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Smell of a dirty cock.....

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Started by #122247 at 19,Dec,10 00:52
When i pull the foreskin back and smell a cheesy cock i have to suck it clean.. Is there anyone else that feels this way???????

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By Zainn122 at 07,Mar,24 09:27 other posts of Zainn122 
I’ve done that once, as I love old men but I did once remember looking at his cock and pulling the super tight foreskin back as he insisted on it, as he didn’t pull it back for many months due to the tightness.. once I pull it back, he tells me to “clean it” but before he picks up the paper towel, I already got his cheesy cock in my mouth 🤣

He was super surprised and so was I, as I thought he meant for me to clean it with my mouth, so I was very super embarrassed and felt ackward as I didn’t wanna do it either but I didn’t wanna let him down but think I got curious on what it tasted like and it definitely didn’t taste like cheese

By #268067 at 13,Aug,12 02:27
cleanliness is next to godliness
By Ray10754 at 09,Sep,12 13:22 other posts of Ray10754 
Im with you 100%

By #215672 at 13,Aug,12 01:39
no i dont like dirty cock but a clean cock has a great smell
i keep my cock clean never any cheese on mine

By Walker at 19,Jul,11 00:00 other posts of Walker 
Wow Cheesy dick, I never thought of it that way. I'm circumcised so I can't say I've ever a foreskin cock head cheese. Spent a week in the woods hiking with a religious group. Made me keep my cloths on so I was ripe like everyone else. I slipped away to skinny dip and got caught by my wacked cunt partner. She was so rank I dragged her into the water to baptize her. Well she went wild and we sucked and fucked all afternoon. Her cunt had so much cheese it took an hour of fucking to clean her out. She was ripe even after the skinny dipping I had to soap her up. She claimed she rolled in a field of wild flowers since she smelled so good. I wasn't invited back, but she tracked me down for hot dirty sex many times after that. Man something about ripe odors and sexual attraction. I love ripe women.

By #88663 at 29,Dec,10 20:28
Love the smell of dirty cock! I get hard when I get a wiff of a musty cock!

By #6437 at 29,Dec,10 11:32
yes I love the smell of a dirty cock. makes me sooooooooooo hot!

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