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first experience

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Started by #210869 at 23,Jul,12 02:06
i was just wondering some peoples first experience wither another man

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By countrynaturist at 13,Nov,18 23:58 other posts of countrynaturist 
The boy next door always swam nude in his pool. We were 15 and I decided to skip school and went nextdoor and asked him if I could join him. I stripped and joined him. We spent the day nude together ... In the pool, tanning, and playing with each other. we jerked each other off, tanned some, watched some porn, and started to such each other's cocks.

By #519017 at 12,Nov,16 18:07
I'd moved to London and I was lonely and sexually frustrated without a girl. I got to know an older unmarried guy a few flats away. I used to help him with his tax and other things. One day he showed me his suitcase packed with porn mags, mostly Health and Efficiency, a nudist mag showing both guys and girls. We browsed his porn and one evening he asked me if I'd strip naked and let him wank me. I was sexually frustrated and hot from porn and I thought why not? I stripped to my briefs and let him take them off. I was up rock hard and he gave me a good hand job till I squirted my load while I stood there ogling his girly porn! So that was my first man to man sex experience.

By cumonme1 at 09,Sep,14 08:26 other posts of cumonme1 
I was late to the party i was in my 50's my first encounter with other men was at an ABS I would jerk guys off I suck my first cock about 3 years ago when iwas about 60.

By Joe93930 at 08,Sep,14 17:45 other posts of Joe93930 
My first i was 14 at my friend's house playing video games with his 11 year old ****. I was board and made a bet that the loser sucks the winners dick. I won and he sucked me until i came on his face. After i decided i wanted to try it so i told him to take his out. It wasn't as big but still sucked. He barely got out any cum but i swallowed. I wanted to fuck him but it hurt to much.

By Foreskinlover at 29,Nov,13 04:27 other posts of Foreskinlover 
Sucked my mates foreskin cock when I was 20, swallowed the load. Been sucking cock for years now

By stiffone4u at 29,Nov,13 01:33 other posts of stiffone4u 
I was 21 a bit drunk and got sucked through a gloryhole. He swallowed every drop. I zipped up and practically ran out of the bookstore.Was a bit strange to me that I let him do it and mostly that I enjoyed it so much. Was very taboo to me then....Went back a few days later for another.

By hockeyplaya at 28,Nov,13 23:31 other posts of hockeyplaya 
I was 10 years old and me and my best friend were playing truth or dare. The dares were the usual until he asked me to show him my cock. I had no choice. I pretended like i didnt want to but i liked it. My dare to him was to do the same thing. From that led to us fooling around with each others cocks. None of us knew what jacking off was but we still like the fact of playing with cock and we both loved it. Unfortunately shortly after that he moved accross town and we never continued our sexual games.

By swvsucker at 27,Nov,13 18:34 other posts of swvsucker 
I was 15, he was 14. We were/are cousins. We had jacked together a few times, but never went any further (I had the craving for it but was too shy to just go for it). We were watching a movie and jacking together and these two guys wanted to fuck a girl. She agreed to fuck them if they sucked each other's cocks first. They did.

We ended up talking about what we would do in that scenario. He said he didn't think he would suck the other guy's cock. My heart was racing when I said that I would. He was surprised. He was even more surprised when I said that I wondered what it would be like to suck a guy's cock and would be willing to do it even if I wasn't getting pussy.

Long story short, I ended up offering to suck him off. He said he would feel odd if he didn't return the favor, so we 69ed. I came pretty fast, he spit it out and said it was gross tasting. I sucked him for a while longer until he came in my mouth. After he came I was embarrased to admit I liked the taste so I made a show of going to the bathroom and spitting it out, but I actually ate it. After that we talked and he said that he didn't like doing it. I told him I really liked it. We agreed that after that I would suck him off every time we got the chance. We continued this "agreement" right up until he developed some medical issues in his late 30's and had to stop.

Oh, and the second time I sucked him off I ate his cum in front of him. He was again surprised, but took great pleasure in feeding me from then on. Sometimes we would jack off together and when he would cum he would scoop it up with his fingers and I would lick it off of them.
By tb1 at 28,Nov,13 23:14 other posts of tb1 
good story m8, did he never suck your cock again?

By skot at 28,Nov,13 18:48 other posts of skot 
I was 9. He was 8 and pretty forward when it came to boys bits. Guess having older brothers helped him. At any rate he got me to strip with him and kiss and fondle his cock. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing, only that we probably shouldn't tell any grow-ups.

We kind of drifted apart so when he'd reached puberty and could cum he didn't feel comfortable talking about it.

By botanic at 28,Nov,13 12:01 other posts of botanic 
I have never had an experience where I withered a man , though my cock has occasionally withered at the thought of certain things !

By uncutone69 at 25,Nov,13 01:42 other posts of uncutone69 
Mine was at 8 with a cousin. I found a porn magazine and was curious to try some of the stuff in it.

