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Wrong changing rooms.

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Started by Mynakedcock at 23,Feb,23 18:43  other posts of Mynakedcock
Have you ever changed in the wrong changing rooms at swimming pool, either intentionally or by accident.
I visited Zakopane in Poland and went to the local swimming pool for swim, I went in and paid my fee and asked for directions to the men’s changing rooms and went off to change into my swimming trunks.
I went into the changing rooms and found it empty of other swimmers I found a locker and got undressed putting my clothes in the locker as I went, I was totally naked and as usual in a place I may be seen naked I had a semi hard on, looking for my trunks in my bag when I heard some voices outside from the direction of the pool, I didn’t think anything of it until the voices seemed louder, I looked up from my bag and coming into the changing rooms was a group of school girls who I guess was on a school trip.
I had obviously misunderstood not knowing the language the directions given and gone into the female changing rooms.
When seeing me there they all had a good giggle at me being in there naked, I quickly got my trunks on but that didn’t hide the fact that I now had a full hard on.

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By XJacker at 13,Sep,23 07:58 other posts of XJacker 
Not a changing room but a youth hostel dormitory. I was there with a bunch of guys on a mountain weekend. The hostel warden put us in a dormitory that was normally a girls’ dormitory but because of maintenance put us in it. We were all looking at porn magazines the way guys normally do. One guy found a girl’s panties in his bed. We thought that was a huge joke! We took turns posing in them like the girls in the magazines and jerked off over them.

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