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Started by #127462 at 07,Jan,11 17:42
I don't look out for sexual partners on this website, even though applications will be carefully reviewed . Some members give finding sexual partners as a reason for being here. Some of this people's accounts disappear rather quickly, others change their reason over time. My feeling is that many people give that reason for teasing or other not so serious purposes. And some people might really looking out for sex mates. Do they have success? Do they get what they want? Or are the people who answers such 'ads' be not so serious about it, too? What are your experiences?

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By #417718 at 06,Aug,13 06:28
I wouldn't mind finding a sexual playmate here,although,I highly doubt that it will ever happen.
No worries though,I'm content merely to virtually socialize.

By #244480 at 30,Apr,13 12:27
I would like to find a partner
By bella! at 30,Apr,13 14:57 other posts of bella! 
Are you getting bored with the familial gene pool?

By #56076 at 19,Mar,13 16:18
I find a lot of lookers and quite a few chickens, but i have had two meets!

By #105763 at 07,Jan,11 19:56
My sexual partner wanted to pics of my dick, we not live togather and I find good idea to point my account on this site)

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