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cut vs. uncut ..What are you,, and what do you like?

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Started by #14563 at 20,Jun,09 10:38
I'm cut but would rather be uncut. Love the look of uncut. Especially when the hood can cover an erect cock. You guys are lucky!! Wish I still had my manhood!!

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New Comment

By spunkluvr at 21,Apr,24 14:21 other posts of spunkluvr 
I'm intact, but I'll suck any prick that's offered.

By BirdDog at 31,Oct,23 03:34 other posts of BirdDog 
I am cut...

By Momo69 at 30,Oct,23 02:51 other posts of Momo69 
i'm cut and i love cut!

no offense but i do get turned off by uncut, it was never my thing

By dragonsegg at 27,Oct,23 10:29 other posts of dragonsegg 
Uncut all the way for me, I'm uncut and love playing with my foreskin
By german_guy at 27,Oct,23 21:08 other posts of german_guy 
same here

By hair_today at 27,Oct,23 11:26 other posts of hair_today 
I'm cut but would much rather have my missing piece.

By SluttySarah069 at 27,Oct,23 09:28 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love cut dicks with anice glans to suck

By Soerencut at 27,Oct,23 06:50 other posts of Soerencut 

By jimmyd1948 at 24,Feb,23 07:31 other posts of jimmyd1948 
Here’s my uncut, what do you think?

By yeehawboyy at 16,Oct,22 15:24 other posts of yeehawboyy 
I'm Unuct and tbh I prefer uncut even though i'd never say no to a dick regardless XD

By #680786 at 10,Oct,22 01:13
Definitely Cut for me and yes im cut as Well!

By aormus at 10,Oct,22 01:00 other posts of aormus 
I'm cut.

By #667453 at 15,May,22 10:59
I'm uncut and I prefer uncut.

By #662360 at 13,May,22 06:58
[deleted image] I am cut and I prefer it that way. I think it looks neater.
By #64328 at 13,May,22 18:23
Same here

By steve8211 at 28,Jul,21 12:07 other posts of steve8211 
I am cut and wish I was uncut. I think it looks so much better with the head covered. You uncut guys are lucky
By #631189 at 28,Jul,21 17:01
You’ve got a lovely looking cock man!
By #574505 at 28,Jul,21 17:51
I agree with whitebrief

By #202392 at 29,Mar,22 01:53
Same here. Love foreskins hate that mine was cut. I'm restoring mine though

By #671055 at 13,May,22 05:05
Why? I have been cut since I knew, and think uncut ones are kind of 'gross'. No offense, just my experience, and every girlfriend I have been with.
What do you think would be so different, being uncut, if you could?

By yellowman at 30,Apr,22 09:33 other posts of yellowman 
I'm in my natural state and prefer other penises in their natural state.

By Luke98 at 21,Apr,22 14:39 other posts of Luke98 
I'm uncut, but would love a cut dick, it seems so much better

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By #665772 at 11,Apr,22 02:25
I'm uncut, but looks cut when fully erect, my personal preference is a cut cock, love how it looks!
[deleted image]

By #666949 at 10,Apr,22 20:52
I am cut. It’s so much nicer on the eye and i can relate!

By APBay at 23,Mar,22 19:40 other posts of APBay 
I am uncut! I prefer uncut

By Jimjim at 13,Mar,22 22:14 other posts of Jimjim 
I love uncut!

By yeehawboyy at 13,Mar,22 20:19 other posts of yeehawboyy 
i prefer uncut for sexual and ethical reasons

By #645739 at 13,Mar,22 19:07
like uncut like to suck his cum out

By #664988 at 13,Mar,22 13:52
37 and uncut, I like uncut.
By german_guy at 13,Mar,22 18:02 other posts of german_guy 
me too

By Homer33 at 10,Nov,21 22:54 other posts of Homer33 
60 Years uncut and recently im Cut

By #652988 at 08,Nov,21 11:17
I'm cut and like it

By #463848 at 03,Nov,21 12:34
I am uncut but with a short foreskin. I like to pull it back and rub just my glans with lube. If I start from soft, I can sometimes get my glans stiff before the shaft and cum in that state. The feeling is really good.

