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By stiffone4u at 21,Jan,21 21:07
I was going to write about why it's true and very real, but I find that certain people lately believe that Fox news is more reliable than and amount of proof or science and will never believe facts. A million scientists can say it's a fact but one "news" reporter that pulls some guy with a science degree from Joe Bob school of rock huntin and they believe him.

Must be from wind mills.

By stiffone4u at 14,Dec,20 22:16

By stiffone4u at 05,Nov,20 22:58
1 mostly but can be a 2 if the situation is right.

By stiffone4u at 23,Sep,20 22:30
Should those criminals not have to pay taxes? I thought that one of our founding principals was no taxation without representation? So we should not let them vote but not allow them to elect a person that may challenge the crime they committed? Lets ay that being a liberal was a crime and a felony, how would that play out? As of today the jails are full of pot selling felons. Yet its legal in many states.
Not so black and white is it?

By stiffone4u at 30,Aug,20 17:24
Get more pics of her..

By stiffone4u at 30,Aug,20 09:52
She's hot. Did you check her??

By stiffone4u at 27,Aug,20 16:42
Stand and shoot.

By stiffone4u at 21,Aug,20 23:10
I'm a giver.

By stiffone4u at 08,Jun,20 12:27
Sounds like you two would be fun to hang out with.

By stiffone4u at 25,Apr,20 00:11
They're all in Washington...

By stiffone4u at 01,Apr,20 09:34
No matter how much most of us do the right thing, the 10-20% of ignorant idiots are putting our lives at risk. I am ready to put a sign on my lawn to let my neighbor know he should stay the hell home. He had a cookout over the weekend with people visiting.. New Yorker's gathered in a group to watch the Navy Hospital ship arrive. What the fuck is wrong with them! New York is maybe the most infected area in the world right now. Maybe they should tie rocks on their feet and jump in the river. Save the hospital bed they will soon need for being stupid, for a smarter person that did the right things. Unbelievable to me that they still don't get it.

By stiffone4u at 29,Mar,20 17:49
are you fucking kidding me? who is running the country? 2,000,000 is now the estimated fucking dumb ass. Maybe if the leaders didn't say it was nothing to worry about 3 months ago or do anything to prepare we'd be better...yes bumblefuck America is doing ok...wait until you find a friend outside you family...

By stiffone4u at 29,Mar,20 15:58
I think it's a matter of being able to look at stuff and talk about things you can't do in society.

By stiffone4u at 29,Mar,20 15:29
I got my first comment...Seem angry assholes don't know when to shut up and sensible people don't know when to speak up...

By stiffone4u at 21,Mar,20 21:12
Not always...lose cum for sure. If they do nerve sparing surgery see Fiona are possible...tough decision. Shitty options

By stiffone4u at 21,Mar,20 21:05
As if there's not enough shit going on...I need a scan then will schedule surgery. Other than the high psa I had no symptoms.

By stiffone4u at 21,Mar,20 18:29
I was just biopsied positive after a psa of 7

By stiffone4u at 11,Mar,20 22:33
Keri Russel is pretty hot

By stiffone4u at 01,Jan,20 13:45
And I gladly delivered my load..never had a mmf with a bi or gay man and a woman.

By stiffone4u at 01,Jan,20 13:37
And I gladly delivered my load..

By stiffone4u at 28,Dec,19 21:08
Got sucked through a gloryhole...very hot

By stiffone4u at 20,Dec,19 21:55
I was staying at a friend's house who just got married that day along with his parents and a few other friends. I was going to sleep on the pullout couch in the living room and everyone else was upstairs. The maid of honer , who I just met the day before, was there with me and we were a bit drunk... I ended up fucking her and at one point I was behind her humping away and looked up to the top of the stairs and saw the groom's dad watching.. Needless to say, breakfast was a bit awkward.

By stiffone4u at 01,Nov,19 23:35
Went to my first adult book store with a gloryhole at 21. I had no idea they existed.Got scared(catholic heterosexual)and left. Got a bit drunk after breaking up with gf and went back.I was 6', 170 lbs in cut-off shorts. Every time I went in a booth, the booth next to it got occupied.I moved from booth to booth to see what it was like to be a sex object...after a good while I let a guy start rubbing my leg and more...

By stiffone4u at 27,Oct,19 23:24
It's hot to see and better to do it!

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By stiffone4u at 25,Apr,19 21:29
mmf 3some is a fantasy of mine as well. I'd like it to be slow and explore things I have not tried but might like.

By stiffone4u at 20,Apr,19 11:40
Is it me or are some people on here a bit to sensitive? I mean it is not facebook or twitter. You should all know what the site(s) are about. It is to show your genitals pretty much. If that offends you, don't look, don't allow pics to be sent to you or go to a pg site.
If someone says you have a nice ass or dick or whatever take it for what it is...a compliment. I know I like compliments and if it offends me I delete it...
Life's too short to get angry over words.
I will now step off my soapbox.

By stiffone4u at 30,May,18 21:29
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By stiffone4u at 30,May,18 21:26
jerked off in an adult bookstore while someone watched through a peephole

By stiffone4u at 30,May,18 21:24
The only shots I fire from pron smear on impact!

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By stiffone4u at 06,Dec,17 16:52
Lucky guy

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By stiffone4u at 17,May,17 00:07
she's hot!

By stiffone4u at 24,Jan,17 23:04
fuck you short girl!

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By stiffone4u at 07,Jan,17 00:13

what do you think?

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By stiffone4u at 25,Mar,16 10:15
she is hot!

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hope you like!

By stiffone4u at 21,Oct,15 22:47

love the tan lines!

By stiffone4u at 19,Oct,15 00:35
I chat to anyone in the a couple.

By stiffone4u at 17,Oct,15 01:16
Riley Reeid is hot. I like smaller tits and a nice ass and she has that covered. Sasha Grey is hot too.

By stiffone4u at 22,Apr,15 23:09
Join the either need a pussy or a huge cock to get lots of are fine and have nothing to worry about.

By stiffone4u at 20,Apr,15 22:49
I do!

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By stiffone4u at 05,Apr,15 00:15
What difference does it make? As long as they aren't asking you for money or something personal. You have to be a bit nuts to trust anyone on the internet you don't know. I take it for what it is. So what if a guy posing as a woman says I have a nice cock...I assume they are who the say they are and thank them. They get a thrill and so do I.

By stiffone4u at 05,Jan,15 22:45
Is Star baby gone?

By stiffone4u at 21,Aug,14 23:02
I'm a triple threat...hands, tongue and dick..sometimes a combination of any or all 3

By stiffone4u at 21,Aug,14 23:01
grower...wish I was a shower...would have made the locker rooms easier as a teen and even now.