By #288576 at 29,Sep,12 16:20
I was 13, me and my friend were camping in the bac jard and made a bet that the one with the smaler dick will suck the guy with the biger one, I came in his mouth and on his face
By CreativeOne at 24,Nov,13 21:26 other posts of CreativeOne 
Cool Story !

By #316057 at 23,Nov,13 15:33
I jerk some guys when I was very young and the came I got scare that I hire them

By cumaddik at 26,Oct,13 12:58 other posts of cumaddik 
I was was the very first time i had sex with another person...and it was with a man. He was in his twenty's...and we both touched, licked, and sucked each other off few times that night. I loved it so mucht It was also the very first time i had to taste and swallow another man's cum I ADORED IT!!!! I knew that night that i was gay, and that i was made to be a bottom

By 67malibu at 04,Jan,13 04:05 other posts of 67malibu 
Hot stories

By liketoedge at 17,Sep,12 15:50 other posts of liketoedge 
First orgasm was when I was 8 years old. I was upstairs in my bedroom changing out of my school clothes looking out the window when my older brothers friend came thought the back gate. He always came to our house after school until his parents got of work an hung out. My older **** made the football team so he came home later after pratice. Instead of coming in the house he went in the fort we had in the back yard so I was spying on him wondering what he was doing. I had a perfect view of the fort from my window. He grabs a Hustler magazine we had stashed out there, Lays down and pulls his pants down and starts stroking. I didnt know exactly what he was doing but I got a boner watching and couldnt look away. About only a minute later he came on his stomach scooped it up with his hand and flung it on the ground and pulled his pants up. Then he comes in the house. I was mesmerized. So I just asked him straight out what was that you were doing in the fort His reply was thats the best feeling in the world dont you know about that. He told me to try it, so we went to my room. We pulled down our pants and I just did what he was doing. He came again and he told me to just keep going but I keep stopping ever time the feeling got intense. I told him I was going to pee if I kept going and stopped again. After about 10 minutes of this he says let me show you and almost instantly me knees got weak, my hips started bucking and the most intense feeling.and he kept stroking for at least a couple minutes. The whole time I just kept orgasming it was so strong and lasted so long it almost hurt. I ask him many times after that to do it again. but he never did. He did tell me everybody does it but they just dont admit it. He never made it seen wrong. He told me about pubic hair,semen, penis size and told me what I had to look forward to when I was older. I was adicted to orgasms and probably had 5000 dry orgasms between the age of 8 and 13 when I finally had semen. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to tell the the whole story. Not just I got Jacked off by a 14 year old when I was 8. By the way it was fantastic and a great memory still
By #264896 at 29,Sep,12 20:39
Very similar story for me too. I was young (10) and got shown how to 'jack off' by an older boy on a camp out. The first orgasm was something I didn't know how to explain to my other friends, so I called it "getting the feeling." Very much like you, I probably experienced thousands of 'dry' cums before I ejaculated anything around 13. I have an unusual theory that may not be accurate, but once you began shooting cum did you tend to have a much bigger load than many of your friends? I was a super chronic masturbator and believe those of us that WERE addicted to 'dry' orgasms ended up producing larger ejaculations once the semen began to fly. It could be the genetic lottery, but starting young sure made me a heavy cummer. Most of my jack off buds wanted to watch me squirt it. It's horny to remember all this. Liked your story a lot.
By liketoedge at 03,Jan,13 15:42 other posts of liketoedge 
I think there is some truth to that. Not just bigger loads but also It seemed like I always shot further than my friends

By #306161 at 28,Sep,12 16:42
I was 21 and living in a group house in college. One of my housemates came out of the shower one day and I saw his cock -- soft it was longer than mine was hard, and I'm 7". For some reason I couldn't get the idea out of my mind that it must have been huge when hard. More than once I jacked off to the idea of stroking and sucking his cock. Well, one night I came home late from work and he was the only one home. We started drinking, then popped in a porn tape (that was in the days when it was tape, not dvd or web) and before long were both rubbing ourselves through our pants. I looked over at his bulge and it was indeed huge. I almost came right then thinking about it.

He looked over at me staring at his bulge and got a stupid grin on his face. "Wanna see it?" he asked. "Sure," I managed to stammer. He unzipped and pulled it out of his pants. I have no idea what the measurements were -- but it was at least 10", if not more. I've only seen a couple bigger ones in porn since. The head was the size of a plum. "Big, huh?" he said. "Yeah," was all I could manage. But then, I mustered up my courage and said, "Can we go upstairs?" He nodded, put it away again, and up we went.

By the time we got to his room, we were both stripping our clothes as fast as we could. I pushed him down on the bed and worshiped his monster cock. First just stroking it, playing with his balls that were easily twice the size of mine, and then finally, taking him into my mouth. I could barely fit it in at first, but after a while got used to it. I never managed to work much of it into my mouth -- it was just so big -- but I sucked him the way I'd always hoped girls would suck me and before long he grabbed my head, held me tight and then shot a gigantic load into my mouth. I was shocked at the **** of his blast and gagged most of it out, but then stroked him down to mostly soft the way I love to be stroked.

