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why do you like viewing cocks

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Started by #93465 at 06,Aug,10 15:03
Hundreds of men daily view this site to look at cocks,what is your favorite thing about the cock,I love not TOO huge shaved and clean looking,I am bi ,many men are and don't realize it or won't

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By Dick60 at 22,Nov,21 05:37 other posts of Dick60 
I really do

By bay232668 at 11,Nov,21 20:40 other posts of bay232668 
I like fantasizing about worship and sucking a big hard one...

By TinyLittleGuy at 09,Nov,21 21:11 other posts of TinyLittleGuy 
i .like to compare my micro penis to others and it excites to see how big and thick they are compared to me and I really get excited looking at a long soft cock hanging

By Dick60 at 09,Nov,21 07:13 other posts of Dick60 
When I get high all I want is there o have my dick suckedf

By Dick60 at 08,Nov,21 11:21 other posts of Dick60 
Because I wanting to suck a dick

By lawrenceo at 01,Nov,21 23:03 other posts of lawrenceo 
Because I like the feeling of having the possibility of playing with it. Show me a dick and I want to toss it off.

By routemaster at 12,Feb,21 03:52 other posts of routemaster 
Because I'm gay!
By SluttySarah069 at 27,Oct,21 15:55 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Same here

By #631189 at 27,Oct,21 05:05
Because it makes my one hard!

By liketoedge at 26,Oct,21 20:09 other posts of liketoedge 
I think nearly everyone secretly likes to see other guys dicks. I always have

By lawrenceo at 26,Oct,21 12:17 other posts of lawrenceo 
Because I am a male and they interest me as well as exciting me if I like the one I see.

By #652316 at 17,Oct,21 08:02
Male organs are simply beautiful

By LGA6969 at 16,Oct,21 22:46 other posts of LGA6969 
I love cock

By Dick60 at 16,Oct,21 21:47 other posts of Dick60 
It makes me want to suck one

By #632705 at 12,Feb,21 02:02
Well I’m gay so there is that lol. But I’ve like looking at them ever since I can remember. Even before I knew there was more to them as a young boy always looked. A lot easier to peek back then

By cruz69696969 at 12,Feb,21 01:24 other posts of cruz69696969 
I just think that cocks are so beautiful

By stiffpoles at 08,Nov,20 07:59 other posts of stiffpoles 
I LOVE DICK! I am extremely bias towards uncut cock, even though, I am cut. My first boyfriend/sexual partner was uncut and nicely endowed and I think that memory has stuck in my mind and created the desire for thick juicy uncut cock! Another thing I like about dick is, they are all different. They are simple by design but, as diverse as snowflakes. Everyone uses their cock differently....technique and methods may vary but, what always stays constant is the result....every cock cums! And that is just another thing to love about them.....They are just beautiful, sexy, enticing, erotic and I think I need to be enticed by my own for a while. Cheers!
By Greek18cm at 12,Feb,21 00:23 other posts of Greek18cm 
Mine dies not cum...
Need hours and hours..
And none has the patience...

By #631189 at 15,Jan,21 18:08
I’ve always been obsessed with cocks since I was a kid and have always loved to look at other guys to see what they have. I suppose one of the things I love is that they’re all different. Size, thickness, cut, uncut, glans size, spots, curves, veins, scars, all make them different.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

Though a short fat circumcised cock with a big ridged head is what really gets me going
By german_guy at 15,Jan,21 20:16 other posts of german_guy 
same here
By #631189 at 15,Jan,21 21:51
Yours is very nice to look at
By german_guy at 16,Jan,21 20:31 other posts of german_guy 
so is yours

By #634405 at 17,Jan,21 07:01
I'm your guy then.
By #631189 at 17,Jan,21 10:01
Definitely, the perfect penis

By Greek18cm at 12,Feb,21 00:20 other posts of Greek18cm 
You would love mine I think...although not really short

By TSantar6296 at 11,Feb,21 23:38 other posts of TSantar6296 
Being a married guy. A lot of us are not getting the amount of sex we may want. So its cool to come here, chat and talk about stroking your cock with other dudes. I also like to see dudes shooting a big load.

