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My wifes panties

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Started by #57369 at 17,Sep,10 09:57
I wear my wifes used panties whenever I can! In the shower, to work and to bed beside her! She does not know. Am I sick?

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By #691730 at 11,Jul,23 19:29
I do get the urge occasionally [deleted image]
By XJacker at 11,Jul,23 20:39 other posts of XJacker 
Delicious bulge! Do get the urge to wear panties more often!
By #691730 at 11,Jul,23 20:50
Thanks XJacker 😊 And yes lately I have been getting the urge more often!

By drew at 01,Jul,23 07:37 other posts of drew 

A pair of the wifes
By #697512 at 11,Jul,23 17:37
very nice XX

By #697512 at 10,Jul,23 09:33

By Dev01 at 01,Jul,23 09:34 other posts of Dev01 
By #697512 at 09,Jul,23 09:45

By #649715 at 25,Aug,21 14:46
i wank in my wifes panties all the time
By #29033 at 27,Aug,21 00:57
I'n not surprised mate. I would too, she's fucking hot.
By pipcock at 01,Jul,23 03:16 other posts of pipcock 
I agree!

By XJacker at 01,Jul,23 06:54 other posts of XJacker 
Id like to feel your wife’s sexy see thru panties taut over my straining hard cock and stroke one off through them. [deleted image] Even better I would like her to stroke one off for me through them!

By Nikk1 at 11,May,23 12:52 other posts of Nikk1 

By XJacker at 11,May,23 07:02 other posts of XJacker 
My wife’s panties I play with.

By tinyboy at 11,May,23 05:06 other posts of tinyboy 
I started wearing my moms panties, so my wifes seemed a natural.

By BigDaddy132 at 20,Apr,23 02:41 other posts of BigDaddy132 
Never worn them but jacked off and came in them plenty

By Moench at 12,Apr,23 20:54 other posts of Moench 
long time ago, i wearing my wifes panties and she knows and let me doing it,til one day she bought many panties for me to wear my own stuff and many are the same she wear, so after we go out or visiting friends ,we wear the same panties

By XJacker at 11,Apr,23 19:38 other posts of XJacker 
No sicker than me, perhaps less sick. Here’s me doing just that.

By Sir-Skittles at 06,Sep,21 12:42 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Site investigations revealed that the original poster of this thread is Lady Tecsan

By #136638 at 04,Mar,11 18:45
Lots of men enjoy wearing there wifes or girlfriends panties. I have always enjoyed wearing all the girls I have dated panties, still have many of there panties in my collection. Now that I am married I wear my wifes panties and her sisters panties and have worn a few of her friends panties, I love how each woman wears different kinds and how they all smell so differnet. My wife knows I wear panties and she enjoys how excited I get when wearing panties, she gets lots of attention when shes in her satin panties, I love rubbing myself on her panties when she is wearing them, she loves my precum soaking her panties, satin panties are great because the precum gives them a nice shiny wet look thats very visible. In the past a few of my girlfriends have also been into my panty fetish, I did not tell them all just the ones I thought were open minded enough, but you would be surprised at how many woman will be cool with it, maybe all of them would have been but I just told the ones I thought would be ok with it. As mentioned my wife it totally fine with my panty fetish, we enjoy wearing together, and she gives the best panty jobs and she loves to see my shoot my cum all over her silky panties, she loves to be rubbed through her satin panties until she cums, we have so much fun with panties its really spiced things up for us. Its nice to see so many others into panties here. Check out our profile for more about us.
By #613564 at 06,Sep,21 06:39
Sounds like steaming BS!! No woman, ever, wants some guy in HER panties!!
But some like him, in panties, and shopping, and 'being a girl" sometimes!
Him wearing hers, and sister's sounds like total BS!!

By #613564 at 06,Sep,21 06:35
Man UP, and go shopping with her, to get your own!!
No real MAN wears his Wife's or GF panties!!
She will show you what she wants to see you wearing, and of course the cute young ladies, at VS, will know!!
But a lot of women like men that wear panties!!

By #638242 at 21,Aug,21 12:12
I lost a bet and gf and her friend made me model a bunch of panties
By shackles at 27,Aug,21 04:43 other posts of shackles 
Ah, but I thought you said you lost! 😉

By #108498 at 25,Oct,10 03:13
I like to use the wife pants masturbation contact me
By #647621 at 25,Aug,21 10:19
Can I see ???

By #108498 at 25,Oct,10 03:12
I like to use the wife pants masturbation contact me

By #23212 at 18,Sep,10 05:58
What may possibly be "sick" here is that you actually believe this story! Of course she knows!

By #59855 at 17,Sep,10 21:24
From Matt's Wife: I would think it would be hotter if she made you wear them like I do Matt

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