By Robino at 02,Aug,21 21:53 other posts of Robino 

I was circumcised recently and I'm still not really used to it to be honest.
By #631189 at 03,Aug,21 16:46
I assume it takes some getting used to. Was it medical or just preference? I was advised to stretch my foreskin when I a teenager and it was tight, took a lot of effort but it paid off in the end!
By Robino at 03,Aug,21 17:07 other posts of Robino 
yes it takes a while I agree. it was mostly medical, the foreskin was not retractable. sounds like it took much effort to get it stretched.
By #631189 at 03,Aug,21 21:28
It did take lots of time and effort, I could have gone the route you took but decided to try the less painful way… I hate hospitals!
By Robino at 03,Aug,21 21:31 other posts of Robino 
I guess no one really likes hospitals at all

By #647975 at 02,Aug,21 23:39
[deleted image]

I am uncut, my penis head come out when I was 10 yrd.

By #647735 at 01,Aug,21 08:38
I’m cut and prefer cut (even though there are many hot uncut dicks around too). A girl once told me, that she’s got the impression that Cut dicks seem to be harder - well, I like to believe this ...

By #646176 at 19,Jul,21 05:13
I'm cut. Whoever did the procedure on me left me some length of foreskin:
[deleted image]

However, I have no frenulum:
[deleted image]

I wish I still had everything.
By new2day at 28,Jul,21 12:11 other posts of new2day 
You have a loose circumcision with some skin to cover the glans. I'm cut more tightly, not much free movement.

By #636273 at 26,Jul,21 06:54
I'm cut and much prefer cut. I love that nice mushroom dickhead. I don't think I would enjoy a cock with a lot of foreskin.

By Ablaze at 11,Jul,21 10:50 other posts of Ablaze 
I'm uncut and I like both.

By #644585 at 09,Jul,21 20:45
i'm uncut, but i don't have any preferations towards cut or uncut.
By #631189 at 09,Jul,21 21:15
Same here, though I much prefer having a foreskin myself. Keeps the glans nice and healthy, and all those nice nerve endings under the skin too

By #608810 at 21,Sep,20 16:13
Cut cocks are much better looking
By #518391 at 10,Oct,20 14:22
By newwt10 at 15,Oct,20 02:50 other posts of newwt10 
Yes I do think so as well
By #644585 at 09,Jul,21 20:46

By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:18
Yours is PERFECT!! What about the boys that love you, though? Cut, or uncut? Like seeing the tips going in!

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:28 other posts of Wipperman 
I’m uncut and glad of it love having a foreskin to roll back when erect and expose the sensitive head to play with
By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:19
Circumcised, and the head is still just as sensative!

By #631189 at 09,Jul,21 18:03
Definitely, can’t beat stroking a nice pink head with all that inner skin to stroke too. Love pulling mine back and giving those internal parts some stimulation.

By #645868 at 08,Jul,21 13:48
I'm cut and love cut

By #583141 at 29,Dec,20 13:43
Cut and love it[deleted image]
By #631189 at 31,Dec,20 12:23
I’d be happy with that one too

By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:14
Totally!! Perfect that way!!

