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Can the girth be too much?

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Started by bluemn7 at 15,Feb,11 14:53  other posts of bluemn7
I have a 6" girth and most people would say it's above average. I would like to hear from you if most women out there have any problems having anal sex with that girth. (considering she is open to the idea)

[deleted image]

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By asianboy at 24,Aug,23 01:17 other posts of asianboy 
even though I'm Japanese, my penis is 7 inches in circumference. I can say that Asian women often complain about pain, some like to be in pain, so those love my dick, but most don't. Generally, Hispanic or black and tall women are more adapted, but if you don't have a foreplay, they will feel pain.


By nekekal at 05,Aug,16 21:20 other posts of nekekal 
I am about 6 1/4 around. Women actually like that. They only really have sensitive nerve endings in the first few inches of their cunts and stretch those nerves is usually great for them. Most that I have fucked really liked the insertion into their cunt and the expansion if I went slow.

Since the rest of my cock was pretty long, they didn't really enjoy having me slide the full 7 3/4 inches into them. But fucking the front 3 inches seemed to be great for them.

Just my experience.

By #485312 at 30,Apr,15 08:52
love thick dick, can take 7.5 girth dildo up my arse, haven't found a cock that thick to try yet *lix*

By #311947 at 19,Mar,15 22:12
Its not the girth, its that the hole is too tight Some conditioning and a little patience will bring both parties to new levels of pleasure

By boc at 15,Feb,11 15:11 other posts of boc 
I am the same girth. I've tried anal several times and the girth has always been a problem. I've heard women say it can work with a little more patience. I have yet to find that patience.
By #327529 at 19,Dec,12 21:15
yes, it takes time to adjust to girth...to be to the point, it's taken me years. I started slowly on my own with butt plugs. When I got use to those, I finally went for small dildos; some very cock like with balls attached. These were about 5 inches and the girth was very thin too. Once I became use to those I went a size larger; to 6 inches and thicker girth...each time with these it was about a 3 month period where I would get really use to them. I then finally got up to 7 inches with even thicker girth. This one had a particularly large head. It took me several times to finally inch my ass down onto it little by little until the pressure gave way to clear space...it felt fantastic as I jacked off riding it with my ass. Once I came however, it wasn't very easy getting it out of me. During and after orgasm, your ass will clamp down on the dildo or the dick...I had to take my time getting it out and it was a little uncomfortable but it did come out of course. Since then, I've done it another 3 times and the last time I had no problem removing it at all; the body does adjust. It really does take time, practice, and patience.
What's nice about this is that it really does prepare you for the real thing. I remember during the time with the 6 inch ones, I got together with this guy that wanted to fuck me. I was a little nervous and worried at first. But as it turned out, he slid into me with ease and there wasn't any pain at all...I didn't last long as I came 5 minutes later from him fucking me and jacking off at the same time....a great orgasm.
There was a time I had no patience and when the discomfort happened, I stopped doing it altogether. About a month later I was at it again. In my opinion it really is worth it because the orgasms can be so intense.

By #67319 at 15,Feb,11 21:37
i'm almost 7" at base and i've had the same problem with my ex
[deleted image]
after some slow, really slow tries she took i, but not more than half...read this my discussion threat:
By bluemn7 at 18,Feb,11 17:58 other posts of bluemn7 
with that size.. i do believe you

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