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Ever been caught wanking?

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Started by #288576 at 08,Dec,12 11:50
Ever been caught wanking?
By who?
Share details.

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New Comment

By Notmuch2show at 02,Jun,18 12:05 other posts of Notmuch2show 
My ex girlfriends daughter caught me but I think she was too young to understand

By gypsy at 05,Jan,15 05:40 other posts of gypsy 
got caught by wife **** she watch for a minute dan walked out

By cazzoduro69 at 04,Jan,15 07:17 other posts of cazzoduro69 
I went to high school and I was in the bathroom to get me a hand job when the janitor who cleaned the school, a nice lady about 50 years, has opened the door thinking there was no one and instead found myself with hard cock and in hand ..... he pretended not saying sorry to have opened the door without knocking .... since then he looked at me in another way

By #359325 at 28,Sep,14 00:57
My cousin caught me once jacking off. I was half way into it when he walked into the bedroom. Instead of stopping, he decided to join me and finish together.

By leopoldij at 21,Sep,14 14:59 other posts of leopoldij 

By Meandick at 21,Sep,14 10:06 other posts of Meandick 
When I was younger. By my mom.
I was in my living room on the sofa with my pants around my ankles lying down, I was pulling away and then suddenly the living room door opened and there she was looking at me. She was pretty mad lol. It was so awkward.

By Blago at 18,Sep,14 18:05 other posts of Blago 
Twice. Once in a bathroom stall in college. The next by my wife.

By Thundercock at 14,Sep,14 15:58 other posts of Thundercock 
My mom caught me a few times when I was younger. I pretended to be sleeping with a full on boner out when my aunt(super hot) walked in...too bad she didnt do anything. Also pulled the same move with my bestfriends milf of a mom. She just put a blanket over me...

By Big_Dick34 at 14,Sep,14 15:51 other posts of Big_Dick34 
Got caught masturbating by my older **** when i was 15 but i didn't care i wanted him to see me

By cumaddik at 04,Aug,14 11:18 other posts of cumaddik 
Got caught masturbating by my mother couple times when i was around 9 or 10...and many times by my older gay bro when i was a teen...i really enjoy it! I caught him masturbating many times too! I loved it!

By yellowman at 21,Jul,14 17:26 other posts of yellowman 
Yes, I have. Check out my Blog for the details. It was quite a turn on for me...

By liketoedge at 21,Jul,14 02:38 other posts of liketoedge 
Only was by a friend in jr high that was spending the night and I purposely let him catch me knowing he was going to walk back in the room. He went to use the bathroom and when he walked back in I was jacking off. Later he that night he admitted that is what he was doing when he went to the bathroom....We had been looking at Penthouse magazines all night and what else are boys going to do.

By iowaguy at 20,Jul,14 20:39 other posts of iowaguy 
Caught by my **** when I was in the shower. Caught by my dad. However I set myself up to be caught by several of my friends which a couple of them it led to some great cock sucking action

By mydickpics at 20,Jul,14 17:53 other posts of mydickpics 
i wold love to be caught and watched

By normal1 at 14,Apr,13 06:18 other posts of normal1 
I was about thirteen at the time and was at a friends.His father had a large stash of porn we use to look at. One day we were busy looking at the naked women and having a good wank when his mother came in. I quickly stood up but gave her a full shot of my now hard cock that was dripping cum on the floor! She looked at it, smiled and walked backwards out of the room

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