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By Sucklove at 31,Jul,21 05:44
My home town had a glory hole in one of the booths at our adult book store. I was blowing a guy through the hole when another guy entered, I kept sucking while the guy watched for a minute or so then started taking his pants down releasing his semi hard dick. I was stroking him when the glory hole cock shot his load into my mouth and on my chin. I kept sucking till the cock pulled away and disappeared. I turn and the guy is moving forward with his cock level with my mouth I open up and he slides it in and I start bobbing my head on this second dick and it didn't take long and i got my second load of the day.

My wife caught found picture of me sucking dick that I left on my phone. Come to find out she new him.

By Sucklove at 27,Jul,21 01:31
Absolutely without a doubt Id rather suck on that perfect cock. Sucking dick is completely different kind of horny. I can cum hard without touching my dick just by starting with a completely limp dick and with only my mouth get that dick so hard and throbbing pre cum oozing out the tip. It’s a great feeling and takes me over the top. Wrapping my lips around tight and go really slow feeling he shaft pulse with every heartbeat. The head is swollen to the max and is velvet smooth head. Nothing compares to the texture of a swollen cock head on your tongue. The only way to really know is just do it already. Look over at your buddy and say hey man if you let me suck your dick you can cum in my mouth. You don’t want a date you just want his rock hard cock down throat. Remember all you pervs out there that wont go down on a person of the same sex. There would be no Fucking at all without 2 balls a cock and oh so sweet juicy pussy. Show dicks some respect and suck one.

By Sucklove at 25,Jul,21 15:12
ManFromNantuck - The shot he in his underwear is real but the others i dont think so. I started writing my blog about this this morning and was about to post it when I found this one. Heres my take on it.

Its getting ridiculous, the amount of Photoshop dick photos uploaded to SYD. It surprises me how many SYD members buy into and compliment these cartoon sized cocks. Where were all these abnormally sized cocks before photoshop became known to the masses. And with this many horse cocks out there non of them thought I would be great in the porn industry. We would have seen an influx of monster cocks hit the porn scene. Porn has a few truly massive cocks. Check out Shane Diesel He stretches pussy to the limit.

Photoshop has always been the art and design industry standard for image augmentation and color correction.

Ive started using Photoshop in 1992 and mastered it and used it professionally till 6.0 Photoshop 6.0 was truly ahead of its time in 2001 I developed, created my own curriculum for Photoshop 6.0 classes from beginner to advance. I can’t even imagine the power of photoshop today and as computers savvy everybody is these days It wouldn’t be hard to get good enough to fool people.

The filters and other special effects, selection tools, channels, and such. It wouldn’t surprise me if a plug-in, filter or some custom editing tools some "nerdvert” A code head that creates the freaking awesome world of XXX 3d Animation. Created that auto finds the cock and sizes it however you want while maintaining perspective and blending seamless with the back ground.

As for calling out all these cartoon cocks, have them post a video. A video a little harder to alter but can be done too. Better yet zoom, Skype or equivalent.

Stay naked and horny all you sexy perverts out there in SYD land.

By Sucklove at 21,Jun,21 06:10
5 no doubt

By Sucklove at 08,May,21 22:28
When Im sober really fast, sometimes before Im rock hard. On average 2-4 min. Rolling on tina, safe motel room, endless porn, lube and lingerie over 24 hrs.

By Sucklove at 14,Apr,21 09:55
Jenaveve Jolie & Eva Angelina

By Sucklove at 13,Apr,21 16:44
When I first started smoking meth i used it for work cuz back then it motivated me to get shit done. Now all I use it for is to go on 48 porn, panties, bras, toys, vaseline/baby oil mix, naked masturbation marathons. I like cheap motel rooms with good wyfi. I get lost in an erotic, super horny, stimulating, trance like orgasmic state of mind dialed into sexual pleasure. These trips im a lone with no distractions outside of my mind and my body. I reach a point to where its like a continuous mild to medium orgasm lasting for hours. I dont focus on cuming or keeping my cock hard. In these long sessions my cock goes through many states of erectness and pleasure levels. Ive experienced some great sex with women and men hi and sober. I gotta admit my alone sessions are the most intense.

I sometimes like to party with men and women. If I do they must be very experienced, mature meth users. Users not tweekers. Healthy functioning people that on occasion like to get high and play. For a little over a year now Ive been pnp with a guy on a regular basis. Ive actually lost count how many times weave met. We are so comfortable we each other its always a great time.

90% of all my pics on SYD i was hi as a mother fucker! Peace out all you horny perverts out there, keep em rock hard and dripping wet!

By Sucklove at 04,Apr,21 07:28
I love sucking cock, stroking cock and looking at cock but I have absolutely no attraction to the man it belongs to what so ever. Ive sucked over 50 different dicks and do so every chance I get. but nothing turns me on more than a beautiful woman.

By Sucklove at 04,Apr,21 07:05
The first cock I ever sucked was my cousin I was 13 he was 15.

By Sucklove at 04,Apr,21 07:00
When I first started sucking when I was 19 I would ask the guy to cum on my cock then i would use it for lube to cum. The more cocks I sucked I acquired a taste for it and its much hotter for the cock to cum in your mouth. I swallow all the time now and im 48. I suck dick every chance i get

By Sucklove at 04,Apr,21 06:53
Never by a girl but 3 times by guys. Im an active cocksucker I bought a couple average size dildos and a extra long one and practiced. The hardest thing is fighting off the gag reflex but I can do it. Getting better each time

By Sucklove at 03,Apr,21 22:27
Was trying to come up with a comment read yours. Perfect! I agree 100%

By Sucklove at 03,Apr,21 22:23
Id say a tad above average at 6.5-7 depends on how hard and horny I am. Well it seems to fluctuate but I could be full of shit. But I got alot of compliments and satisfied users.

By Sucklove at 03,Apr,21 22:20
Except for pain and ****. I like it all. Im hooked on tranny porn at the moment cant get enough.

By Sucklove at 22,Jul,17 07:08
my wifes loves for me to cum In her mouth.