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What kind of porn do you look at?

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Started by #41483 at 20,Dec,09 18:09
I'm guessing, like me, a lot of you have a routine when masturbating. What kind of porn do you look at when masturbating? I've found myself having different themes when masturbating. Sometimes gay, sometimes trannys, sometimes BBW. Lately it's been older ladies.

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By jimbo111949 at 22,Dec,22 02:08 other posts of jimbo111949 
All kinds. I like straight, gay and bisexual porn. Guess I just love porn or any king (except ****)

By #673805 at 22,Jun,22 23:15
Mostly women giving sensual blowjobs. But also CDs giving good head.

By #672771 at 20,Jun,22 06:49
I like horse cum and dog knots! We can play together if your close to Atlanta
Also like other men fucking my wife with me . Tranny's are ice as well but I like **** with a nother person even if they are just watching

By #672771 at 20,Jun,22 06:11
I like horse cum and dog knots! We can play together if your close to Atlanta

By Timtriple at 05,Apr,22 13:46 other posts of Timtriple 
I look often at: Anal Insertions,women whipped,twinks,ToiletSex Videos, cock torture,balls torture,feet licking etc.,naked in public,women + twinks bondaged and in cuffs and chains

By tixHH at 05,Apr,22 03:50 other posts of tixHH 
bukkake, creampie, gangbang

By bil47 at 03,Apr,22 18:42 other posts of bil47 
Men getting a blowjob or handjob. Twinks masturbating. MMF threesome. Small tits. Women with moderate amount of public hair and armpit hair. Dom/sub and BDSM, mostly "femdom". Small cocks. On-line sex stories. Porn art of all themes.

By hornyoap at 03,Apr,22 18:20 other posts of hornyoap 
I love to see and hear women cumming, I like cumshots, I like women pissing, I like men wanking. I am not into abuse of either men or women and hate ****philes with a vengeance.Men on men sucking is exciting but ass fucking does nothing for me.

By #664918 at 02,Apr,22 15:21
Gay, crossdressing teen femboy, BBC, sometimes grandpa's, tiny micropenises, shaved cocks, occasionally even teen girls

By Maturemale at 23,Dec,21 17:13 other posts of Maturemale 
Love old well used dick asses and cunts,low hanging balls and savvy beasts

By cruz69696969 at 26,May,21 08:16 other posts of cruz69696969 
I use to watch female on female then it became 2 women and 1 male. Soon it became bucakkeshots. Now it is only female humiliation because I've discovered how much I love the male body and how beautiful a man'ssex organ it is. There is nothing like it in the entire universe.o

By Frenum at 06,May,21 12:19 other posts of Frenum 
I love watching older guys cum its so erotic well i am 64

By #641797 at 05,May,21 17:00
Love "Me" porn

[deleted image]

By Oldgrandad99 at 25,Apr,21 10:19 other posts of Oldgrandad99 
Love to see other men’s wife’s naked

By Sacal02 at 25,Apr,21 01:16 other posts of Sacal02 
Lots of gay amateur with humiliation these days

By epep50 at 12,Apr,21 02:53 other posts of epep50 
Ive been creampie fanatic for years. Gang bang creampies no cleanup. load after load.

By cruz69696969 at 09,Apr,21 01:38 other posts of cruz69696969 
Past couple of years only men, men,and more men. Also a hypno series with basically all men.

By #615280 at 08,Apr,21 12:46
I love Bukkake

By leopoldij at 07,Apr,21 20:05 other posts of leopoldij 
The one I make myself , look

By Sucklove at 03,Apr,21 22:20 other posts of Sucklove 
Except for pain and ****. I like it all. Im hooked on tranny porn at the moment cant get enough.

By #597851 at 18,Mar,21 04:53
I love watching all types of porn,family,animal, gay, shemale
By #552950 at 03,Apr,21 22:15
I'm with you there, so good.

By #631189 at 03,Apr,21 08:17
Guys jerking / wanking either alone or with other guys really gets me going. Penises just get me leaking, I love small dicks, circumcised dicks, chubby guys, hairy guys, and guys who wear traditional white briefs too. That’s what I usually drift towards when I’m on then usual porn sites or chaturbate / Skype. I have no interests in guys arseholes though, I don’t want to see their nipsy!

