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Going to sleep with cum everywhere?

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Started by toesuckerp at 29,Aug,23 14:22  other posts of toesuckerp
What's everyone's thoughts on this? I usually take a shower if I cum/have sex before bed, but last night I came all over my bed and just slept in it out of laziness..

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By Blade at 29,Sep,23 03:05 other posts of Blade 
I don't normally like sleeping my my wet spots/puddles. The only time I do this is if I'm in a hotel, or when younger and sleeping over a friend's house.

I used to sleep over my one friend's house a lot, and he shared his room with older brother. His brother was 19 at time, and would sleep over his girlfriend's house on weekends. So I'd sleep in brother's bed. When my friend was snoring, I'd jerk off and shoot my cum off side of bed facing friend's bed. They were only 2-3 feet apart, so I found one morning that I was shooting onto my friend's sheets too. I thanked God he didn't feel that. So from then on, to be safe, I faced wall bed was next to and just shot my cum at wall, right next to bed. In winter, the comforter on the bed was wedged between wall and bed so I'd have to pull it away from wall so I could pour my cum down side of bed.

By Felix69 at 28,Sep,23 18:30 other posts of Felix69 
I have a dedicated spunk towel I keep under the bed. When it gets like a piece of hardboard, I stick it in a boil wash.

By wycowboy at 28,Sep,23 17:01 other posts of wycowboy 
I rarely clean up after a cum or sex. It doesn't bother me to have my cum dry up on me.

By #699038 at 27,Sep,23 13:27
Ive gone to sleep with messy dick messy sheets several times just more things to do next day but its all good warm messy sex covered in juice all good

By LGA6969 at 29,Aug,23 21:16 other posts of LGA6969 
When I was younger I always managed to christened the sheets with cum everywhere and then fell to sleep in sticky sheets

By #662360 at 29,Aug,23 20:04
When I was single I just used to wank a couple of times in bed before sleep and cum all over the sheets since there was only me to care. Now I’m married my wife doesn’t like cum on the sheets and usually wipes my spilled semen up with a tissue.

By german_guy at 29,Aug,23 17:14 other posts of german_guy 
why not....getting up and take a shower might ruin the moment

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