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Watching a woman pee

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Started by #12853 at 04,Nov,09 17:46
To this day I still get incredibly turned on by watching a woman piss. Does anyone else (male or female) really like this? Most of my girlfriends liked to pee in front of me. Ladies, do how do you feel about a guy watching you?

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By bella! at 02,Nov,17 14:19 other posts of bella! 
For all you members that enjoy a good pee, this video should meet or exceed your needs PLUS there's a twist, an ending that I never saw coming!

By HotFuckerBoy at 02,Nov,17 18:04 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Yup, that's an all time great one. Be sure the volume is up
By bella! at 02,Nov,17 20:09 other posts of bella! 
You hadn't seen it before this post? I'm glad that by posting this link, I could bring a smile to your face!

By 2nice at 05,Nov,17 16:29 other posts of 2nice 
By bella! at 06,Nov,17 12:55 other posts of bella! 
It's a good one, isn't it? I'm not keen on "pissing" anything, pictures or videos. This one had so many views, I thought, what the heck!

By #482237 at 06,Nov,17 11:15

By Eerect at 02,Nov,17 13:59 other posts of Eerect 
My Wife will drinks pints of water and when the time is right we get in the shower together,I kneel down in front of her while she parts her legs and pussy lips,she then sprays her golden pee in my mouth and over my face and body,lovely!!

By #543881 at 01,Nov,17 07:17
I love watching women pissing outside and on my cock

By #543844 at 31,Oct,17 18:17
The first time was with my ex wife She was in the tub spread her pussy open and I said WOW when I say it come out

By submissivemartyn at 29,Oct,17 05:45 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex wife(also my Mistress)would make me strip and lay down in the bath,then pee all over my face.If she was in one of her 'evil' moods she would order me to open my mouth and drink her pee also.

By bi_44 at 26,Dec,16 17:06 other posts of bi_44 
Watching a woman pee is super hot. The absolute best is watching 2 women pee on each other, really turns me on.

By Sindee at 25,Dec,16 17:30 other posts of Sindee 
I LOVE watching a woman pee!! I would LOVE to find a woman that would let me lick her clean!

By #334136 at 17,Jan,13 01:31
By #68656 at 08,Feb,13 06:00
Here is the literal translation from the Japanese, looks like his account must have been washed away in the flood of the pee pee. Let us trust Mt. Fujiama was not washed away in that flood.
"I take a lot of pictures of mistress pee. I like to pee she is photographed. Since I have a lot of pictures pee, pee show to the people of the female fans."
By Lenatur at 14,May,15 14:21 other posts of Lenatur 
THX John

By Lenatur at 14,May,15 14:19 other posts of Lenatur 
Our Action !!!

By #38540 at 26,Nov,09 07:12
luv peeing in public
By #10886 at 28,Nov,09 13:34
Please post some pic of that! I love to see a lady pee!
By Lenatur at 14,May,15 14:13 other posts of Lenatur 
Now you can see my Lady !

By Lenatur at 14,May,15 14:12 other posts of Lenatur 
Talk Talk Talk ??? BLA BLA BLA !!! let see us Results !!!! THX my Lady
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By #401572 at 14,May,15 14:04
When I was with my ex girlfriend. She liked it when I played with her when she was peeing.

By leopoldij at 14,May,15 08:26 other posts of leopoldij 
The fact that there is a peeing category in most porn sites means that it's a desired thing to watch. But do women like seeing a man pee?

By Liketosee at 11,Nov,13 05:47 other posts of Liketosee 
I love it when my wife's on top while in a69 and she gets so amped up she starts to piss. It embarrasses her but fucking turns me on

By #437064 at 10,Nov,13 09:37
If my girlfriend pissed with the door open, I tell her to bloody close it
By sinanff47 at 11,Nov,13 03:08 other posts of sinanff47 
If my lady friend closed the door when she went to pee, I'd wonder what was wrong.

By #171060 at 17,Jan,13 11:50
i saw one girl pee infront of car, and turn me a lot

By pornlover59 at 13,Jan,13 14:58 other posts of pornlover59 
yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!

By 67malibu at 12,Jan,13 19:12 other posts of 67malibu 
I've always liked watching girls pee

By BostonSwallower at 12,Jan,13 09:10 other posts of BostonSwallower 
absolutely... very hot to see a girl peeing!

By mywusch at 12,Jan,13 07:25 other posts of mywusch 
love to see a woman pee directly in front of my mouth and love to lick her

By Dezire at 30,Jul,11 06:29 other posts of Dezire 
It's really a turn on for me too!!

By #177288 at 30,Jul,11 04:48
I love to see my wife piss, it is very sexy, the sound shhhh get my hard

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