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Penis shape/outline at the Swimming Pool

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Started by #13585 at 04,Jul,09 13:01
"Ladies" When your at a swimming pool. How many of you try to catch a glimps of a penis shape or outline. For example when I get out of the pool the suction at my shorts shows the whole shape and outline. My penis is about 6 inches soft. I am a little bit exibitionist but not overboard like in front of kids. I keep it cool but I love when I get out in front of a hot mom and see her eyes scroll down.

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By casado at 20,Nov,23 19:47 other posts of casado 

By #662360 at 08,Nov,23 12:53
I love that moment when I climb out of the pool and my wet swimmies cling to my cock outline and show it in perfect detail especially when I’m erect. Happened a lot at my all boys school sports swimming lessons when most of us seemed to be erect most of the time. Now I like it when a woman’s eyes flick to my cock outline.

By #552510 at 17,Apr,18 00:32
My flaccid length isn't impressive, so I just wear regular swim trunks. I don't look at other dudes shorts, but I can't stop the natural glance at girls in their swim suits.

By #543717 at 16,Apr,18 17:57
I always wear speedos with the front inner lining cut out, so you can clearly see the outline of my dickhead, demonstrating that Iґm cut. Once I heard one girl to another, watching me walking by: "Look: heґs circumcised!"

Now that I have my piercings, you can also see the rings outlined aganst the thin fabric. Donґt have a pic of that yet, though.

[deleted image]

By #446346 at 28,May,17 20:46
I swim with tight compression suits that go to slightly about the knee.

I had a crazy conversation with an older lady that hangs out in the shallow corner with the other older ladies.
I ssked what they were doing just chatting and never swimming?
Her reply...we all check every guy out and then rate them!
And they absolutely try thier best to figure out his circumcision status.
I asked about me..
She said she knew I was cut.
I didn't need to ask if my size was ok..
I had her in my bed within an hour. No-shit.
By jocstfr at 21,Jun,17 01:24 other posts of jocstfr 
I had a similar experience while working as a lifeguard, where we had to wear these tight lycra type swimming suits and the outline of my penis could easily be seen no matter what position it was in. I overheard two ladies talking as I walked by where one giggled and said "no foreskin hiding that head". I turned around and both girls laughed and said it was mean as a compliment.

By Ravioli_Max at 20,Jun,17 19:06 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
The waterpark in this area says in their rules that nobody is allowed to wear Speedos.

Here's what their site says:


Swimwear is required for all rides/attractions. Cut off jeans/shorts, wet suits, swimwear with buttons, zippers, rivets or snaps on the back are not permitted on any slides, or inside the Park. Thong swimsuits, Speedos or other revealing swimwear are not permitted.

By #519017 at 20,Jun,17 01:01
A bit off topic, but one of my best early sexual experiences when I was about 14 was when I was at a swimming pool and saw a girl about my age or a little older in a pink swimsuit where something had worn the cloth very thin over her cunt and her dark bush was clearly visible through it. I still get a hard on thinking about it after all these years.

By #518391 at 28,May,17 10:17
I'd like my helmet to be larger and more prominent so that the outline showed in speedos and told everyone that I am circumcised!
By #472252 at 28,May,17 11:49
I like when the head is outlined also

By Onetwo at 17,Apr,17 16:20 other posts of Onetwo 
By #455846 at 18,Apr,17 21:34
thats awesome,I really like that

By #485312 at 27,May,17 23:15
wow, that's leaves nothing to the imagination *lix*

By #519017 at 27,May,17 22:43
I go on business trips with a woman colleague. There's a pool in the hotel and we always go for a morning swim together. I notice how her eyes are on the outline of my dick when I climb out of the pool.

By spermkiss at 16,Apr,17 23:02 other posts of spermkiss 
A related topic here is how dreadful those big, baggy, long legged swim shorts are. Guys, if you're going to the beach or pool, if you're wearing anything more than a swim brief (Speedo) YOU ARE WEARING TOO MUCH. One of the joys of going for a swim is the ability to expose as much skin as possible (all SYD members should understand this). Your swim brief should be as small as possible and be snug fitting and made of thin material. When wet (or even when dry) it should show a clear outline of the treasure within. (Again, all SYD members should understand this.)
By leopoldij at 17,Apr,17 02:15 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree

By Onetwo at 17,Apr,17 13:10 other posts of Onetwo 
Agreed !!!!!

By RealTitsLover at 17,Apr,17 14:32 other posts of RealTitsLover 
This probably sounds a bit crazy, but I think people should wear what they're comfortable wearing.
By spermkiss at 18,Apr,17 19:22 other posts of spermkiss 
No, it does not sound crazy at all. But (you could see that "but" coming, couldn't you?), you might want to consider what I'm about to say. It just might make you feel better about your "grower", your relationship with your b-r-o-t-h-e-r, your sex life and life in general. Here goes.

First of all, no man should ever feel bad about the size of his dick. EVER! Why? Because no matter what size it is, from a micro up to a jumbo and everything in between, one can be sure that there are a lot of people, women and men both, who like that size. You say in your note of April 10 that you've grown content with having a grower and I say good for you. Now, maybe you can learn to show it off, but I'll come back to this.

Concerning the teasing you got from your br.other, he wouldn't have done this (at least not very much) if you hadn't shown that it bothered you. When he saw that it got under your skin, he kept at it. On the other hand, had you laughed off his remarks and dismissed them as unimportant, they would have stopped.

And there's something you can learn from him: learn to show yourself off. He did it, so can you.

