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By foreskinfetish at 31,Mar,20 17:00
Me also! I like long AND tight foreskins!

By foreskinfetish at 25,Mar,18 20:28
Mine is very small and not circumcised- I really like looking at other very small penises with long foreskins!

By foreskinfetish at 17,Jan,18 23:03
When I started 7th grade, it was at a new school where unlike my previous school, almost everyone was circumcised. I felt so self-conscious about my foreskin that I started skinning it back and leaving it there so it would look like everyone else's. It was still somewhat different, since the head was a deep red/purple rather than gray like the other boys'. I have since left that behind and now I thoroughly enjoy being naked in front of other people and showing off my foreskin.

By foreskinfetish at 03,Mar,17 11:56
My foreskin is pretty long so sometimes I like it forward covering the head up until I'm about to cum, then skin it back tightly while cumming. Other times I like to just leave it forward. Either way is great!

By foreskinfetish at 27,Aug,16 16:50
YES!! I absolutely ADORE tiny titties!

By foreskinfetish at 29,Nov,15 13:17
I usually don't skin it back since my foreskin hangs over quite a bit and guides the stream.

By foreskinfetish at 28,Nov,15 19:28
Very, VERY nice!!

By foreskinfetish at 28,Nov,15 19:25
Don't be offended, many of us do not regard it as a "problem". Personally, I find it very sexy and exciting. Had a b*yhood friend with phimosis and for many years wished mine could be like his.

By foreskinfetish at 06,Nov,15 22:07
Same here- meds keep mine limp but nothing else is different, feels great just like it always has. The closest I get to hard is when I go down on a woman.

By foreskinfetish at 03,Aug,14 22:14
It also feels fantastic to do the same when I masturbate!

By foreskinfetish at 03,Aug,14 22:13
I never skin it back to pee. Had kidney stones a while back and in the process of going in after them, the doc damaged my nozzle so if I skin it back, it sprinkles all over. If I leave my skin hanging forward, the empty skin-tube guides the pee perfectly. I also like to do what smplcsms suggested and pinch the end closed so the skin fills up with pee. Feels great!

By foreskinfetish at 12,Jul,14 10:07
Definitely a dribbler! My days of shooting are over.

By foreskinfetish at 22,Jun,14 22:00
When I was in my 20's and 30's, I could cum quickly simply by rolling the tip of my foreskin around with my fingers. By a happy coincidence, since I already had the tip of my skin pinched closed, I could just cum inside it. Sometimes I would dispose of it, sometimes I would release it and rub it all over my penis. I'm 65 now and that doesn't work anymore, I need more stimulation of my frenulum. I still like to cum inside my foreskin, though. Most of the time, I don't squeeze it, I just let most of it run out and leave the rest under my skin. I love the slippery feeling.

Another method I have used since I learned how to masturbate (from a neighbor who was tightly circumcised) is to pull my skin all the way back as hard and tight as I can without tearing it and hold it there. The tension on my frenulum causes me to have a good, hard orgasm and cum within about half a minute!

By foreskinfetish at 26,May,14 14:51
I'd love to suck a petite, feminine Thai or Japanese ladyboy with a small cock and a long, tight foreskin!

By foreskinfetish at 09,May,14 18:12
I have left my skin forward for several months at a time, hoping the tip of my foreskin would shrink and get tighter. Although it did start to get a little smelly after a few weeks, there was never any visible smegma. Never got any tighter, either!

By foreskinfetish at 09,May,14 17:51
Here's my 65 yo limp one-

By foreskinfetish at 08,Apr,14 20:03
ABSOLUTELY!! In my opinion, this girl has a perfect body! She just needs me to suck those gorgeous titties and lick her wonderful pussy!

By foreskinfetish at 08,Apr,14 10:01
I don't know that it's the best, but I enjoy it immensely- I hold my foreskin open and dribble some spit into it to lube up the head, then pinch the tip of the skin closed. Next, while still keeping it pinched closed, I stretch it forward, then back until my fingers bump against the tip of the head. I do this back and forth rapidly and finally, cum inside my foreskin. It's a really great feeling! Also, it doesn't make a mess. I can release it into some t.p. without it getting all over. I also like to leave the leftover cum under the skin to keep the head moist. I like to do all this without ever skinning it back!
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I should also mention that medications I take prevent me from getting an erection, but masturbating this way, it doesn't matter. I cum just fine even though my penis is totally soft and limp.

By foreskinfetish at 31,Jan,14 15:43
Excellent view!

By foreskinfetish at 31,Jan,14 15:42
OUTSTANDING!!! Love it!!

By foreskinfetish at 30,Jan,14 16:00
That is SO HOT!!!

By foreskinfetish at 30,Jan,14 15:59
WOW! Very nice, tiny little nipple!!

By foreskinfetish at 12,Jan,14 08:18
I still have my foreskin and I LOVE playing with it!! Mine is quite loose, but I really like tight ones that can't be skinned back easily.

By foreskinfetish at 29,Nov,13 12:17
I learned to masturbate from a neighbor k i d who was tightly circumcised. I thought mine had to look just like his to do it 'right' so I skinned it back tight and moved my fingers up and down slightly like he did. I did it this way for many years until I saw a few uncircumcised porn actors do it without skinning theirs back at all. I tried it that way and have never skinned it back since. I also like to pinch the tip of the skin closed and cum inside- it's a great feeling!! I cannot express how thankful I am that I still have my foreskin!!

By foreskinfetish at 17,Nov,13 14:40
I absolutely ADORE long, puffy lips, the longer the better. When I see a woman with long lips hanging down, it's an instant turn-on and I just want to get my mouth on them!!

By foreskinfetish at 17,Nov,13 13:59
Mine fully covers the head, both hard and soft. I would like to have a couple of inches of overhang so I stretch it often.

By foreskinfetish at 12,Nov,13 21:19
I know my penis is tiny but I have excellent oral skills to compensate... I DO LOVE to LICK PUSSY!!!!!

By foreskinfetish at 12,Nov,13 21:06
When I was 6 or 7, a neighbor **** and I went to his outhouse and he showed me how to masturbate. He was tightly circumcised and his penis was very smooth.

I thought that to do it right, mine had to look like his, so I held it on each side with a thumb and forefinger, skinned it back all the way, stretched it as tight as I could and worked my skin forward and back slightly, like he was doing. Unfortunately, his **** came in on us and we had to stop, but it sure felt good for that few minutes!

I masturbated that way for years until the internet came along and I noticed that some of the actors had not been circumcised either. I also noticed that a few of them never skinned back at all and this was new and exciting to me. I tried it, and Holy Crap! it was an incredible feeling!

After that, I never skin it back any more when I masturbate. I also found that if I pinch the opening of my foreskin closed and rapidly pull forward, then push back against my glans, I can cum inside the skin, another great feeling. I like to leave as much cum under the skin as possible. It's very slippery, of course, and I love the feeling of my glans sliding around inside my foreskin while I walk! Every uncircumcised guy should try this at least once!

By foreskinfetish at 12,Nov,13 20:33
I never skin mine back to pee anymore. A recent bout with kidney stones and all the catheters and lithotripsy equipment damaged my nozzle so instead of a nice collimated stream, I get more of a garden sprinkler effect- very messy. I have a somewhat long foreskin and I found that the hanging skin acts like a tube to guide the pee where it belongs. I also like to show it off at urinals and usually stand back far enough for everyone to see.