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Started by TheWife+Hubby at 03,Sep,23 19:40  other posts of TheWife+Hubby
Before making your decision on giving the tradition land owners more power in a "yes" vote for the "voice", in our up coming referendum, it seems to me the traditional owners of this country have enough power already. Please take the time to watch the following news report.

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By steve3095 at 03,Sep,23 20:51 other posts of steve3095 
I'm very concerned about where the Voice will take us. I'll be voting NO.
By TheWife+Hubby at 03,Sep,23 21:19 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
I find it very concerning as well, all Australians should have equal rights.

Creating a portion of the Government that is based on race, would only divide the nation more with this race issue, between Australians & First Nation, are not First Nation Australians 🤷‍♀️ & have the same rights as you & I as Australians 🤷‍♀️

It seems to me that if this constitutional change does make it through parliament there will be be 2 types of Australians, Australians & First Nation divided even further.

This is also driven buy the rich & famous, curiously enough the mining companies are backing this as well, strange that, haven't the mining company's had dramas with custodial land owners with the "Land Rights" thing in the past. It seems there are hidden a gender's with the whole thing & now its announced that if this referendum fails, another one is going to be held, WTF 🤷‍♀️.

I am traditionally a Labour voter, unless I see the Country needs a change, the country needs a change alright, I'll be voting Liberal next Federal election, this fucking dickhead Albanese needs to go 🤬
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I don't think he will make full term though, he is heading for a big knifing in the back by his constituents & the sooner the better.

By TheWife+Hubby at 03,Sep,23 20:19 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
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By TheWife+Hubby at 03,Sep,23 19:40 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
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