By #613564 at 11,Feb,21 06:59
Sometimes I just get this mood, and I just want to see beautiful penises, and maybe chat, or see penises in panties, hard or soft.
Penises are beautiful!! It's not gay to love your penis, as like seeing others!
I LOVE women, and sex, with women, but sometimes, you know, they just piss you off, and maybe some nice dicks makes you feel better!?

By #634594 at 18,Jan,21 16:09
I just love all kinds of cocks. Mmmm

By new2day at 15,Nov,20 15:40 other posts of new2day 
Because why not, being straight doesn't mean you can't appreciate a good cock pic, plus it's fun to share pics and chat.
By #634405 at 17,Jan,21 07:08
I get so excited when i get a dm from a guy telling me he wants to plow me or suck my cock.

By #634405 at 17,Jan,21 07:01
I wonder if it's a middle-age thing in my case, but watching guys naked and looking at cocks cumming makes me hard. I have a craving for a nice smooth cock.
I believe that most men do secretly, or not, want to try cock.

By earthy at 16,Jan,21 16:25 other posts of earthy 
I love shaved small/medium sized. Although large ones are a good challenge
By arousal at 16,Jan,21 17:28 other posts of arousal 
for me medium length and extra thick is better than very long and thin, veins, head and form also play a role

By arousal at 16,Jan,21 14:59 other posts of arousal 
there is something fascinating and hot about a thick shaved veiny cock, this one for ex:
only registered users can see external links

By jeffspenis at 15,Jan,21 02:59 other posts of jeffspenis 
I am fascinated, amazed, envious, of large cocks. Wish I had one! Maybe I would have a girlfriend now, if I did

By jerrycums at 15,Nov,20 13:51 other posts of jerrycums 
watching a cock getting hard always makes my cock stand up.
By german_guy at 15,Nov,20 15:38 other posts of german_guy 
same here

By Robbotiny at 15,Nov,20 14:06 other posts of Robbotiny 
Love making a cock hard went watching if anyone does webcam

By MyBareDick at 09,Nov,20 17:03 other posts of MyBareDick 
I'm straight and love looking at women. I do enjoy looking at shaved cocks. Preferably cut and smaller. I love shaved cunts too.

By cumcouplessa at 06,Sep,20 12:39 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved looking at cock. Especially hard cocks with an upward curve. Luckily my wife feels the same way, and we can enjoy browsing the site together. Sometimes I prefer to look at pussy and tits, but I do that alone as it isnt her preference and I respect that. We both especially enjoy the cum video's. Always gets us excited and makes for a good session.
By Lvphose at 09,Nov,20 04:28 other posts of Lvphose 
Maybe I should make a cum video. Exciting to think your wife might watch it.

By arousal at 05,Sep,20 05:51 other posts of arousal 
it depends on the cock shape, veins and size, i like to look at dicks similar to this one
only registered users can see external links
By #618870 at 05,Sep,20 10:04
Yup. My favourite type of cock.

By Aadder123 at 08,Nov,20 09:45 other posts of Aadder123 
Look at mine bud

By german_guy at 08,Nov,20 17:45 other posts of german_guy 
mine looks similar and that are the ones I like too

By LGA6969 at 06,Nov,20 23:21 other posts of LGA6969 
I am a big cock lover. I look at ones in comparison to mine. I especially like uncut ones to
By german_guy at 07,Nov,20 18:22 other posts of german_guy 
same here

By #621142 at 06,Nov,20 15:34
No idea. Sometimes I stop and try to puzzle it out but I just like looking at cocks.

By #621759 at 09,Sep,20 12:47
Because I love dick I work at dick I can't get a enough dick I am sissy cock slut I love men's dicks more than anything I love feeling dick in my throat end of my ass
By SluttySarah069 at 06,Nov,20 10:38 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Same here darling - I'm just an old sissy queen.

