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wife fucking other men

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Started by #404932 at 12,Jan,14 03:49
my wife loves to fuck other guys and I love to watch and see her enjoy herself. Is this wrong

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By #451003 at 03,Mar,15 03:30
I love it when my wife comes home with the load of another man.
By anyfun at 27,May,19 00:37 other posts of anyfun 
Shows she's enjoyed herself

By knewbi at 15,Jul,18 18:09 other posts of knewbi 
Not at all on my book. We are swingers and have realized that it is only sex. So, any time my wife runs across someone she would like to fuck I tell her go for it. If she does not know the guy I might do my best to set her up. Sometimes she would tell me what she was looking for in the way of a sexual activity and I would find her the person or persons that could make it happen.

By #551686 at 14,Jul,18 11:14
No it is not wrong. We have both said how we love to have a 3 sum or a group. She gets so wet when we talk about doing this.

By #556372 at 13,Jul,18 14:44
Not only does she fuck other men (and women) but,2 of her lovers live with us

By #561335 at 13,Jul,18 14:31
No nothing wrong with it I let men fuck my wife all the time I love when men fuck her ass and cum in her pussy

By #522126 at 11,Jun,17 17:22
I love watching my wife fuck,seeing her pussy juice on another guys dick as he fucks her is so hot and seeing her cum as some guy shoot his load up her blows me away,especially when she sucks his cock clean afterwards with spunk dripping out of her hole

By #470422 at 12,Feb,15 08:37
I love seeing my gf take a larger cock and telling me how great it feels while he's fucking her.
By LeatherAndLace at 06,Mar,15 17:57 other posts of LeatherAndLace 
How much larger?

By botanic at 06,Mar,15 19:15 other posts of botanic 
any pics ?

By Valleydude at 03,Mar,15 03:41 other posts of Valleydude 
No. Not wrong. Hot. And I think it shows a level of confidence. Anyway, I've watched my wife get fucked and plan to again sometime. It's just plain FUN!

By shackles at 17,Feb,15 11:45 other posts of shackles 
I have given my wife full permission to fuck anyone she wants on 2 conditions: No one from work and she has to tell me all about it! I remind her every time she goes out of town for work or girls weekend. She hasn't done it yet but I know that someday she will find herself in the perfect situation and go for it. We both agree that it will be hot to have another guy join us both in bed, especially if he is willing to try M/M contact.

She really wants to see me go down on another guy. I'm totally up for it too. But if she gets the chance to go it alone with a fling, I'm cool with it.
By Avillager at 27,Feb,15 18:10 other posts of Avillager 
I can take care of both of your desires.
By shackles at 02,Mar,15 11:27 other posts of shackles 
I'd like to see more of your pics

By slipper at 01,Mar,15 02:12 other posts of slipper 
I would SOOOOOO love to join you both! Do you like docking? Would your wife like to help you invade my warm, wet, cavernous foreskin???
By shackles at 02,Mar,15 11:27 other posts of shackles 
Don't know. Never tried docking before.

By #476289 at 17,Feb,15 15:57
Who likes my wife tits ? Would u like to fuck her ?
By #182774 at 18,Feb,15 11:00
I love your wife's tits. I would love to fuck her

By Avillager at 27,Feb,15 18:07 other posts of Avillager 
Tit size is not as important as how she reacts when they are stimulated and how she feels about sex in general. Would really enjoy spending time naked with your wife sharing pleasure with her. She has great legs and looks like she enjoys being stimulated. Thanks for the offer.

By slipper at 01,Mar,15 02:15 other posts of slipper 

By #485019 at 27,Feb,15 14:10
My girl's pussy was inserted by 11 men.

By #483791 at 13,Feb,15 00:30
My wife is a slut. Being a slut does not make you a bad person. A slut loves to fuck lots of people. But I believe they actually need to fuck lots of people. If she tries to suppress this need it will lead to lying and cheating as well as, health issues both mental and physical. Communicate openly that way no skeletons are going to jump out and make problems. If she is a slut and you love her you must realize you can't throttle her sexuality. If you want a non-slut then find one. I love my wife partly because she is a slut. But mostly because she has given me the most incredible sex life I never would or could have thought possible before she opened her legs, and my mind to ideas and feelings that changed my life for the better.
By knewbi at 20,Feb,15 12:21 other posts of knewbi 
I'm with you.. My wife loves fucking other men of all races. She just loss fucking. She also loves women. And more than one guy or girl at a time. We are swingers so w both have our fun. I've been to orgies with her. On one I lost count at 8 or 9. She later said she had done 15 and a few of that number twice. At house parties he will be after greetings and I don't see her until we leave. She just fucks and sucks all night long. But in the end she only does this as long as I have been fucking her at home regularly.

By #272281 at 12,Jan,14 21:46
I had a buddy who was like you. What ended up happening is his wife who is now his ex eventually bonded more and more with the other guy and eventually left my buddy high and dry holding his pecker in is hand for the other guy.
--------------------------------------- added after 37 minutes

When you have something of value it's generally a good ideal to cherish it and protect it. When you show it off to much theirs always somebody out there who also wants it and takes it.
By #316255 at 12,Jan,14 21:58
That's the risk taken when having open relationships. Some people don't understand that.
By johnp at 08,Oct,14 15:39 other posts of johnp 
It's not a risk if u have a good relationship and truly love eachother.. Things like money and sex r secondary in a good relationship.. Its like how I want to fuck u emm. It would be new fun and exciting because u r smokin hot!! But my wife is my soulmate and no orgasm can compare to that 😘

By knewbi at 12,Feb,15 19:06 other posts of knewbi 
'He been doing this for over 10 years and not am single time has there ever been the hint of a problem. We both like sex and love each other. Where else will either of us be able to find a mate that will let us do this? Somitmworks very well form us...