By #613564 at 03,Apr,21 07:24
I usually like cute girls, and cheerleaders, and upskirt kinds of things.
Sometimes, and I don't know why, I like coming here and just looking at all the BEAUTIFUL Penises!!
I think I am straight, and LOVE women, but sometimes, I just like a HARD PENIS, or even soft ones, or just talking about penises!

By 78chevy at 23,Mar,21 02:30 other posts of 78chevy 
I love all kinds of porn as long as i can jerk my Dick too

By Blokesecret at 22,Mar,21 00:18 other posts of Blokesecret 
Real cuckold porn works for me, as I’m desperate to see my wife fucked by another man. We’ve talked about it but up to now she hasn’t fucked another man for me. Still hoping it will happen though.

By #555896 at 19,Mar,21 15:19
bbw women,grannies and cocks

By TSantar6296 at 16,Mar,21 04:20 other posts of TSantar6296 
I like to see your average mature housewife taking a nice cock and a big load all over her.

By #633624 at 15,Mar,21 18:52

I definitely like it over any other genre but sometimes I'll watch straight, bi and shemale too.

Seriously there anything hotter than watching a man take a dick in his mouth and ass? Prove me wrong!

By #637729 at 07,Mar,21 04:12
I love the homemade/amateur stuff. And I am gay so I prefer gay content (daddy/son, twink with big men, etc.). But I find straight porn hot too if it is a gangbang, friendly fire, dp, etc.

By thickswingercock at 07,Mar,21 00:58 other posts of thickswingercock 
and my own!

By thickswingercock at 07,Mar,21 00:58 other posts of thickswingercock 
mature, big tit, big ass, cuck, mmw, group, amateur, dp, tittyfucking

By #637539 at 07,Mar,21 00:55
Passionate Lesbian pussy licking porn is my favorite. Cum in my blowjobs by anyone are awesome. Basically LOVE all great porn.

By #636792 at 06,Mar,21 18:56
All porn

By epep50 at 06,Mar,21 16:49 other posts of epep50 
I love creampie porn, creampie cathy has anasy site, multiple creampies at once. She's had 30 dudes cum in her on a gangbang. Sperm oozing out of her slippery hole.

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 22:08 other posts of Lvphose 
Pantyhose, nylons, stockinggs, gangbangs, bdsm, rough sex,

By #611811 at 23,Dec,20 12:49
I watch Xvideos and like women being fucked (gently, old-young, older women being fucked, hand job compilations, I also like to see women stripping slowly before fucking.

By curvy8 at 20,Dec,20 10:05 other posts of curvy8 
I love seeing ladies taking a long cock really deep. Like it is their first time to feel their cervix touched and they go into a shaking orgasm when the guy pushes really deep.

By andrew999999999 at 18,Dec,20 20:37 other posts of andrew999999999 
This week, I have mostly been watching Asian ladyboy porn.
By #460385 at 19,Dec,20 22:03
You have to try midget walrus porn.

By #485312 at 19,Dec,20 22:08
only registered users can see external links
try this, its Candy Love, an Asian getting a triple cum shot..
see any similarities????? *Lix*
By #574505 at 19,Dec,20 23:23
Looks like someone pur cum on her I see no dick close by her
By #485312 at 20,Dec,20 01:51
you don't have to Jamie, admin has to handle the fake paying members... its only fun for them while theyre winning from fake shots... that's pretty clear for all to see *lix*

By #460385 at 19,Dec,20 13:31
We like to watch midgets fucking walrus's. It's hilarious to see that little guy climb up his step ladder to mount the blubbery beast. The walrus must turn and lay in a certain position for the little guy to get penetration. Poor guy, most of the time he only gets the tip in. Step ladder is not needed after sex, the midget slowly slides down the blubbery skin of the walrus as she waddles back into the ocean. Now that my friends is entertainment at it's best.

