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"SEARCH - BAR" - (Does anyone ever use this)

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Started by CreativeOne at 07,Oct,12 19:07  other posts of CreativeOne
Doesn't anyone ever check the "SEARCH BAR" to see if a topic here has been asked before ?

"Just my two cents" , because it seems like this Discussion Forum is getting "FLOODED" with repeat questions over and over again !!! ............... Boring !!!!!!!

Sorry ... It's just kind of funny when I see so much repeat questions here on the "DF" ... over and over again !

Does anyone else agree or have an opinion ????

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New Comment

By licksipsuckit at 12,Nov,17 21:47 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l use the search bar for phrases and topics, its come in very handy when people write anonymous stuff or open fake accounts, as their words and phrases are used on different occasions in other threads and most people cant hide who they really are behind a false front.. its been one very useful thing here for me on more than one occasion *lix*

By #196416 at 03,Nov,12 13:42
Search Bar? Why would anyone use that? That is only for those who happen to....wait for it........GIVE A BIG RED RATS ASS!
By CreativeOne at 04,Mar,13 10:15 other posts of CreativeOne 
FYI ... the search bar is used mostly so there isn't so much duplicate posts on the Discussion Forum , which to me I see Soooooo many that repete themselves !
By bella! at 04,Mar,13 10:37 other posts of bella! 
You can never have too many "Truth or Dare" threads. Just kidding! One thread doesn't fly so here comes another BOOB and starts another, thinking that his thread is gonna be that much better.
By Ray10754 at 04,Mar,13 11:13 other posts of Ray10754 
Wouldn't useing the serch bar show a minor sence of inteligansce? Oh my that would be a wounderfull thing!!

By #303133 at 08,Oct,12 22:42
I do use the search bar. Best way to find topics to make fun of!
By dreamer at 09,Oct,12 05:29 other posts of dreamer 

By CreativeOne at 03,Nov,12 11:48 other posts of CreativeOne 
Now that is just way too funny "JustWill" ... Thanks for sharing and again ...

By #137089 at 09,Oct,12 10:07
Honestly I have never seen the search bar.
But I will look once I finish posting this and use from now on

Looks like your post is achieving results
By CreativeOne at 09,Oct,12 20:07 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Thank You" ! I'm really glad that you think my thread is achieving results ! It's just that I have seen so many of the same things over and over again , so I thought , I would see why hardly anyone was using it and now I see why ! As a lot of members never really knew that the "Search - Bar" is and Always has been there ! So thanks again for your comment "all469"

By bella! at 08,Oct,12 17:22 other posts of bella! 
Well we're off to a good start.....5 members that use the SEARCH option prior to opening a new thread about previously discussed topics. Do you think the 5 of us can influence the other mega thousand that do not? Heck! They probably didn't bother to read this because the title didn't have the words pussy or cock in it!
By #268212 at 08,Oct,12 17:39
Perhaps if CreativeOne changed the title to 'You would never need to search in my trousers for my big bulging 10 inch bar' at least then they might come and have a look
By CreativeOne at 09,Oct,12 09:53 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Thank You" , that was really funny "lovemylovebuttons" ... you Always say just the right thing to put a on my face ! Again , that was so funny , yet true !!!

By #274357 at 08,Oct,12 19:53
CreativeOne, you are on point.

Let us forgive the one handed forum users that cannot be bothered by a search bar.
By CreativeOne at 09,Oct,12 09:50 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Thank You" so much for saying that "2nice" ! I really appreciate it !

By #268212 at 08,Oct,12 17:27
Is that search bar new? - funnily enough, I only just noticed it today - just before your post. I very rarely start posts so I am not guilty of doing duplicates!
By bella! at 08,Oct,12 17:54 other posts of bella! 
Nice to see you in the forum lmlb!

By CreativeOne at 09,Oct,12 09:48 other posts of CreativeOne 
No ... it's not new "lovemylovebuttons" , it's actually been on there since I think , the very begining ! Oh and like "bella" said ... It's so great seeing you on the "DF" ! I'm honored you posted something on my thread , you are both so "Sweet" !

By dreamer at 08,Oct,12 17:33 other posts of dreamer 
Occasionally when I'm looking for some interesting, informative topics.
By bella! at 08,Oct,12 18:08 other posts of bella! 
Me too! But if I'm looking for witty, silly and creative topics I look for anything started by JustWill, xaoxaoxao and/or fairydust. Let me tell you, fairydust, she's not only gorgeous, she is a colorful story teller, she's is so funny! Do yourself a favor, read her blog about 1 day in her life, I bet the other 364 days are comical too.
By dreamer at 09,Oct,12 05:16 other posts of dreamer 
Exactly! Spot on. I just love their humorous, witty posts and comments. Thank You JustWill, xaoxaoxao, fairydust and JohnS.
And last but not the least you as well bella. Thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face. Keep up the good work

By BeauAvro at 08,Oct,12 22:58 other posts of BeauAvro 
Yeah Ive dragged a few topics out from the archives to see the light of day once more

By slipper at 08,Oct,12 01:06 other posts of slipper 

By #63505 at 07,Oct,12 21:22
I do use the search bar to find topics that were already brought up, but I mostly just read the forums. There are not many topics that I feel like commenting on.

I get annoyed by the self promotion, but I find that it is par for the course on sites like this. Most people who post in the forums for attention have also advertised themselves in the chatroom, say something box, etc. I suppose that they didn't get all the attention they expected to in their first attempts. One can easily be overlooked on this site with so many members, and I find that some forum posters are usually more than happy to respond to the call for attention.

I guess some people don't care if they flood the forums with such posts, as long as somebody pays them any kind of attention.
By bella! at 07,Oct,12 22:11 other posts of bella! 
Ya know, you are very intuitive!

By bella! at 07,Oct,12 20:10 other posts of bella! 
I agree that the forum is littered by multiple members opening new discussions about something that was posted previously. Also, I kinda get tired of members posting threads that are for self promotion, i.e.; what do you think of my dick and hey, what do you think of my pussy "topics". That's what the "say something" box is for. And finally, yes, I use the search option.
By CreativeOne at 07,Oct,12 20:56 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Outstanding" ! Thank You "bella" for your statement ! I just wish there was a way to have "everyone" here follow in our footsteps about doing what is supposed to be a very common sense thing ! Unfortunately ... "Common Sense is so uncommon" ... lol! I am sure a lot of members here in fact do use the "Search - Bar" , but sadly too many here "Don't" !!!
Also , you are Sooooooooo right about the "Self Promoting" issues too ! That is something else that is really "Flooding" the "DF" ! I remember when I first became a member here back in July 2009 ... there were only 21 pages on the "DF" and now it's up to 162 pages ... WOW !!! Like I said ... "Flooded" with too many repeat topics !
So again , TY 4 your reply my friend !!!

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