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Saving Sperm in a container

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Started by #360671 at 10,Mar,13 11:06
Who saves their sperm or lovers sperm for weeks

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By soharditspurple at 12,Aug,18 21:00 other posts of soharditspurple 
I used to save my cum in a film container (remember those?) Get my nose in there and smell it as I was jerking off looking at big cocks cumming pics and imagine I had just stroked it out of them.

By #380354 at 12,Aug,18 20:17
I do ! Check my pics

By #455296 at 20,Mar,15 13:38
I would beat off into a container and after two weeks of collecting cum i would nring it in to my gf on side and she would do shots of my cold cum all day, add it to her food and coffee. Hot as hell!
By #457775 at 20,Mar,15 13:43
wow great idea!
By leopoldij at 15,Sep,16 00:56 other posts of leopoldij 
Why don't we market it? Money opportunity awaiting.

By houghton at 13,Sep,16 20:01 other posts of houghton 
then what do you do with it once you have saved it for weeks.and is it not dead by that time.

By #346446 at 11,Mar,13 10:07
my cocksucker prefers if i jack off i always nut in a container and freeze it. the most ive ever saved up for him to eat at one time is 46 loads. he loves it! i also make him piss and cum cubes in an ice cube tray sometimes.
By bella! at 11,Mar,13 10:20 other posts of bella! 
You sure your name isn't nutjob?
By sinanff47 at 12,Mar,13 21:29 other posts of sinanff47 
I think it's 'nutcube', eh non?

By #358284 at 14,Mar,13 11:00
That's one lucky cocksucker, but I don't know about the piss cubes.

By #359287 at 13,Mar,13 10:31
I gave this guy a gift and as bela states ...he is a nut job
By #274357 at 13,Mar,13 10:44
The formal SYD term is fucktard.
By bella! at 13,Mar,13 16:54 other posts of bella! 
Yes, Gullwing, the term is fucktard. 2nice is never wrong.

By #124665 at 11,Mar,13 10:23
You all do realize that you're on a fetish site..? Today at work, bring up how you post nude pics on the web, and damn on the forums it's so not cool when a topic comes up about saving cum in a jar and such n such. Those weirdos. Yeah, see how that convo goes 'round the water cooler
By #303133 at 11,Mar,13 13:53
You make a valid point, Decent. I hang my head in shame for making fun of people who post weird crap in the forum. It will never happen again...
By #124665 at 11,Mar,13 21:52
The forum now just seems like a place where every post is a pissing contest or the OP gets made fun of and ridiculed for being different. It's kinda lame. All that should be going on in public chat where it belongs and is in real time
By #303133 at 11,Mar,13 22:37
You are completely right! The forum should be reserved for serious topics like "rate my dick", soda cans up the ass and jizz storage. And only people who are 100% in agreement with the posted topic should comment. If you disagree with something, you should just go on the public chat and call them a cunt...which seems to always go over quite well. I am a convert! Starting with my very next forum post, I will refrain from sarcasm of any kind...
By #124665 at 12,Mar,13 00:14
Ugh forget I said anything. Don't want to upset the funny forum trolls
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

This is why I suggested to admin that sub forums are a good idea. But it's not really feesable on this site, so all topics are just lumped into one big grease stain of a list. It is what is. If there were moderators and rules we'd all have been banned by now

By Ray10754 at 10,Mar,13 11:07 other posts of Ray10754 
For what reason would I ??

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