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By Zainn122 at 10,Feb,24 16:06
I was 13, she was 14 but we didn’t really have sex so I’m still a virgin till this day, however I did lick her out and she did suck me off. We stopping hooking up once I denied being with her as she was really obese and eating her out wasn’t as fun after doing it a few times,

she didn’t really shave so she had a full 70’s blonde bush down there all the time and would leave a musty smell on my face which at the time would make me cum within 2mins which is why I couldn’t never get to the sex action as I would always end up cumming after having my face down there

Luckily she found my tiny penis cute and loved how big my cumshots were but unfortunately she told her friends and her friends laugh at the fact I had my face between her crotch as they knew her hairy situation and found it funny when she claimed to like my micropenis and how she made me cum in 3mins.

I mean she wasn’t so popular so guess she thought it would be a great way to brag of hooking up with me but I had to stop seeing her as she would also hook up with other guys behind my back which I found out from one of her male friends

By Zainn122 at 10,Feb,24 15:48
My cock has a strange shape and appearance too and is also like 3’5inches.. one of my friends has a long 7 inche cock but is very skinny and literally curves to the side, so he masturbates and has sex in odd angles

By Zainn122 at 09,Feb,24 11:21
You have a nice cute chubby body, most of my Bengali friends are brown and short in size and have huge dicks but you have a nice cute dark cock and nice smooth body ass

By Zainn122 at 09,Feb,24 11:17
You think about this stuff the same way you probably think about porn, since you are on this Site ya curious and so am I. From my experience I believe aliens are real but they choose not to communicate with us or can’t communicate due to being light yrs away

I took DMT a few times and on one occasion I turned into a green-yellow alien with tiny palms but huge long scaly fingers, that went from being little green baby aliens hand to huge yellow alien hands in a blink of a eye…started to feel like “this is how I used to be” meaning my brain believed I used to be a alien but then due to evolution I became human, it was a weird feeling.

Not gonna lie. Dmt was so crazy, I saw quantum physics and what not and later my eyesight became better for a good 3months after smoking it. I wish I tried looking at my wiener just to see if it looked different too 😂LOL but I was too shocked to even care about sex or to even look at my penis

But Islam also talks about how god has created dimensions we humans will never hear about as its non of our business. They only mention one entity which is a jinn.. they basically made of energy and have the ability to take on human forms, so some of them are shapeshifters. And in my family some people are supposedly “possessed” such as my cousin, but I don’t believe that as I think he’s just simply mentally ill.. like me

Anyways a lot of cultures talk about aliens and all sorts of entities so most likely there’s something definitely out there as we humans can’t simply be the only ones

By Zainn122 at 03,Feb,24 15:40
Most guys are interested in cock or what the other guy is packing. I see other guys cocks or erect cocks and imagine them fuck their partner with it and turns me on imaging them using that cock especially if it’s big, I think “wow, how does she take it “ or imaging them playing with their cock with two hands

Plus you can see what the guy is packing, you can’t really see what a women has down there unless she has her legs spread opened, I’ve seen few cocks slip out the underwear but never seen that with pussy

By Zainn122 at 24,Jan,24 23:18
You can just click on my page if ya wanna see some booty-holes

By Zainn122 at 23,Jan,24 16:05
I don’t get off on knowing I have a small one, but I do get off on the idea knowing people are staring and talking about my tiny penis, as it captures major attention in the urinals and changing rooms, compared to average cocks

Like, every gay,straight guy know not to stare at someone’s junk in the urinal/changing rooms but when your “below” or even “above” average. You will definitely hear people talk about it or atleast give you extra 60% more attention.

However I get too much attention in changing rooms as 95% of the times I’m the only “circumcised” Pakistani in the changing rooms. So think guys also get curious on seeing a cut penis on a smooth skinny body like mine.

It’s has to do with attention and childhood memory as I still remember people seeing my genitals when I was a child and would laugh and point it out, especially adults at that time would point it out to my parents. My parents also used to tell relatives and friends “he has an underdeveloped micro penis”
since the time I was in my nappy’s, so I’ve had attention on my Willy since day 1.

Most westernised parents would never tell anyone about their sons penis issue but Since my parents are traditional Pakistanis they had no problem telling everyone about my tiny issue. So now I’m at the age where I get off from people seeing how tiny I am, especially men.

