t switch from gas to electric
2 i did stop eating out and now cooking at home
3 i didn’t know about the magnet 🧲 trick does it work
4 no i just checked outside and no visible cords
5 i do now have a woman living with me in fact i have 2 women living with me

By dgraff at 10,Feb,24 20:16
Can anyone explain to me why 4 years ago my electric bill was 35 dollars a month and now it’s 247 dollars a month it’s getting ridiculous

By dgraff at 07,Feb,24 10:15
With all due respect ma’am you showed a deep hatred for the man way before any of this crap was brought up against him way way back when he first took office
I was here i seen what you wrote

By dgraff at 07,Feb,24 10:03
Even young Kennedy thinks the New Democratic Party has gone over the top
Fruit loops
Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs
Fruity pebbles
And taste the rainbow mad

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

You’re a twisted bunch you believe it’s ok to kill unborn children but don’t you dare kill a Mexican climbing over the fence

By dgraff at 06,Feb,24 23:11
You better get scared because if there’s any funny business this election the shit is going to hit the fan and I mean in a big way

By dgraff at 06,Feb,24 14:41
he kinda looks like a white mike Obama

By dgraff at 06,Feb,24 09:31
For sure

By dgraff at 05,Feb,24 23:06

By dgraff at 05,Feb,24 11:20
What would you expect out of the
The Clinton’s
And The Biden’s
So it might be true

By dgraff at 05,Feb,24 11:16
Like the cockroaches they are

By dgraff at 05,Feb,24 09:47
It came from a very reliable source Donald Trump himself sent me the email

By dgraff at 05,Feb,24 09:41
I would always support your wiener with my wet lips 👄

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 20:36
We better run it by cat and anal licker first they want to single handedly save the world

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 20:10
They seem to quiet down when there’s a few of us

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 20:07

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:59
I heard the democrat machine is secretly financing sticky Nicky hoping she can pull off a win over trump in the primaries
Democrats machine
MR and Misses Bill Clinton
MR and MR Obama
And of course the Biden crime family
With Biden’s ratings in the crapper 🚽 they think it would be easier to pull off a win over Nicky

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:47
Mongo my friend did your mom pull the plug on your illegitimate father

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:44
I say no no no I don’t smoke it no more I’m tired waking up on the floor
No thank you please it makes me weak in the knees
Some times it makes it hard to find the door 🚪

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:37
You know Texas could sell hunting licenses I know i would buy one every respected republican would love a drug cartel head mounted above his fireplace

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:32
Fuck Joey and the horse he rode in on and come to think of it fuck all the liberals and the socialists
Now that’s a whole lot of fucking on a sex site

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 14:26
You know I have not heard anything from cat either

By dgraff at 04,Feb,24 10:32

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 22:33
Yep he’s a god damn nosy neighbor a know it all and a pest

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 17:04
I thought Louisiana was but I remember they hold the title for crayfish cooked either way I love all seafood Marcy calls shrimp the cockroach of the sea and she won’t eat them
Oh well I guess when I travel around the world eating seafood she will just have to stay home

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 16:53
i bought points one time and voted lixsipsucket from the very top all the way down until she dropped off the best image best member list completely

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 11:48
It’s horrible I’m a downer of any and every city I think we should burn them all down and start over maybe we can get it right the second time around

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 11:40
Another thing that happens is like robin for instance many members believe some of his pictures are photoshopped and who in their right mind is going to vote for a fraudulent photo so they will vote for whoever is above him just to knock him down

By dgraff at 03,Feb,24 11:34
Hey me too

By dgraff at 31,Jan,24 00:43
I just do it to bother you and cat