By #643120 at 26,May,21 02:21
As in my usr name, I am cut. I like looking at all types of bodies/genitals but I have to say, the penis's that most intrigue me would be uncut. If I would ever act on my curiosity, I would bet you it would be with an uncut guy.
By #631189 at 26,May,21 17:05
It’s always funny how we always are intrigued by the opposite of our own. I’m uncut but have always wondered what it would look like circumcised, mainly as I have a very large pronounced glans on mine.
By #643120 at 26,May,21 21:48
I guess that old saying is true, grass is always greener on the other side. And I have always wondered what it would feel like having foreskin sliding over the glans. Secretly, I always wanted to find a guy to let me "experiment" with theirs on mine.
By #631189 at 26,May,21 22:06
It’s funny though, a lot of us intact guys can’t actually dock. My skin is pretty short and tight and as soon as I get erect it goes firmly behind my big fat cock head!
By #643120 at 29,May,21 06:29
Yeah, that is what I thought, it would take a special foreskin to allow me to experience it around my glans. Is that gay for me to want to experience what a foreskin feels like around my penis and in my fingers? It is pure curiosity.
By #631189 at 29,May,21 08:24
No, that’s natural curiosity. The wondering of what having / not having a foreskin is like would be interesting to quite a few guys. I’d love to know what mine would look like without the foreskin, as long as I could grow it back if I decided i didn’t like it!

By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:12
Maybe some are, but I am nicely circumcised, and I think it looks nicer than the uncut ones.

By #645561 at 01,Jul,21 23:34
I was circumcised as a baby, all the boys in my family are circumcised. My dad, my cousins, uncles...everyone! I've never had a reason or need to have it any other way.

Feels great, I shoot powerful loads of CUM, girls have always complimented how my dick looks. So I say I'm glad I am circumcised.
By #613564 at 08,Jul,21 05:10
Definitely AGREE! BTW, yours is WOW!! Can you post more?

By stardate at 26,May,21 23:09 other posts of stardate 
I’m cut, from birth, so I can’t really comment on uncut. Personally I prefer cut dicks to play with and look at. Had a traumatizing event in my childhood where a guy forced his filthy unclean and uncut cock into my young mouth and pretty much orally raped me. To this day I can still smell the stench of that episode in my nostrils and always had an aversion to uncircumcised penis. That was over 50 years ago and still a hang-up.

By #643024 at 25,May,21 13:28
I'm un cut and love to run my finger under the foreskin until I bring myself off however when it comes to other mens cocks I love them however they are so long as they fit in my very willing mouth and discharge their juice deep in my throat for me to swallow.

By cumcouplessa at 23,May,21 11:38 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Growing up, I had a friend whose uncut cock had a massive head. Was so cool trying to pull the foreskin back over his huge helmut without hurting him, and once it was back, would only come forward when his election went down. I enjoyed getting it back, then sucking him till he came and eventually got his foreskin forward again. Was a great way to pass time.

By Tpinick01 at 13,May,21 20:10 other posts of Tpinick01 
Cut cocks are beautiful limp and hard but a limp uncut cock is so sexy with all that foreskin just to pull the skin apart and stick your tongue in it and suck on it it’s incredible damn I really need a dick now to suck I’m horny as hell

By Panda737369 at 28,Dec,20 22:20 other posts of Panda737369 
Only have tried a cut cock her, love to see the difference

By #631030 at 28,Dec,20 20:56
I love uncut cocks because you can play with foreskin and love how the head comes out. On the other side i like the cut ones too. Uncut wins by a little
Here's my uncut 17cm cock
[deleted image]

By #631189 at 28,Dec,20 17:27
I’m two faced. I’m intact and wouldn’t lose my foreskin, but I love the look of a circumcised penis with a flared glans on show, it really turns me on. When I masturbate I always pull my skin back tight and jerk my exposed head dry like a circumcised guy does too, such a magnificent feeling gotten by jerking that way

By newwt10 at 15,Oct,20 02:48 other posts of newwt10 
I am cut but would love to take my wet finger under the foreskin and circle the head around and around. Or my tongue under another foreskin.

By Manitobamayhem at 14,Oct,20 16:50 other posts of Manitobamayhem 
Partially circumcised at birth here. Still have some foreskin when soft. Check my pics

By johnleman82 at 07,Oct,20 09:47 other posts of johnleman82 
Uncut are the best

[deleted image]

By #624140 at 22,Sep,20 01:51
I have uncut dick and all guys I been with had uncut too.It is nice playing with that foreskin, but I am attracted to cut cocks now.

By #579885 at 18,Sep,20 22:47
I'm uncut and happy this way [deleted image]

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