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Show Your Face and Cock

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Started by CaptainCanada at 29,Jul,23 16:42  other posts of CaptainCanada
Decided to be ballsy on this rainy Saturday afternoon

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New Comment

By yellowman at 29,Apr,24 13:17 other posts of yellowman 

By probowler298 at 28,Apr,24 19:06 other posts of probowler298 

like this???

By Richie at 25,Apr,24 15:56 other posts of Richie 
Wish I had the guys

By Dougal at 25,Apr,24 13:56 other posts of Dougal 

By uncut93 at 13,Apr,24 18:38 other posts of uncut93 

By thatonelad98 at 12,Apr,24 17:16 other posts of thatonelad98 


By #610414 at 24,Oct,23 12:25
Dgraff used to get poked by a young Puerto Rican guy. Now, his new wife PEGS him.
By dgraff at 24,Oct,23 14:02 other posts of dgraff 
cat loves big black cock
By #610414 at 24,Oct,23 14:05
I do. I love all cock. Just like you. 😈

By #704300 at 24,Oct,23 12:15
I love split pics, nothing wrong with that. You can still combine cock and face

[deleted image]

By Felix69 at 29,Jul,23 17:00 other posts of Felix69 
Do it then full frontal
By probowler298 at 20,Oct,23 19:41 other posts of probowler298 
Yes sir. I agree 👍. I will show my face dick naked body ass whatever 🤪 😜

By malik_254 at 27,Aug,23 14:43 other posts of malik_254 

By girllyboi at 16,Aug,23 15:30 other posts of girllyboi 

By Felix69 at 29,Jul,23 16:57 other posts of Felix69 
If your going to expose your self, Show the lot, thats what I say. Putting a face to your cock is the only way. Face and cock full frontal is the way to go.
By probowler298 at 16,Aug,23 02:38 other posts of probowler298 


By bostonspdo at 05,Aug,23 01:52 other posts of bostonspdo 
A great start. Now put your face and cock together in one photo.

By Louis at 30,Jul,23 09:56 other posts of Louis 

By Jamie at 29,Jul,23 20:02 other posts of Jamie 
[deleted image]

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