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Started by 68Hangerz at 02,Nov,12 12:34  other posts of 68Hangerz
Why do people ask to be verified when you have had absolutely no contact with them? They see you "on-line" and assume you will verify anyone who asks. Verification is supposed to give others an indication that you truly represent yourself as who you have in your photos. It is a way to let others know that you are truthful in your profile and your pics are your own, or of someone else who Truly knows you personally. I will not "Verify" someone with whom i have not really had conversations with and can be reasonably confident that they are who they represent themselves to be.

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By palunko at 01,Aug,17 20:41 other posts of palunko 
Hm, after many years here, I never even tryed to be verified, neither to ask someobody to do something...

I **** people that always beg and ask for something " vote for my pic" "put my pic in your favs" "coment on my pics" ...
And when I read this topic, I must say that ambition to become verified member sounds a bit elitistic and a snobbish to me

Although the truth is that there are many fake profiles here, so some kind of verification could solve that problem but this kind of verification is a bit stupid if you ask me
By bella! at 01,Aug,17 21:59 other posts of bella! 
Hey, palunko. Just an f.y.i., I verified you a long time ago.
By #538447 at 02,Aug,17 21:20
shut up! fucks sake!

By redfox167 at 01,Aug,17 17:30 other posts of redfox167 
What´s the reason, that I´m not verificated? What must I do for verification? Please help me Thanks
By _avg_ at 01,Aug,17 21:16 other posts of _avg_ 
It's not an automatic process; you need three verified members to sign off to get that status yourself.

Best way is to post a public video or pic (vid preferred) that shows your privates along with your username and this site's name, like this:

There's no direct benefit to you, per se, but it allows others to know that your pics aren't stolen and they aren't getting catfished, etc.
By bella! at 01,Aug,17 21:58 other posts of bella! 
Hey, _avg_, do you prefer that a member provides you with a video for verification? If so, why a video? Just curious.....

By Andthisisme at 09,Jul,17 17:49 other posts of Andthisisme 
When I decided that I would like to be verified i approached a number of people who I had been in significant contact with. One of those had a particular method that he would use to be sure that the person in the photos is the person asking for verification.
It is interesting that when I have been approached and asked for the same sort of proof the request I hear no more from them.
By bella! at 09,Jul,17 23:13 other posts of bella! 
It makes me smile to think that all they think they need to do is to post something saying that they want to be verified and that's it, bippity-boppity-boo!

I want a million dollars but I don't want to work for it. Perhaps of I just tell people that I want it, they will search for me and make it happen. Ahhhh....livin' the good life. Doing less and expecting more!

By niceonebighead at 09,Jul,17 17:36 other posts of niceonebighead 
bein verified would be ok but i knowthat there my pics thats what counts ive been on here long time the ones that verifie some of u that ill give u a in person showing some may havesucked my cock already he been sucked in lots of places the last 60yrs

By Sindee at 01,May,16 00:01 other posts of Sindee 
I've been around for a while and I'm not verified yet! I would like to be!

By bella! at 02,Nov,12 13:33 other posts of bella! 
Good for you! It would be nice for those interested in being verified to establish themselves on SYD/SYC as well.....maybe by commenting on pics, becoming active in chat or in the forum, waiting 30 days to see if they even want to be a contributing member.
By 68Hangerz at 02,Nov,12 18:27 other posts of 68Hangerz 
thank you that's what I'm saying!
By kre8tor69 at 24,Apr,16 18:27 other posts of kre8tor69 
I am caught up in this verification thing. I have been on this site for some time now. I communicate with and truthfully talk with anyone that sends me a note in return. I enjoy the connection with quite a number of guys here.

I wish there was a page that could explain the 411 on this. I would surely love to be able to connect with folks that others find truthful. Just do not know how to do it.

I guess the only way is to contact an already verified person and go from there?

Any assistance on this would be appreciated! I am really interested in finding people in my area to have some fun with in and out of bed!
By bella! at 24,Apr,16 18:41 other posts of bella! 
Member kre8tor69 is not verified yet.

Verified status mean this member is verified by several other members as being honestly who [s]he claims to be. Member kre8tor69 is not yet verified, which means [s]he may be fake and not who [s]he claims to be. Verification is not necessary! It's a bonus feature.

- Who can verify other members?
- Any verified member whose registration date is older than 1 year ago.

- How verification is done?
- Just ask via private messaging any member who is able to verify (see this list /who_can_verify.php ) to verify you. Verification can be made by meeting in real life, video chatting via Skype or other means like that or by showing private or public picture with some kind of written proof, for example - your nickname over your body written by marker. If they are convinced they can verify you. At least 3 different members are required to get the verified status. More is better, because if some of the 3 members deletes from the site, you lose the status.

- What happens if you give a false verify?
- In case if it's discovered that verified member is actually a fake, all members who verified this member get their verified status revoked, their ability to verify permanently blocked and all verifications given by them in past to other members are also revoked which may cause further "chain reaction". 


My suggestion to you is to reach out to your verified friends and ask them.
By thesevenpointfive at 25,Apr,16 07:09 other posts of thesevenpointfive 
Yes, i was verified on my old name, but wouldn't ask now, as the consequences can be high, even though i can prove who i am

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