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Who has the better body ; Hotlips or luv69

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Started by #159795 at 18,Jul,11 03:48

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By #242124 at 28,Jul,12 15:47
Well for starters Hotlips tits are pert and very suckable but as for Luv's they are saggy. Now on to their cats Hotlips is so shagable but on the other hand Luv's is grey and not shagable
By Matt52 at 28,Jul,12 15:50 other posts of Matt52 
From Matts Wife: What an asshole!
By #242124 at 28,Jul,12 15:54
What an asshole from an asshole
By Matt52 at 28,Jul,12 19:18 other posts of Matt52 
From Matts Wife: Says the little fat man with the small cock. Look don't attack my friends. If you can't respond with respect then shut the fuck up.
By #242124 at 29,Jul,12 03:38
Wow says the fucking fat prostitute shut your fucking mouth go away and chase parked cars you window licker.
By #85769 at 29,Jul,12 18:25
Ur dick is so little...
By Matt52 at 30,Jul,12 14:24 other posts of Matt52 
From Matts Wife: Everything I said is true. Everything that the troll said is a lie. No surprises here.

By Skittles at 20,Jan,21 15:04 other posts of Skittles 
Matt52- there is no wife ... just a tranny so STFU cunt!

By Skittles at 18,Jan,21 14:26 other posts of Skittles 

LUV69 and all her drama!!

Matt52 a site tranny?lol

Dev01 & Jamie vote now cunts
By Dev01 at 18,Jan,21 18:33 other posts of Dev01 
Lips, unequivocally cunty
By Jamie at 18,Jan,21 23:38 other posts of Jamie 
Hotlips of course cunty
By Skittles at 20,Jan,21 15:00 other posts of Skittles 

By #269929 at 29,Jul,12 06:36
love em both but i support hotlips as she's closer

By delboy at 29,Jul,12 00:26 other posts of delboy 
Wouldn,t kick either out of bed, one either side of me sounds better.

By #134917 at 18,Jul,11 06:40
we are both great
By dreamer at 27,Jul,12 20:04 other posts of dreamer 
Sure, look mighty fine. Both of you are stunning and gorgeous. HOT and sexy

By Matt52 at 18,Jul,11 14:41 other posts of Matt52 
From Matts Wife: I will have to hold my decision until I get them to myself for an extended period of time.

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