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By dgraff at 12,May,21 15:55

By dgraff at 12,May,21 14:46
Hell no that card was maxed out last month all ready but she told me she has a taste for Alpo ground dog food and milk bones

By dgraff at 12,May,21 14:41
As a business owner I tell you what I see when they raise the minimum wage then my employees want more money and so do I so then I have to raise my labor rate 10 dollars an hour to compensate and so does the butcher the baker and the candle stick maker and so on and so fourth so what ends up happening is the little guy making minimum wage gets no weíre they have to come up with a better plan at least with the trickle down economics in theory the rich spend the money they save on tax cuts and eventually it filtered down to the poor but like i said we need a better plan either way

By dgraff at 12,May,21 10:46

By dgraff at 12,May,21 01:54
Thatís a liberal idea but it does absolutely nothing I think trickle down economic works well

By dgraff at 12,May,21 00:40

By dgraff at 11,May,21 22:19
Well you must be friend just because you laughed about lixsipsucket being grossly over weight hey there is another woman on site sheís that old her tits sag down to her belly button and her ass sags down to her shoes

By dgraff at 11,May,21 16:21
Nice to meet you thanks for joining us

By dgraff at 11,May,21 13:22

By dgraff at 11,May,21 09:54
That was directed at lixsipsucket our war has been going on for 7 years she knows she is fat and she knows who it was directed at

By dgraff at 11,May,21 00:12

By dgraff at 09,May,21 23:35
Good piece phart I thought it was bull shit from the very beginning they owe us all a year of our lives back I say we get them letís form a linch mob

By dgraff at 09,May,21 23:11
Youíre ok in my book you donít like lixsipsucket anymore then I do whatís your take on that old sea hag two saggy tits 3

By dgraff at 09,May,21 21:30
I wonder what old saggy ass and tits is having for dinner a bucket of smashed crabs 🦀 perhaps I bet it taste really fishy she should ask Aussie man

By dgraff at 09,May,21 21:26
No but calling someone an old man does Jamie is a good guy try addressing him with a little respect it goes a long way with how others see you

By dgraff at 09,May,21 14:49
All of the above for sure skittles

By dgraff at 09,May,21 13:43
Thatís really funny there to lazy to run a farm

By dgraff at 09,May,21 13:38
Hahaha you almost made me spit my coffee out on that comment
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Thatís great if her shoes fit her ass cheeks were them

By dgraff at 09,May,21 11:34
I agree none of the car manufacturers have I just used that as a for instance

By dgraff at 09,May,21 02:06
Keep in mind Jamie that she is just an Australian and they can be kinda weird she gives me hell when we donít see eye to eye on the abuse panel like I really give a crap
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Sherry Ann would be my pick because she is for real

By dgraff at 09,May,21 01:54
Great movie I remember it well

By dgraff at 09,May,21 01:52
Shit who can afford the insurance and even if I can I would rather spend the money on a new Lincoln the payments are about the same

By dgraff at 09,May,21 01:10
Thank that cunt Nancy Pelosi for that

By dgraff at 09,May,21 00:36
Oh the smell of beer is wonderful better than the smell of lixsipsucket pussy

By dgraff at 09,May,21 00:19
Nope sorry no break for you thatís over you must deal with me for life now and itís ashamed because you will cash out long before I will

By dgraff at 08,May,21 23:52
You must be a lixsipsucket supporter

By dgraff at 08,May,21 23:50
Great song sounds like a song max liked

By dgraff at 08,May,21 10:42
You bitter old fool candy you of all people certainly know all about fake profiles posting of internet pictures multiple accounts and photo shopping you your self have broken every rule in the book and I do believe your fat gal pal even called you out on it so yeah you should talk

By dgraff at 08,May,21 10:02
Yesterday an elderly hunched over woman was coming out of the post office so I held the door open for her she looked up at me and said thank you sonny I see you are one of the normal people NO MASK then she said I bet you didnít get your shots either I smiled at her replying no Iím not buying into our government bull shit she laughed patted my arm and went on her way
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I guess Iím not the good little sheep 🐑 our government wants I donít follow the heard

By dgraff at 06,May,21 14:12
Iím always respectful of the police thatís why I never had a knee in my neck plus I kinda work with them there at the shop all the time

By dgraff at 06,May,21 12:22
Iím sure he would have he seems like a nice cop to me our men in blue take a lot of abuse from big mouth people

By dgraff at 06,May,21 08:55
HA thank you Bella for showing that so many people just donít see what a police officer goes through in a day I could not do it and show that kinda restraint
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And also what kinda parents would want some one like that teaching there kids I hope she gets fired

By dgraff at 05,May,21 20:59
He will be back heís just getting his head on straight at the moment
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We all need to do that from time to time

By dgraff at 05,May,21 14:19
I thought I smelled something it was her brain smoking

By dgraff at 04,May,21 22:06
If they taxed us like that in the United States Iím sure we would dump all the cars in the Boston harbor

By dgraff at 04,May,21 08:11
Hell no candy and lix own the short buss itís on skittles page

By dgraff at 04,May,21 08:07
Quiet time perhaps

By dgraff at 04,May,21 01:34
Yeah we are special phart and itís about time she realizes it

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:53

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:32
Gas was about the same 2.69 and I said way before sleepy joe took office while heís shaking your hand heís got his other hand in your pocket stealing your money

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:27
I hope she takes everything from the commie bastard

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:22
Hahaha no just speaking for the old girl
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I seen she was back over here spouting off again

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:20
Just a little higher 3.09

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:17
Boo hoo Iím a bitter old woman and phart disagrees with me so I hate him and will attack @Bella@ thinks Iím mean and ANNOYING so I hate her so I will attack Dgraff skittles and Freddy are bullies and I hate them so I will attack I also hate my mother my father my husband my children and my grandkids are the worst someone please just lock me up in a nursing home because Iím not fit to be in this world
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I bet even your neighbors wish you would disappear

By dgraff at 04,May,21 00:05
I knew this would happen

By dgraff at 02,May,21 17:21
Jessy star heís young dumb and full of cum

By dgraff at 02,May,21 15:06
at first I thought you told phart to feed the old girl a bone
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She could use one it might keep her quiet for a while

By dgraff at 02,May,21 14:44
I will try to get a video of the barstool in motion a little later right now Iím making my home made meat sauce for the spaghetti Iím making for dinner it has ground sirloin sausage and meat balls whole oregano diced tomatoes and of course sauce Markis asked me to make it he loves my spaghetti
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Oh also chopped onion and green peppers

By dgraff at 02,May,21 14:06
I think he did

By dgraff at 01,May,21 20:25
I will call him and let him know that there is a wild animal running loose
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I once seen scorps make her sit pretty and beg