How? Well, summer is coming so get yourself a swim brief and wear it. (I am presuming that you don't have one.) If you have the right attitude you can walk about with a tiny bulge in the crotch of that brief with pride. And get a LOT of attention. You said that you get boners easily, well, let it happen. Erections are normal and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. The advantage of a swim brief is that they are visible. After people have seen the contrast between soft and hard and know that you're a grower, you will get attention.

I've kinda blabbed on here, but I hope this is useful. Send me a private message if you want to discuss this privately.
By RealTitsLover at 18,Apr,17 21:35 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I wasn't saying that people should be ashamed of anything. I don't think anyone should be pressured to show off more than they actually want to. It's rare, but there's people who are asexual, and have no interest in sex. Some just think it's tasteless to flaunt something that not everyone wants to see (trust me there's plenty who don't wanna see it). I also know that many fans of dicks think they look awful in speedos, and say it's a total turn-off. I just think they're way too restricting, and not at all comfortable to swim in.

Whatever reason a person's more comfortable wearing one thing over another, they should do it. I love and obsess over tits more than anything, but I don't try to get girls to wear anything they're not totally comfortable wearing.
By spermkiss at 18,Apr,17 23:42 other posts of spermkiss 
Your points are well taken.

By Onetwo at 19,Apr,17 10:58 other posts of Onetwo 
They are actually way less restricting . That why professional swimmers wear them as long as you get a pair that's fits well . All are different but the keep everything rite in place
By RealTitsLover at 19,Apr,17 13:08 other posts of RealTitsLover 
If there's a spot that's "in place" then you're being restricted.
By spermkiss at 19,Apr,17 15:12 other posts of spermkiss 
If it's less restriction you want, then swimming nude is the only way to go. And it is very nice, I know from personal experience. But I rather doubt that is what you have in mind.

I expect that professional swimmers wear them for reasons of hydrodynamics. After all, they do whole body shaves before competition to eliminate the drag of hair. Free genitalia will also add a small amount of drag so they wear a swim brief to keep things tucked "in place" for minimum drag. And of course baggy shorts would be out of the question. But if that is what YOU feel comfortable wearing at the beach or pool, then wear them and don't let me or your bro.ther intimidate you for doing so.
By RealTitsLover at 20,Apr,17 05:59 other posts of RealTitsLover 
That was when we were kids. Like 18 years ago. I haven't talked to him in over a decade for unrelated reasons. Unfortunately, I hardly ever get a chance to go swimming anymore, only like once a year at a lake, when I go tubing.

I wear board shorts normally, that aren't big or baggy, and don't have any lining or elastic.

I actually like swimming nude at night with girls, and I remember one drunken weekend having sex with a girl in her mother's hot tub. I was too drunk to think it through, so I just put a (lubricated) condom on like usual, and it stayed on the whole time underwater - not sure how safe that is, but it might've helped with the feeling, since I know water's normally not a good lubricant...

By #13585 at 06,Jul,09 14:03
Ya, your all getting what im saying but how do woman feel about it. Is it hot or not?
By #454258 at 10,Apr,17 05:23
i'll just put this at thr top of the forum for you

By RealTitsLover at 10,Apr,17 12:30 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I always assumed most chicks do think it's hot, and I don't doubt that they do.

Usually, other than the first half of my life, I'm content with being a grower, rather than showing my size when soft. It's outta the way and a lot less likely to be turning me on - which already happens too often. Not to mention having to pick a side for it in my pants! That would bother me endlessly, and make one side hotter than the other.

My brot.her's like you, KDXguy, and he'd always make sure that people were facing his direction whenever he got outta the pool. Then he'd tease me endlessly about being so little (compared to him, anyway), often in front of other people. So it's very likely related to how uncomfortable I still am with guys seeing mine.

I have a very different issue when swimming, at least when there's hot girls in bathing suits... I get boners really easily. So I would always get out when the girls showed up. Meanwhile, he could Show It Off in front of everyone, turn people on, and feel prouder than usual every day of the summer.

I avoided more opportunities than I can count for sex or oral from the hottest girls I wanted the most in high school because of how insecure he made me about my size. (Keep in mind, even if none of this had ever happened - he'd still be the worst person I ever met...)

He'll never find this out, and it definitely wasn't worth it, but it felt so good when his old girlfriend told me how much bigger I am, and that "he can't even get fully hard, just a little less floppy."
By Greek18cm at 16,Apr,17 19:44 other posts of Greek18cm 
Being a grower its pain in the ass. I would love to be well hunged when flaccid. It creates more opportunities..

Growers must try harder to convince someone!
By RealTitsLover at 17,Apr,17 01:39 other posts of RealTitsLover 
It wouldn't create any more opportunities for me... I have no interest in guys, I don't wear anything where you'd be able to tell the difference either way, and I've never not been hard by the time a girl got my pants down.
By Greek18cm at 17,Apr,17 03:34 other posts of Greek18cm 
What i mean is that make them notice you far before they took your pants off.

A big flaccid cock its obvious to the eye than a big cock that is small when flaccid.
By RealTitsLover at 17,Apr,17 05:28 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Trust me, the way I dress, it's impossible to tell either way, even if it were bigger than when I'm hard, it'd look exactly the same. I put way too much thought into it as a teen, and never changed my style.

My ex girlfriend, before we slept together, which I guess is when the dating started, used to sit and watch me at work. She told me later that she and her cousin were staring at my crotch, trying to figure out what size I was soft. Their conclusion: probably huge, but it's hard to say for sure.

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