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Fucking your Ex wife

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Started by #25288 at 12,Oct,09 18:15
Do you still fuck your ex? Are you remarried? I am remarried, but my Ex wants to fuck on the side? Should I do it? Tell me your thoughts or experiences.

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By #532415 at 28,Dec,18 03:59
My ex-wife is older than my younger wife if I have to choose one my life it would be my ex-wife. She could suck a dick she eats c** she lets me f*** her in the ass come wherever I want my younger wife doesn't give a s*** about sex

By bignhard7 at 22,Dec,18 20:30 other posts of bignhard7 
I fuck mt ex fiencee when she comes to town

By anyfun at 15,Dec,18 19:16 other posts of anyfun 
I have an x wife and I'd love to fuck her if I could

By wycowboy at 15,Dec,18 15:55 other posts of wycowboy 
I don't have an ex wife but do have a few ex girlfriends. I only have fucked one of them after we split up and I got married but the sex was fantastic! She was kind of chubby but not bad looking and had a hot tub in the back yard. Fucking her in the tub probably helped with the sex lol

By #532415 at 14,Dec,18 16:52
I still do...

By knewbi at 12,Dec,18 12:51 other posts of knewbi 
I have 2 ex-wives and a number of ex girlfriends and to this day I always had fun fucking one in particular. She was not the best looking or best built of the bunch of wives or girlfriends but she was always fun to have sex with. Have not had her in many years but would jump at the chance if i could.

By #3678 at 13,Oct,09 20:30
My ex knows I have a small dick that's why she left me... Don't think she will be back......
By love-penis at 17,Oct,09 09:27 other posts of love-penis 
did she really leave you for that reason...???

By love-penis at 13,Oct,09 18:35 other posts of love-penis 
still fuck my ex, though we never married, we have a daughter together, going over there 2nite as a matter a fact, niether 1 of us have any 1 at the present time, guess that's why we still fuck, if i had some1, i would not go over there anymore, so 2 answer ur ?, i think it's a bad thought, if ur nu wife ever found out, her world would crash, and the pain she would go through, would you want 2 find out that she was fucking her ex behind your back...? as u may tell i'm bitter on this topic, it's a great topic though, thank you, long time ago a girlfriend i was totaly into was fucking her ex 4 2yrs behind my back, call me stupid 4 not knowing but just never saw it, caught them in MY BEDROOM, FUCK'N CUNT couldn't go 2 a hotel. talk about a broken heart, cryed like a little bitch 4days, ok months, , anyway the ex is an ex 4 a reason, sorry 4 the long story

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