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Keeping your foreskin back

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Started by #292 at 30,Jan,09 00:36
Any guys tried the methiod of tapeing your foreskin back. You tape the foreskin back to the base of your shaft. Evetually your foreskin will stay back on its own making your cock look like it is cut. Meant to be a way of having a cut cock without the surgery. I am curios to know if any guy has tried this and it has worked.

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By #569242 at 18,Nov,18 03:10
Never tried that and never will. I enjoy the feeling of my foreskin sliding back and forth over my dickhead too much. Would not ant to lose that sensation.

By uncutjoy at 13,Nov,18 08:13 other posts of uncutjoy 

Mine will stay back on its own, but too sensitive to let rub on things all day
By soundsgreat87 at 16,Nov,18 16:34 other posts of soundsgreat87 
If you keep at it, it will desensitize!
By uncutjoy at 17,Nov,18 10:22 other posts of uncutjoy 
Why would I want to desensitize? My foreskin coverage keeps the glans nice and sensitive for maximum pleasure!
By soundsgreat87 at 17,Nov,18 11:58 other posts of soundsgreat87 
I dunno, I didn't like that level of sensitivity. If you do, that's fine

By Scottbill69 at 17,Nov,18 10:50 other posts of Scottbill69 
When I first hit puberty mine was tight and it took a while over a couple months to eventually get it right back . I used baby oil to de sensitise and after a bout a year I used to pull it right back and see how long it stayed like that during school . I often got a bone with it rubbing and having tried it once in PE class wearing just shorts , it showed too much . Nowadays after a few years of jerking and regular sex the head peeps through most of the time but I love a nice uncut cock and playing with the skin

By heylittleman at 13,Jun,17 06:29 other posts of heylittleman 
You could try tucking it in on itself

By cutroundhead at 13,Nov,18 04:01 other posts of cutroundhead 
I used to do that when I had a foreskin but it never revealed my complete knob...happy to be circumcised now (medical reasons)

By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 07:22

By soundsgreat87 at 16,Jun,17 19:29 other posts of soundsgreat87 
I've had mine back for just about two years now.

By scooby80 at 13,Jun,17 15:42 other posts of scooby80 

By topalbatross at 13,Jun,17 07:05 other posts of topalbatross 

By mzr at 12,Jun,17 11:04 other posts of mzr 
My very tight and short pierced frenulum pulling back foreskin

By mzr at 12,Jun,17 03:49 other posts of mzr 

My penis head after pulling back foreskin

By doedeldi at 28,Mar,16 05:44 other posts of doedeldi 

pulled back, but never tapped.

By babarch at 11,Apr,15 17:46 other posts of babarch 
By slipper at 27,Mar,16 18:54 other posts of slipper 
SWEEEEET turtle-neck!!!

By #442945 at 04,Dec,13 18:28
I tried . But I could not keep for long time . Really I love cut penis . But I do not want pain ful surgery.
By raybo36 at 04,Dec,13 18:37 other posts of raybo36 
I wish I had your problem. I would luv if I still had my foreskin. You don't know how lucky you are!
By slipper at 27,Mar,16 18:52 other posts of slipper 
Wish I could share my wet, warm, cavernous one with ya!!!

By Lenatur at 11,Sep,14 00:49 other posts of Lenatur 

My Dick with Foreskin puul back ,what do you say????
By #316057 at 11,Sep,14 01:10
By Lenatur at 14,Apr,15 14:38 other posts of Lenatur 
THX Jamie

By slipper at 27,Mar,16 18:51 other posts of slipper 
I say that I LOVE the wrinkles!!!

By Lenatur at 19,Mar,16 08:43 other posts of Lenatur 

By #451923 at 18,Mar,16 03:00
I did it for a year and a half after my frenectomy. I found my foreskin shrank and my head got bigger. When I tried to pull it back over it was not wide enough to get over the head and when it did it was half way covered and restricting. I had to stretch to get it back covered when hard.

By bigone21 at 14,Apr,15 17:50 other posts of bigone21 
i NEVER do anything to keep back my foreskin! why would i?

i keep it down, to save my sensetivety, and the uncut smell only an uncut cock has!

By winnie at 13,Apr,15 20:10 other posts of winnie 

By 0-00 at 13,Apr,15 16:13 other posts of 0-00 
I keep mine permanently skinned back...

By chris23d at 29,Jun,13 14:34 other posts of chris23d 
By soundsgreat87 at 29,Jun,13 16:54 other posts of soundsgreat87 
Looking good man. You keep it back all the time?
By chris23d at 29,Jun,13 20:15 other posts of chris23d 
Nah, its too loose to stay back on its own for long
By soundsgreat87 at 30,Jun,13 01:05 other posts of soundsgreat87 
I see. I have a similar issue. At least it's fun to try

By skot at 03,Sep,13 08:22 other posts of skot 
same here

By skot at 03,Sep,13 08:21 other posts of skot 
I discovered in the changing rooms at school when a friend of mine happened to have an erection after swimming class that he had a completely bare head. He wasn't circumcised but I never had the nerve to ask him if he had a short foreskin or just preferred to keep it skinned back.

At the time I thought it was the most perfect cock I'd ever seen and spent weeks trying to train my own long foreskin to retract.

Unfortunately I ran into the usual pitfalls of that age: the feel of the bedsheets on my glans would keep me in a state of high arousal and the constant manipulation of the skin always ended in masturbation and the skin sliding forward as it softened.

By mzr at 16,Jul,13 02:15 other posts of mzr 
here is my

By #323075 at 30,Jan,13 10:14
My forskin remaains back in flaccid state:

By #323075 at 30,Jan,13 02:10
My foreskin remains behind my glans also when flaccid.

I'll poste a better picture As fast As possible!

By ttonio at 18,Jan,12 14:36 other posts of ttonio 

By #20138 at 08,Aug,09 07:22
I did it successfully!!!!
I am uncut and my foreskin is sort of long, but after years of wanking by pulling foreskin back, I've got a "cut" penis.
check it out from my pictures. It really worked.
for those who have long foreskin, they do not have to bother to get a surgery at all. Using this method, you'll get what you want without any cuts of your body.
By #21594 at 09,Sep,09 12:03
I have pulled mine back since I was a teenager and it generally stays back. Some say that as you get older, your foreskin loses it's elasticity. Has anyone else found this to be the true?
By oldbugle at 19,Nov,09 09:35 other posts of oldbugle 
No, mine is still very flexible as it has always been since my teens. In fact, the only time i can get it to stay pushed back is when I am fully erect.

By oldbugle at 30,Jan,09 09:14 other posts of oldbugle 
Why would anyone want to do that? That's what the foreskin is for, protect the sensitive glans. Have you ever had to stuff your erection away and the partly bared head rubbed on you clothing?.....It feels HORRIBLE!!

A friend once got engaged to a jewish girl and was circed,...he looked ridiculous for weeks trying to walk with his legs apart! In the end he took to wearing part of a condom rolled several times over his glans to be comfortable in his clothes. This was quite separate from the pain after being cut!

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