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Started by Maxwell_93 at 03,Sep,23 13:37  other posts of Maxwell_93
For what little or anything it's worth, I think the format of this forum is confusing for a newcomer. I enjoy and appreciate the simple layout of this site in general, but I almost wish the "forum" was an offsite Proboards or something.

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By admin at 05,Sep,23 01:32 other posts of admin 
What exactly is confusing? I do not think this forum is very different from reddit. Indeed it has less options and lacks buttons that could be more distinctive than current elements, but the structure of comments is very similar. May be it's uglier on smartphones though, was not built for them.
By Maxwell_93 at 05,Sep,23 19:58 other posts of Maxwell_93 
That's true, I hadn't compared it to the Reddit style. I'm just a noob and have to get used to finding replies
By admin at 05,Sep,23 21:42 other posts of admin 
You can find replies to your comments/threads directly in the feed /forum/recent_replies.php available on the main forum page.

If you are talking about reply link being not very visible I can try to make it more prominent.
By Maxwell_93 at 06,Sep,23 20:05 other posts of Maxwell_93 
True, thank you! Once you said Reddit style it clicked, that makes total sense of the way replies are organized in threads.

By bella! at 04,Sep,23 22:58 other posts of bella! 
Hi Maxwell93!

You suggest that the Forum would be an "offsite Proboard or something." Maxwell93, would you, a confessed Millennial be kind enough to dumb it down for a Boomer like me.....what in the heck is an offsite Proboard?

Just for your information, the site admin is quite receptive to suggestions that make the membership "happy".
By Maxwell_93 at 04,Sep,23 23:40 other posts of Maxwell_93 
Looking now, I realize that Proboards don't host adult content. This would be an example of one only registered users can see external links. They're very simple to setup and moderate, I had my own for a niche community before so that's where my mind went with this. Just more what I'm accustomed to, I've never seen something quite like this.
By CAT at 05,Sep,23 00:26 other posts of CAT 
Max, it takes a little time to get your bearings. If you need help, ask.

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