He returned the favor for me. I have to admit, he was much better with his hands than he was with his mouth, but over the next few months if we were without girlfriends at night, we were getting one another off. He asked me once if he could fuck me, but I was scared to try given how big he was. Since I said no, I didn't feel right asking if I could fuck him.

He was my first and only cock. To this day, I wish I could have another and I do wish I could have the experience, at least once, of a cock in my ass, just so I'll know what it's like. Of course, in those days there was no HIV, so it was mostly risk free sex. Now, I'm not in a position to act on those fantasies.

We saw one another years later, more than 20 actually, and laughed about how much fun we'd had together. If his wife hadn't been at the party we were at, I think we would have done it once more for old time's sake. Alas.
By cockbird at 14,Dec,12 21:10 other posts of cockbird 

By younghardcock13 at 29,Sep,12 13:46 other posts of younghardcock13 
Still waiting for the first.. But I have always fantasized of looking at my cock as another man's hand stroked its throbbing shaft until I blew my entire load all over as I screamed and moaned at the top of my lungs.

By #233140 at 27,Sep,12 11:57
My first time was with a very patient and nice gay guy. We found each other online, spent a few weeks chatting and sending each other pics/vids and well, we really got each other all hot and bothered so to speak, online, before we ever met. Then finally I decided it was time to get over my own 40+ year long bicuriosity so I scheduled up a date at his place.

Now, 11+ years later, I still remember that day. I remember driving over with butterflys running rampant in my stomach. There were a couple of times that I almost turned around but I didn't and eventually found myself actually knocking on his door.

Thankfully he was exactly as he seemed online, we 'clicked' so to speak and it wasn't long after I entered his house that I found myself naked, on his bed, facing my very first cock.

He was good sized, VERY hard and it took me about 2 seconds to realize that my life-long curiosity was in fact grounded on the fact that I just absolutely LOVE cocks and that I was a totally natural and gifted cocksucker!

I hoovered his Johnson for all I was worth and took every drop when he came and then I kept at it, got him hard again and made him come a second time before he finally sucked me off.

I've never looked back since. I do STILL love the gals, don't get me wrong.... but I also love my 'boy-toys' very very much. Thankfully, I have a girlfriend who lets me indulge my passion for dick!! I'm a VERY lucky man indeed!

By andrew999999999 at 27,Sep,12 11:44 other posts of andrew999999999 
A few years ago I was having a smoke on a market stall in the town where I live, and a black guy went passed on his bike. He caught a whiff of the smoke and came back. We got chatting and he asked if I wanted to go for a smoke round at his flat. I said no at first and we chatted some more. He asked again, and again I politely declined, and after a few more minutes he said he'd suck my dick if I went with him.
I'd been curious about sucking cock for several months, and having a guy blow me, plus I enjoyed wanking off to pics/vids involving black men, gay and straight, so I thought fuck it, and went round to his.
When we got there, he tided a little while I rolled us a smoke. When he was done, he stripped off to his boxers while I was smoking. After a few mins, I handed him the smoke, and stripped down to my briefs. He finished the smoke and asked me to lie on my back, so I did after removing my briefs. He took of his boxers and I saw his cock was hrd like mine. It was about the same length as mine, but thicker.
He positioned himself above me so that we were in the 69 position, and he started to suck my dick. His hard cock was just a few inches above my face, and he took it and pointed it down towards my mouth. I'd not been thinking about sucking his dick, but in that moment I figured I may never get another chance to suck a cock, so I held it and began to suck it.
I was surprised by how easy and natural it felt to have a hard cock in my mouth, and I was surprised by how good it felt and how much I was enjoying the texture and taste of it.
I don't know how long we were sucking each others dicks for, but we swapped positions a few times before we'd finished. From that moment on, I knew I was going to suck more cocks, and I have.

By fatcock57 at 13,Sep,12 12:36 other posts of fatcock57 
Last year; went to his place, he had gay porn on TV (which was awesome btw); talked for a few minutes and got undressed. Played with each others' cocks and balls; went to bed, did some mutual wanking and rubbing, squeezing balls. Then he got off...was a bit of a dissappointment, and I had to finish myself of too. But all in all it was exciting ! glad I did it, now I want more...

By #210869 at 13,Sep,12 00:44
mine was when i was 11 with my best friend he was 13, i had cumed for the first time the week before but had no clue what it was. so i decided to ask him, my parents where at work and he was over. i told him something weird had happened when i was touching myself, so he said show me. i pulled my cock out and he asked it he could touch it to make it go faster, next thing i know hes sucking me. i came very quick. then he pulled out his and said my turn. i sucked him for about 10min then he came. we did this about 3 times a week for about 5 years.

By shrimp961 at 14,Aug,12 18:26 other posts of shrimp961 
Got a blow job was best I've ever had

By 67malibu at 14,Aug,12 13:37 other posts of 67malibu 
First blowjob I gave was on a dirt road . Buddy from school.

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