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I let all my friend ride my wife!

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Started by #203440 at 23,Nov,11 03:45
I enjoy my wife fucking my friends when we party at our place, is that weird!

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By knewbi at 28,May,19 11:42 other posts of knewbi 
Not at all. After all it is just sex. My wife and I were swingers for years and any friend of ours that knew it and showed an interest in fucking her was offered the chance. Either by me or my wife. If she wanted to fuck some guy she would tell him and said for him to ask me if it was cool. We are no longer real active but we do have a friend or two that she does regularly.

By JustWill at 04,Jul,15 09:48 other posts of JustWill 
Most of my friends ride the bus if they don't own a car.
By leopoldij at 12,Jul,15 18:12 other posts of leopoldij 
Do they cum in the bus too?
By anyfun at 27,May,19 05:11 other posts of anyfun 
If no one looks, perhaps

By *kmadeau* at 16,Jul,15 23:18 other posts of *kmadeau* 
then be sure She is fucking around every single day

By horniperv at 04,Jul,15 06:13 other posts of horniperv 
Its really not that weird. Glad its worked out for you.

By #68656 at 23,Nov,11 04:34
What about the marriage vows you and your wife made at your wedding where you both promised to be faithful to each other.?????
By #174339 at 14,Jul,14 00:54
we r faithful to each other we are not it behind each ohers backs 2 of friends enjoy my wife only one now andy sam was a long time ago
By bella! at 14,Jul,14 01:24 other posts of bella! 

By #303133 at 18,Jul,14 01:11
Who the heck is Andy Sam?
By #174339 at 31,Jul,14 02:37
2 of my husband friends

By #445126 at 15,Jul,14 17:46
With all respect, you don't necessarily know what their marriage vows were, now do you? I suggest you don't judge unless you have the facts. And frankly, I suggest you just don't judge. It's not becoming.
By #435701 at 17,Jul,14 14:07

By horniperv at 04,Jul,15 06:12 other posts of horniperv 

By tallon77 at 02,Aug,14 16:38 other posts of tallon77 
I wanna be your friend!

By oldbugle at 31,Jul,14 05:24 other posts of oldbugle 
.....I do enjoy this site, it's just SO entertaining!

By #437938 at 14,Jan,14 00:53
I would love to eat her pussy after they all filled it up with cum!

By #292429 at 14,Dec,13 13:31
no its not weird,my wife and I have been doing it for years and if done correctly, you shouldnt have any loss of friends or your mate. so far in 25 yrs together, theres been 7 buddies,one that fucked her everyday for almost 2 yrs,5 or 6 different men we picked up at bars and about 20-30 at the dirty book stores. one time there I watched her take 5 guy-one right after the !
By Rose at 13,Jan,14 17:45 other posts of Rose 
But your page says that you are gay. Does your wife know this?

By bella! at 13,Dec,13 16:58 other posts of bella! 
Wow! You sound like a real gem, a definite keeper!

By #297196 at 13,Mar,13 20:44
Its not weird at all. Its great that you have a shared wife and she gets a very rewarding sex life. You are very lucky to have an awesome hotwife

By diamund at 07,Mar,13 19:55 other posts of diamund 
i don't know... but can i be one of your friends

By #164428 at 24,Nov,11 00:47
So you enjoy cuckolding, watching while others fuck your wife. That's not unusual. And as you're consenting adults, and you both agree to opening the marriage this way, no deception is involved. To each his own!
By JimmyFunBoy at 24,Nov,11 02:28 other posts of JimmyFunBoy 

By JimmyFunBoy at 29,Nov,11 03:10 other posts of JimmyFunBoy 
The Hot Wife or Shared Wife lifestyle is more popular than many might think. There are web forums devoted to the subject. Some married couples claim that it has improved their marriage and their sex life.

By slipper at 25,Nov,11 01:34 other posts of slipper 
May I be your friend?

...and, how about posting some pix of her!!!

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