By abagurio at 13,Oct,20 10:04 other posts of abagurio 
mainly live shows, like Chaturbate.
The more it looks like amateur and not professional - the better. Age, size and looks doesn't really matter, it's more about make me believe it's real.
I look at women, couples and trans.
And the best porn is the one I'm in, when other people watch me :-)
By #584899 at 13,Oct,20 21:58
Who are some of your favs on Chaturbate?
By abagurio at 14,Oct,20 06:33 other posts of abagurio 
I just watch whoever is on, checking some shows until I find the one that I like the most. I have some favorites, but don't remember any names.
Sometimes I go to the end of the list, to those that have the least viewers
By #584899 at 15,Oct,20 17:28
Right on...was just wondering if there are some specific peeps I should check out. I particularly like Skylormori, Kaalikat, and Midnightpixie are probably my top favs. But there are so many sexy people on there!
By abagurio at 15,Oct,20 17:56 other posts of abagurio 
Here are the ones I'm following: anastasiya018, hot_game and elisadesire.
From the names you mentioned I could only find Midnightpixie.
But I guess part of the fun is exploring new broadcasters each time
By #584899 at 15,Oct,20 20:04
I’ll have to check them out! Kaalikat and Skylomori haven’t been on in like a month or so but Midnightpixie is on just about every night.
By Strongmember# at 18,Dec,20 20:05 other posts of Strongmember# 
@abagurio I agree with your appreciation of Chaturbate, with C2C being the best if find a good partner, whether it be women, couples, or trans same as you. I sometimes do same tactic of hunting for undervalued shows that are quality but have not gotten crowded yet. While so many of them, even when seemingly amateur, actually work out of webcam locations in Colombia, some people are just more cool or nice than others (or better salespeople and hook me sometimes) so I seek that out.

By andrew999999999 at 18,Dec,20 20:37 other posts of andrew999999999 
I used to go on cam there several years ago.

By KingSparks at 12,Dec,20 18:14 other posts of KingSparks 
Mostly tranny porn. Sometimes I will watch straight or gay porn.

By Ninja1173 at 19,Oct,20 15:04 other posts of Ninja1173 
When all else fails, I always end up watching amateur handjob cumshot compilations

By #605841 at 19,Oct,20 02:41
Mastrubation. Mostly hairy pussy, but open to other forms.

By #592419 at 15,Oct,20 21:02
The kind that makes me cum
By newwt10 at 16,Oct,20 23:02 other posts of newwt10 
You said it!

By #597851 at 15,Oct,20 06:30
I watch all types of porn,gay big cock, shemale,animal

By #623140 at 13,Oct,20 14:24
I look at all types of porn and masturbate to everything. I love anal stuff so much i can not stop looking for new pics all the time.

By Strongmember# at 13,Oct,20 08:55 other posts of Strongmember# 
I also hop all over, sometimes I note when that little symbol on top of PH switches between straight, gay, trans. There's so much content it's always a journey. If I named my favorites it would be too many

By #621517 at 13,Oct,20 07:15
My favourite mature women, nude or in revealing clothes, especially in kinky poses. Vintage women with those full triangle bushes. Women giving well hung men hand jobs. Big hard up hairy penises. Pictures and videos, but I prefer pictures for wanking as it’s frustrating when I can’t synchronise my cum with the orgasm on the screen.

By #626775 at 12,Oct,20 22:38
Love rough sex porn, ebony porn, and BBC porn lol...course I watch it all

By #627604 at 12,Oct,20 22:12
I like watching videos of naked guys do all sorts of raunchy things to get off--the raunchier the better! Then if I see something I haven't tried, I want to do it!

By lawrenceo at 20,Nov,17 12:59 other posts of lawrenceo 
I like to see pics of flaccid cocks first. Preferably long and thin but if on younger males anything from average to average-.

Next I like to see set up videos of guys being found 'sleeping'; and the other guy does his exploring. Sometimes briefly, other times getting the guys cock hard - sometimes even making him cum.

Then the creampie videos always turn me on as long as there isn't any ****.
By liketoedge at 17,Mar,18 14:34 other posts of liketoedge 
i agree about videos of s l e e p i n g guys is Hot. Also spy cam videos seem to be a real turn on

By #554098 at 27,Sep,18 05:29
Sleeping? Videos? Like taking advantage of them?
By #1102 at 27,Jun,20 06:58
me i luv sleeping vids

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