I didn’t know how small I really was untill I turned 12/13 and saw flaccid penises were bigger than my erection. The first time I touched and sucked, I was shocked when I realised his cock had “weight” to it when it got erect so that’s when i became a full on sissy for big cocks as I realised I had a small useless penis compare average guys.. some guys love my tiny cock but the ones who hate it, they still love my bootyhole 😂 so either way, I still the get attention lol

By Zainn122 at 16,Jan,24 22:36
I love uncut, best part is, you can play with the foreskin and suck on it or put ya fingers/tongue inside it. The downside is, they can stink and have fluff(the type you find in your bellybutton) around the helmet when you pull back the foreskin.
Uncut cocks tend to be more moist but cuz of the extra moisture they can also taste more bitter.. since I’m used to it, I don’t mind the taste but for some that can be a problem

By Zainn122 at 13,Dec,23 17:57
He sure does

By Zainn122 at 12,Dec,23 13:50
I love the body of a female, curves, ass, boobs but I love dick more than pussies

By Zainn122 at 20,Nov,23 17:43
I prefer giving it than receiving it but that’s only if the person is nice and not too dominate as I don’t mind gagging but some guys “take it too far” but some cocks are too big and heavy, it will ache your jaw so it’s best to take a break and get sucked off while you get ready for 2nd round of blowjob

By Zainn122 at 14,Nov,23 15:43
Depends how much cum you’re takin. I like a huge one on my face body plus even like it in my hair but I prefer smaller loads in my mouth as it’s easier to swallow it.. but I hate getting deep throat cumshots as in the past that just makes you wanna puke up so kinda ruins the idea but when it’s in your mouth, it’s kinda feels tasty and kinky but then again I hate cum in my mouth if I have literally cummed beforehand, need to have him shoot his load before I shoot mine

By Zainn122 at 28,Oct,23 09:49
I once left my pics un-private on the fabguys website(website for ‘local’ swingers) and got few messages from local people that I knew! Luckily it was only 6 men around my area who knew me but it was enough to give me anxiety for months as I didn’t know who they were!

They all laughed and said my real name but I also made them promise to not tell anyone as they felt bad for my tiny Willy.. but tbh sometimes it turns me on knowing they have now seen my asshole, face and cock

By Zainn122 at 18,Aug,23 04:53
I’m only 3’5 inches hard when I’m extremely horny but most the times I’m 3 inches hard as I can cum with a flaccid penis as well but most average guys are massive compared to me and I get nervous to the point I don’t get hard

By Zainn122 at 10,Aug,23 11:29
Even doe my foreskin was really tight and hurt and impacted my penis due to medical issues, i still loved moving my wet cock inside the skin but then again I couldn’t properly pee as my foreskin was super tight and didn’t see my mushroom tip until I was 19 when I got circumcised.. but I had to get it removed for religious reasons but I would of had to get it removed anyways as it was too tight but most guys I’ve been with have great healthy foreskin, which should not be removed

By Zainn122 at 28,Jul,22 13:38
Believe me when i say this but more than 90% of men would play with cock.. I've had straight guys suck me off and then threaten to expose me, if I told anyone about them sucking me off lol.. funny thing is, i normally offer to suck them odd, I never tell them to suck me off

By Zainn122 at 16,Mar,22 12:05
I was like 9yrs old, I got forced by my cousin who was 12. I didnt enjoy it but when I turned 13 i realised i really enjoyed it but never had the balls to admit so I sucked this gay dude off in my school bathroom when we was 14, he had a massive uncut dick but sadly he laughed when he saw mine so he didnt suck me off but literally flicked my penis away.. I think its probably because I made him cum which is why he was done with me cuz hit me up afterwards.. I said no cuz he didnt suck me off ghe last time but wish I said yes

By Zainn122 at 16,Mar,22 11:59
My penis reached it's full size at 22, I was 2'5 inches hard at age 19 but I'm 3'2 inches hard at 22 age, glad it got bigger but wish it was atleast 4 inches cuz when its flaccid its barely der, but my friends were pretty huge at age 14.. so ackward at lockerrooms as i was always the smallest in my school and college

By Zainn122 at 10,Dec,21 06:09
I used to always show mine to my friends to compare when I was young and would show it on fabswingers websites where all the locals strangers could see..I would show my face and everything, I felt so naughty but stoped doing it after a ackward incident but now I'm on this site with me being my true naked self.

By Zainn122 at 25,Sep,21 06:03
Most people assume I'm lieing when I say this but I was 7/8yrs old when i had my first orgasm.. I told my school friends "I had a seizure,from rubbing my penis with spit,it was amazing" but I didnt get my 2nd orgasm untill I was 10 cuz I finally realised the technique.. I literally would rub my penis head with spit between my legs untill I orgasmed into slumber,everyrnight.. but I finally found out that's not how u masturbate, your supposed to jerk it and not rub now I jerk off like a real man

By Zainn122 at 30,Jul,21 12:47
I didnt grow in a nude family but I remmeber seeing my family members nude when I was young on multiple occasions..I remmeber seeing my older sister on the toilet when I was a 6yr old.. she was on the toilet, I was in the bathtu and tbh I found it disgusting seeing her hairy labia sticking out as I didnt no females had "lips" down there.. but seeing family members nude was not such a big deal for me, I honestly dont care seeing them nude.

