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By Felix69 at 29,May,24 13:23
The only way to have your cock sucked regular is smooth. For me it its a total STOP PLAY when gagging on a pube wrapped round my uvula. I think a lot of men would love to be smooth but it might be a problem for married guys, explaining to the wife why. I only suck smooth cock. Thats my thing and it keeps me turned on. So total hairless for this cock sucker.

By Felix69 at 15,May,24 14:28
While driving the car.
Driving the car fully nude.
Driving the car fully nude away from my clothes left on roadside.
On a long walk through the forest naked.
At work often.
Shop changing rooms.
On webcam to strangers on a group chat.
Riding a motorcycle fully nude at night.
Just a few that I can think of.
I love wanking and exposing myself.

By Felix69 at 15,May,24 13:59
Here is my softie. I need some excitement in my life.

By Felix69 at 19,Apr,24 11:47
To be spit roasted outdoor. Video filmed and spread all over the internet. Then I could have many wanking sessions watching myself for years afterwards.

By Felix69 at 04,Mar,24 14:59
Do a bit of googling is your best bet.

By Felix69 at 12,Jan,24 12:46
Yes Lush 3 and edge 2

By Felix69 at 28,Sep,23 18:30
I have a dedicated spunk towel I keep under the bed. When it gets like a piece of hardboard, I stick it in a boil wash.

By Felix69 at 06,Aug,23 10:46
My Toys are Lovence edge 2 and lush 3 both controlled over the internet. And also a milking machine (a real one) I do enjoy a good E-stim session also.

By Felix69 at 06,Aug,23 10:27
All smooth here from head down. I have been doing IPL for two months every week but still shaving before treatment. Hope its going to work and no more hair.

By Felix69 at 05,Aug,23 22:46
Amazing substance, Few sniffs and I will do anything. But it has long lasting horrible after effects.

By Felix69 at 31,Jul,23 18:40
Richie you dont have a profile picture and your on showitoff, grow some balls and show your micropenis

By Felix69 at 31,Jul,23 17:59
If you are looking for the thrill of being exposed on the internet. Do It. Dont be shy, Just do it full frontal with face. So fuck if someone you know recognises you, You could delete it, Thats up to you. What are they doing looking at these sort of images and will they confront you? I am now single and very happy with life, self employed kids grown up, got no fear. I love exposing myself. It makes me so horney.
So This guy this morning was looking for a dom to repost him on another site for a blackmail fun type thing. Sent a few pictures of his arse to me, looks like any old arse, Whats the point! Show your face and be done with it.

By Felix69 at 29,Jul,23 17:00
Do it then full frontal

By Felix69 at 29,Jul,23 16:57
If your going to expose your self, Show the lot, thats what I say. Putting a face to your cock is the only way. Face and cock full frontal is the way to go.

By Felix69 at 21,Jul,23 14:48
I never have clothes on at home apart from lingerie now and again