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Does your wife know you wear lingerie and hose?

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Started by #1995 at 13,Aug,09 04:10
How many guys are lucky enough to have wives who know and like their men to wear sexy lingerie and hose?

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By Moench at 07,Jun,17 19:43 other posts of Moench 
not only that she knowing, many of my dresses she has bought for me and she enjoy ,i wearing lingerie

By gayle at 06,Jun,17 22:05 other posts of gayle 
my wife used to buy mine, that was so beautiful
By bella! at 06,Jun,17 22:19 other posts of bella! 
"Used to"? What happened to that arrangement?
By CountryCouple54 at 07,Jun,17 12:35 other posts of CountryCouple54 

By Lvphose at 06,Jun,17 19:18 other posts of Lvphose 
i had a girlfriend i was open about my hose fetish and she indulged me too

By cumslutann at 07,Nov,16 13:47 other posts of cumslutann 
hi,ann here, my hubby wears them take a look at his pic on with mine its the 1st ones love him dressed up xxx

By #521478 at 07,Nov,16 12:59
My wife knows she encourages it. She love when we both have nylons and heels on during sex.she got me dressing and picks out everything

By #412225 at 13,Sep,13 10:06
she knows but not in to it and has asked me to quit but I can not quit. we have had sex while i was wearing pantyhose, and I love it

By biguy69 at 09,Jun,13 11:25 other posts of biguy69 
Yes, and she approves of my dressing and sucking dildo cocks. we go shopping together for my panties and hose

By ChocolateDevine at 08,Jun,13 16:40 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Nope. She might be open to it, though if I decide to tell her.

By biguy111111 at 07,Mar,13 10:50 other posts of biguy111111 
My girlfriend doesn't know I wear her panties and stockings, saying that she doesn't know I love cocks either

By clouser at 07,Mar,13 10:45 other posts of clouser 
My wife loves coming home to me wearing panties and high heels. She knows she will be strapon fucking me.

By #136638 at 01,Feb,11 13:23
I am a married male that enjoys wearing panties. My wife knows, understands and enjoys that I like wearing panties. We both enjoy pleasuring ourselves using panties and often will look at pictures of others wearing panties both men, woman and other couples wearing panties. Check out our profile for more about us and pictures.

By Matt52 at 23,Jun,10 14:43 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: I love to make Matt wear panties
By #1995 at 23,Jun,10 16:12
Hi, many thanks for your comment. I so wish my wife was interested. What is wrong with it, if it gives pleasure to both.
By Matt52 at 23,Jun,10 16:49 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Not a thing, I would love to have him do a little flashing in the right situation

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