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Started by 67malibu at 26,Apr,12 11:38  other posts of 67malibu
It a guy guy thing.

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By bigone21 at 26,Apr,12 12:48 other posts of bigone21 
so for some perspective on the danger of inhaling poppers (alkyl nitrites), this chart from wikipedia (go there for MUCH more information!)

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:32 other posts of knewbi 
Am I reading this correctly? Having a drink is more troublesome than poppers? Not having tried poppers I have no idea what they really are..

By #633444 at 31,Jan,21 06:28
my first ever high in a club was poppers didnt know guys used it for fun until I met a guy online and he came to mine. Already horny from coke, he got out a bottle and next thing Im naked and dying for cock. Worst thing is he couldnt get hard

By Sissycockslut at 30,Jan,21 19:28 other posts of Sissycockslut 
I am a popper slut if a men gives me poppers it turns me in to a slut I sniff the poppers and choking on every inch of that big dick and let him butt fuck with no rubber all night

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 18:42 other posts of onthelose 
Yes they said the same about cigarettes . But by all means go ahead,

By #610509 at 20,Jun,20 09:47
Oh my God I love poppers sniffing poppers and taking men's dicks give me poppers I'll suck your dick let you bend me over stretch my ass 4 hours I am a popper sniffing Sissy Danny Boy submissive slut

By #612667 at 12,Mar,20 06:51
Nice to se that someone has put up a bit on poppers as to how deadly it can be dont get me wrong i did use it and enjoy it years ago then started checking up a few facts an thought no forget this for a joke havnt used it since nothing against anyone that wants to use it but there can be some deadly end results i would ay if you use it know what youre using

By #610509 at 11,Mar,20 18:54
I love poppers was hook the first time I was at this party and meet this there he say this party is lame I want want going back my place party so want back to this with couple other guy and he brought out poppers next thing I know I'm naked on my knees suck my dick and getting my ass finger I was sucking on 3 dick and eat my ass lick they take fuck my ass and mouth for hour. While sniffing popper filling my ass and mouth with cum

By #593234 at 23,Jul,19 17:01
I love sniffing poppers once I hit the poppers I am a slut I suck dicks and let men's fuck my ass all nigth long and taking load in my ass

By #580363 at 03,May,19 07:58
Ain't nothing wrong with sniffing poppers I love sniffing poppers and taking men's dicks get me on some poppers I'll take men's dicks all night long I'll let groups of men pound my ass

By #68656 at 26,Apr,12 11:49
And it is also a very foolish thing to use such substances and alkyl nitrite inhalants. Something which astute guys will or should avoid.

Common side-effects of popper use include headaches, a symptom of methemoglobinemia, and in some cases temporary erectile problems. Other risks include burns if spilled on skin. More rarely, acute use of poppers has been associated with asphyxia, arrhythmias, cardiovascular depression, carbon monoxide poisoning, hepatorenal toxicity, mucosal, pulmonary, skin irritation and facial dermatitis. Rarely, the use of poppers can cause methemoglobinemia and hemolysis, especially in individuals predisposed towards such a condition or in overdose. An overdose via ingestion (rather than inhalation) may result in cyanosis, unconsciousness, coma and even death. Methylene blue is a treatment for methemoglobinemia associated with popper use.
Accidental aspiration of amyl or butyl nitrites may lead to the development of lipoid pneumonia.
Alkyl nitrites are contraindicative with other vasodilators like sildenafil (Viagra), to cause a serious decrease in bl-ood pressure, leading to fainting, stroke, or heart attack
By dreamer at 26,Apr,12 11:58 other posts of dreamer 
Very interesting and informative. I have never used it

By bigone21 at 26,Apr,12 12:44 other posts of bigone21 
JohnS, you make it sound like an atomic bomb in a small bottle!!

if it would be THAT dangerous, i would have been dead 10 times! and i'm not!!

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