By #622014 at 08,Sep,20 12:06
Cocks are simply beautiful! Hard or soft. Large or small. Shaved or not. Cut or uncut. Fucking or being sucked. They have a beauty far beyond any cunt. I still like cunts but cunts are rarely beautiful. Watching a cock as it cums is mesmerizing. Seeing the shaft pulsate as the cum travels to the tip is breathtaking. You can't see THAT with a cunt! The head is gorgeous as it swells. The corona is lovely to view and feel in one's mouth. The shaft as it hardens and throbs is spectacular. Watching balls bounce as a cock is stroked or sucked is nirvana. And the cum! Nothing is as rewarding as a good mouthful of cum for a cock sucked well!
By Without at 09,Sep,20 03:05 other posts of Without 
Just my opinion.
By german_guy at 13,Sep,20 18:59 other posts of german_guy 
do agree

By #613564 at 06,Nov,20 06:43
I respectably disagree! I like looking at penis, in a TOTALLY different way than I love being with women, and I think their bodies, those soft, sensual lips and folds, are more AMAZING, and wonderful than a penis!!
Given a choice, I would go down on her every day of the week, and maybe sneak a peek, at a penis, on Saturday night! LOL!!

By #613564 at 06,Nov,20 06:40
I'm straight, but I have a penis, and love that! I can also just love seeing other, really nice, cute penises, and still be totally straight, because I love being with women, and those things are not mutually exclusive!!
Why can't a straight guy just love looking at other penises, soft, or hard, or in showers, on here, or wherever?

By Jagtstein at 31,Oct,20 14:14 other posts of Jagtstein 
I am a heterosexual solo masturbator and like to look at penises. I prefer uncircumcised penises with frenulectomy, Meatotomy and shaved. Also, sounding and stretching urethra are very interesting to me. Homosexual practices and physical contact do not interest me.

By Ablaze at 09,Sep,20 11:18 other posts of Ablaze 
I don't know. Just looking on beautiful cock turns me on. I want to suck it, fuck it, make it cum.
By german_guy at 13,Sep,20 18:58 other posts of german_guy 
same here

By lovetolickyou at 07,Sep,20 09:49 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I love looking at cocks. When I come to SYD there are some things that attract me. I've always like looking at cocks that look a lot like mine, but there's definitely an appeal in checking out cocks that are very different. I can understand the attraction to larger cocks, and if I fantasize about giving a handjob, a big cock would really feel great in my hand, but if I think about sucking (which is my most common fantasy) I love pictures of smaller ones. There's something fascinating about cocks that are unusual or even freakish in some respect and I find that not only do I always look at those sort of pictures, but that my pictures that are the most unusual get the highest number of views.

By jeeno at 05,Sep,20 18:52 other posts of jeeno 
kust love the shapes and colors of it..the hardness and soften..there is something about it that turns us on and makes our own cock wet

By #582289 at 05,Sep,20 02:01
I love searching this place looking for dicks that look like ones I’ve met in real life.

By LGA6969 at 04,Sep,20 22:04 other posts of LGA6969 

By #613564 at 04,Sep,20 05:39
Because I have one, and I LOVE seeing nicely circumcised ones, especially on Tranny girls!

By LGA6969 at 24,Aug,20 12:09 other posts of LGA6969 
I always loved seeing dick

By #621517 at 23,Aug,20 22:47
I’m straight and like seeing naked women but a big hard up cock with a big round knob and lots of masculine pubic hair turns me on! That’s why.

By #624420 at 23,Aug,20 22:18
I like 6-7 inch cut nice set of balls don't need to be shaved nice and groomed is nice and of course a decent load of warm white creamy cum.

By Supersexy69 at 09,Aug,19 12:49 other posts of Supersexy69 
Because to me the dick is tha sexiest human body part!

By foreskinlover52 at 25,Jul,19 17:02 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Been bi and then gay most of my life
By Jamie at 07,Aug,19 01:58 other posts of Jamie 
I fill the same way

By Louis at 07,Aug,19 01:43 other posts of Louis 
I like viewing cocks because I like pictures of naked people. People of both sexes.The human body is a beautiful thing.

By steve8211 at 06,Aug,19 13:06 other posts of steve8211 
I like looking at cocks just to see the many different ones plus men are more open than women and for sure will want to get off anyway they can right now

By jerrycums at 06,Aug,19 10:40 other posts of jerrycums 
i just love looking at cocks,they always make me hard

By SluttySarah069 at 05,Aug,19 20:50 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I've always loved looking at and sucking cocks - I love the variations you get - large, small, bendy etc as well as black, brown, yellow,white well as cut and uncut.
Personally my favourites are large, black cut ones.

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