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Would you like to suck this cock? 07,Oct,20 16:21


By Without at 28,Mar,21 03:11
I‘m not circumcised , but I always jerk off with my foreskin completely pulled back, most of the time using lube but it also works without.
The feeling is much more intense without using the foreskin.

By Without at 27,Mar,21 19:21
I like it to wear my jeans without underwear, it feels much better.

By Without at 27,Mar,21 19:00
Love them more than cunt.

By Without at 27,Mar,21 18:53

By Without at 08,Oct,20 12:00
dich ganz besonders gerne

By Without at 15,Sep,20 00:51
On the beach

By Without at 09,Sep,20 07:00
I think I will share it and thanks for your comment .

By Without at 09,Sep,20 05:30
It is just because I want my cock without a foreskin,there is no other reason.
And yes I am exited.

By Without at 09,Sep,20 03:55
I am uncut, but I will have it cut in a few weeks. I am 36 years old and very curious how it looks and feels after all.


By Without at 09,Sep,20 03:38
I pull it back a little bit like this:

By Without at 09,Sep,20 03:05
Just my opinion.

By Without at 09,Sep,20 02:49
I like watching guys cum ,especially when it's a big load, but I also like it when other persons watch me jerking and cumming.

By Without at 09,Sep,20 02:26
I've been often in a nudist campground where you can be naked all the time and everywhere,even in the supermarket and in the restaurant.
Also I like hiking naked on the beach and in the forrest,sometimes more than 15 miles.
I like it and never had any problems .

By Without at 09,Sep,20 01:50
Standing tall and proud

By Without at 24,Jun,20 09:21

By Without at 17,Jun,20 08:50
My cock is 6.5 inches(maximum), decide if this is 3 or 4.I would like to know that.