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Started by #366453 at 23,Mar,13 23:44
So I can understand the need or desire to stick an occasional odd item up your hooha, dillhole, or even peehole like random produce, or old soda bottles, or even a pen... But seriously there is like something hella wrong with those of you that take shit like toilet plungers and soup cans and pine cones and shove them in your snizz, back snatch or piss slit.

Like WTF? Am I the only one who gets nauseated and wants to ralph up chunks when crap like that is posted on the main page?

I mean what the hell goes through your heads? Do you seriusly think that's sexy? Was is it like one day you were, " Gee gosh golly ba darn it I sure am feeling mighty frisky today, I wish I had something inside this here p*oon nanny of mine. What ever will I do. Hmm thinking thinking... I know I always wondered what it would be like to stick an old dirty germ infested toilet brush up my cooter and gets it all covered with my goo that I say is my old cum that I saved in a jar but is really just some left over crotch cheese that was on my underwear. Fuck yeah that's hot. I think I'm just gonna snap a pic of it and puts it up that there internets. Then after I'm gonna sniff my watch, cause dag nabbit it sure smells like that one time I happened on that dead possum ma made for dinner. Then I think ill take some of my snatch yeast and
smear it on my undies for cousin Jethro to sniff later."

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By Angelofdeath at 20,Jul,17 02:41 other posts of Angelofdeath 
4 years later and its still barftastic.

By #201583 at 28,Mar,13 16:24
The other day I heard a commercial on the radio that reminded me of this thread. "How much stuff can your stuffy stuff until your stuffys stuffed enough stuff?" I was crying and My ribs hurt for hours.

I hereby call for a vote to rename any word that is part of the human anus, stuffy.

By #303133 at 24,Mar,13 11:55
1. How do you keep all of the air from leaking out of your body if you don't plug up all the holes with the largest item you can find?

2. Nothing is sexier than a prolapsed rectum!

3. Granny always said "Never stick nothin' smaller than yer elbow up yer who-ha."

4. Anyone in the market for a slightly used butt-toaster?
By bella! at 24,Mar,13 12:20 other posts of bella! 
Your granny gives great advice!

By #201583 at 28,Mar,13 15:55
When I was little I asked my mother, "what keeps your guts from falling out?"

By #355967 at 24,Mar,13 00:55
What a thoroughly written complaint. It's a little odd. But yeah, I'm with you there.
By spermkiss at 24,Mar,13 23:04 other posts of spermkiss 
I am too. Fingers and tongues are allowed, but except for these, nothing should go in a mouth, ass or pussy but dicks. I'm not even crazy about dildoes, but they are not a major turn off.

By bella! at 24,Mar,13 07:03 other posts of bella! 
It is so entertaining to read your posts. Maybe in your next thread you could weave something in with the names of Phil and Si, the seedy looking Robertson brothers on the Duck Dynasty

By pifad at 24,Mar,13 06:08 other posts of pifad 
Ha ha ha I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Agreed, some odd sights to be had. I often wonder who is seriously doing those things and who is a real good photoshpping person. Who knows. I try to keep an open mind on here.

And Peach, you really are a peach! One of the nicest people on this site for sure.

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