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Little titties.

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Started by dura2000 at 08,Mar,13 20:34  other posts of dura2000
I would love to see you girls out there with little titties. Please send me your photos.

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By Funcouple1 at 24,Aug,17 17:21 other posts of Funcouple1 
By #540883 at 06,Sep,17 21:01
Very nice!

By t-rex at 12,Sep,17 06:36 other posts of t-rex 

By #540883 at 06,Sep,17 21:01
Love em! But, I like all kinds of titties.

By leopoldij at 24,Aug,17 06:39 other posts of leopoldij 
Little titties, pierced nipple:

By Icudoiwill2 at 21,Aug,17 04:47 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
It,s just the way i am.

By leopoldij at 20,Aug,17 21:10 other posts of leopoldij 

By onthelose at 27,Aug,16 22:36 other posts of onthelose 
I have had limited experience with small breasts but the few I was with were by far better than those who had large breasts. I always thought that women with large breasts have more attention and get a big head about it, so are less interested in average guys.

By mravg2u at 27,Aug,16 17:12 other posts of mravg2u 
I prefer smaller size, gravity takes hold less..

By foreskinfetish at 27,Aug,16 16:50 other posts of foreskinfetish 
YES!! I absolutely ADORE tiny titties!

By britneybritney121 at 18,Aug,16 01:00 other posts of britneybritney121 
My wife's are very tiny, message me for pics!

By Odin_york_pa at 17,Aug,16 23:22 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
....When she opened her blouse well I stared at aw cause I was in love with what I saw and though them titties may have lacked in size them titties were alive and right in front of my eyes.
Yeah itty bitty titties
Itty bitty titties
Itty bitty titties
Itty bitty titties
I love itty bitty titties

By leopoldij at 17,Aug,16 15:34 other posts of leopoldij 

By dhk1962 at 10,Mar,13 20:49 other posts of dhk1962 
yes, i prefer perfectly small breasts.

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