By Zainn122 at 14,Jul,21 06:27
I always rejected cum in my mouth
..until one dude cummed in my mouth without telling me, once it was on my tongue, it was really hot and thick so I naturally swallowed it with his super hard cock in my mouth.. I like the way how some taste sweet and others abit sour or both but sometimes the aftertaste stays which I'm not a fan of but I prefer the cum to be hot

By Zainn122 at 29,Jun,21 14:09
My friends are assholes when it comes to sleep overs, as they always do pranks when one of sleeps first, but anyways I remmeber 8 of my friends slept over my friends huge house, back when I was 15,

all my friends started comparing cock sizes, I was the only one that didnt compare and my friends started to say "it's probably because I have a tiny dick" which was true..

majority of my friends were like 13 and 14 and they were much bigger than me, all them were over 5 inches and they were thick cocks aswell.. mine was like 2,5 inches hard so I didnt show it but anyways when I was asleep.. one of my friends pulls my underwear off and shorts as we all slept with shorts,

they made a video and they all kept laughing and then my friends dad walks in and also starts to laugh and says "you shouldn't be sleeping naked around others when you got nothing to show off.. I was super shocked at what happened.. my friends said they were more shocked at how small i was, it was damn ackward but my friends eventually deleted the video but damn it wasnt funny for me back then

By Zainn122 at 29,Jun,21 13:37
I worked as a carer for this 55yr yr old dude who recently had a foot surgery, he recently came out as gay 2yrs before that, I took care of him for 2-4hrs each day in his home, as it was my job.

2 weeks later, after taking care of his home, he offers a drink and we both end up drunk and then he tells me how he finds me super adorable and how he would love to be with a guy like me if he was younger, I told him I was bi

But anyways before I go home, he tells me to help him in the the bath. I told him to leave his underwear on.. but anyways before I come back to help him out the bath,I see him sitting there with a big hard cock with his underwear off and tells me to join in and even insisted on paying Ј200..

I found his cock big and manly so I told him I'll do it for free.. I sat in with my underwear on and I played with his hard uncut cock and he said he was super lucky for this to happen and kept insisting on sucking me off..

but out the blue I suprise him with a blowjob when he was lying in the bath with his eyes closed, he gets super hard and pulls my head in his lap, his huge mushroom was in my throat, gagging and he came a huge load within 1minute of the blowjob.. there was too much cum so only swallowed some of it.. he apologised for cumming in my mouth and offered to pay but I said "no" as I also enjoyed his cum.

Next time I came over, got drunk again and finally showed him my penis by stripping off my clothes, he found my penis amazingly cute but was shocked by my size and sucked me off and fingered my butthole and rimmed my ass and this time I managed to swallow his huge load after sucking him off for 30mins..

The 3rd time we did it, I did anal on him, but I only managed to fit 3 inches of his 9 inche cock in my ass but he still enjoyed it and shot his load in which actually felt amazing cuz it was super warm but he was disappointed with my load cuz my way only a tiny amount, after that we had more encounters and measured each other cocks but then he said my ass is hotter than his wife's butt.. I find out he is married, so I stoped seeing him cuz of that reason.. cuz I didnt wanna ruin a marriage cuz of some gay fun but oh well..

I still think about his huge lanky uncut cock, I spoke to him on Skype and he said if he never got drunk he would of never did these things with me but he doesnt regret and neither do I..

By Zainn122 at 29,Jun,21 11:28
I was 7yrs old, my mother was giving me a bubble bath and when she left for several mins, I got erect, so I decided to play with my penis, as I was curious..

so I put soap on it and rubbed on it in a fast motion, to the point I eventually had a long shaking orgasm.. it was ackward when my mother came back, because my penis was red, erect and it couldn't stop bouncing up and down for several I felt super sleepy afterwards.. my mother found it really cute..until I explained to her what I did with my penis and what I felt.

Oh boy! my mother almost beat me up but I got shouted at instead hahaha! My mother lied to me by saying "You had a seizure, that's why you became tired, you could of died" my penis was SUPER sore from the soap and my mother said, I deserved it cuz she said "Playing with your penis can cause a seizure" so Yeah..only reason I remember this, is because I told my friends at school I had a seizure by playing with my penis but found out when I was 12 that it was actually aorgasm.. Haha but I still carried on rubbing my penis head occasionally as I enjoyed it so much...

By Zainn122 at 20,May,21 04:03
/neydn0dqxh16pic.html my peehole lol