By #483791 at 12,Feb,15 03:02
I have been married to my slut wife for 12years. When we first started dating I had fantasies about my woman doing a gangbang, but it was only fantasy. I didn't want it for real. Just for dirty talk and stuff. This woman was so super sexual we fantasized but no more and got married quickly three months later. Well, one night she said to me a fantasy where I tell you I am going to fuck a stranger and I will tell you all about it. I said yes as I got hard. She had a look in her eye of lust. She said well I set up a meeting to fuck with a guy who travels through here about once a month. I told him it must be fast because my husband is waiting to here about it. I knew she was serious by the look in her eyes. She said if you say no fine . I blurted out hell yes. I was hard and oozing. Then I watched her get ready. High heels mini skirt black thong and super low cut top. wow. She wrote down the hotel and room number. Then winked at me and said I promise to be back in an hour or less. My lord the waiting and wondering is super hot. When she did get back on time, her hair and make up were a mess and when she turned on the light and came to me she had semen dried all over her , I didn't wait just pushed her wet thong aside and fucked her so hard and shot a huge load in her. she rolled me over and told me all. She said he tried to kiss her at first but she said this was only a fuck no kissing my lips, Sbe lowered her top and said here kiss these titties. they moved to the bed where they 69;d then she said let me fuck you and she road his dick for a few minutes. She told him when he came to do it on her tits. When he was close she laid on her back with her head hanging over the edge. He stradled her face and she licked and sucked his balls and stroked his dick by then he was ready so she sat up on the edge stroked him a few times and boom he shot a huge load, she wasn't counting but she said he had at least 8 big shots and still coming out . she sucked his still hard dick clean and left immediately no clean up he pleaded with her to stay for awhile, but she made a promise to me. She drove the short drive home with cum drying all over her. The next 2 years were the hottest sexiest of my life, we went wild. But we have slowed down but still love it all. Just keep it sex only no hanging out and stuff.
By knewbi at 12,Feb,15 18:58 other posts of knewbi 
That is so cool. My wife and I are swingers. We have gone to orgies where a number of guys have jumped her and it is so much fun looking over and seeing 3 or 4 or more guys either working her over or lined up waiting their turn. We've gone to house parties where she will disappear as soon as we arrive and I will not see her again until we leave. At one party I remember some guys recommending the girl in a certain room as she was a real good fuck. That was the room my wife was in. I know because I took my turn at her and she told me she was having so much fun. I was her 8th guy that night with some returning for a,return engagement. In the end I think she said that she had done about 15 guys. So fucking hot. She also does,women too. Nothing bitter than seeing her with a double headed dildo and one end stuffed in her pussy and the other in another woman...

By #174339 at 15,Dec,14 04:43
my cousin andy and i make love to my wife pretty oftrn we deserve a little enjoyment we have had him join us in bed, she love it. I loved her

By johnp at 08,Oct,14 15:30 other posts of johnp 
It works for us!

By fancyabit at 08,Oct,14 14:16 other posts of fancyabit 
Every wank I have I always imagine my wife being fucked by another man or men....all stud. I cum when I think of a big cock rips into her and hear her scream while she's held down.

By #68656 at 12,Jan,14 03:59
That is up to your own moral compasses and those of other members who will offer their opinions, but please be aware of the marriage vows of fidelity that you BOTH made to each other.
By sinanff47 at 05,Oct,14 01:38 other posts of sinanff47 
Unless you knew this individual personally, you cannot claim that they made any vows of fidelity. That kind of vow is used in some Christian weddings, but NOT in many other kinds of weddings.

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By nekekal at 29,Sep,14 21:50 other posts of nekekal 
It is not wrong if I get to fuck her. You can watch, or video it, or not. Fucking is always good. Let me know when I should come over and cum.

By #468048 at 22,Sep,14 07:31
fuck mywife pliz

By #174339 at 13,Jul,14 23:35
we love it i think we re at a time in ages in our lives and have a bond and security in each other we happily share or bad with my husband friend if to man like making love to a woman and a woman enjoys to man I absolutely love it
By iowaguy at 15,Jul,14 18:53 other posts of iowaguy 
I agree I have seen my wife with 3 other men it was awesome to watch the penetration the vows I believe are still intact as long as both agree and limits are respected.

By #297196 at 10,Apr,14 22:04
Not at all is this wrong.

By #11431 at 17,Jan,14 05:29
if you are both OK with it there will be no prob , but things dont always remain like that .

By horniperv at 15,Jan,14 08:41 other posts of horniperv 
Nope. I like it too. To see her in such ecstasy and enjoying herself is such a turn on.

By #442376 at 13,Jan,14 11:44
If you like it fuck every one else I love to fuck guys wife's in front if them it is the power of it if I love a lady I couldn't watch another man make her fell what I should be making her fell but if it's just a girl that's just there for company I could care less who she fucks
By #435701 at 14,Jan,14 16:51

By routemaster at 12,Jan,14 03:59 other posts of routemaster 
If you're all consenting adults, then what is wrong about that? Its your lives and what other people think is of no consequence whatsoever, if anyone thinks its wrong then let them think that, they're probably the ones who ain't having any fun anyway so why worry about them???? Have a good time and enjoy yourselves

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